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    Post by Lilium 16th March 2017, 1:30 pm

    Hindsight 20/20
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    You'd think that technically being a dark wizard (only in title however!), one would avoid going to the capital of Fiore. The most secure region in the entire continent. The one right next to where the magic council has there headquarters. A normal person, if they were outlawed, would get as far as possible from the capital, fearing for their life and would never look back. Then again, most mages aren't very normal people. That's why Hikari, a member of the 'somewhat-dark' guild Fairy Tail was in the capital. But, her reasoning for being there is solid. There is a boutique that sells expensive magic items and they never go on sale. But recently, certain mages who were known around Fiore were being sent fliers, asking for them to become their supplier for magical goods. Only the best of the best received them and they would usually accept. So, why was Hikari there? She is still a intermediate mage. That's why she was on her way to... politely ask that they supply her with goods. By politely, she just meant flat out beg.

    So, begging wasn't going well. Especially since if one wished to speak to the owner of this establishment, they would have to schedule about a month in advance. Who has time to schedule a day that's a month in advance? Some mages don't even know if they'll make it to next month with some of the missions mage's take. Sighing to herself, she looked around, wondering if anyone famous mages would pass by and get her into the store of magical goods. But sadly, no one came by the store. It almost seemed like people were avoiding this store at this point. She sighed as she walked to a different part of town. The streets were teeming with all kinds of life. Children running around the Rune Knights on patrol. The Rune Knights didn't seem to mind and even kept the kids company while the adults went to go shop. It was almost like a glorified baby sitter. Hikari chuckled at the sight, feeling warm inside because even if she shouldn't have been there. She smiled as she kept walking, wondering what she should do with the rest of her day here.

    Knowing that Fairy Tail is still known as a dark guild, Hikari took extra measures into what she was wearing to hide her guild mark. She had worn a sweater in order to cover her shoulder, and it was hard to see through the cotton. Hikari had instead used her jewels to go to a cafe. She walked into the cafe, not really paying attention to what kind it was. The cafe was known for being an expensive mage cafe, and Hikari wasn't really prepared for what was to come inside of the cafe...


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