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    The Olympians in: Toys For Tots!




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    The Olympians in: Toys For Tots! Empty The Olympians in: Toys For Tots!

    Post by redheadedstepchild 11th March 2017, 11:18 pm

    Job Details:

    It had been a long road to hitting B rank for Mashyuu but one that he now remembered taking longer the last time. He hadn't been nearly as advanced with his Dragon Slayer magic as he was with his God Slayer magic. He assumed that it was due to his literal connection with Mefitis the Goddess of Earth and Fire. He had to prove to a god of death, Pluto that he was worthy of the power of a God and regain his memories in order to unlock the next tier of his magic but it was all worth it. As he did so, Mefitis completely merged with Mashyuu, offering her vessel a greater control over his magical power and giving him the ability to conjure earth out of his own body. Mashyuu couldn't wait to get back on the road and start doing jobs again and the job he had picked was perfect, granted it looked like he would need a little help with it. He asked his Olympian team mates Itsu and his Wife Kanix to help him with the job. Of course the two said yes and were quick to help the Earth Wizard...

    The trio wandered down a long, lonesome road that was surrounded by trees, the bright full blue moon glowed over the forest that hid the path the trio walked on. Itsu looking at her dagger fondly, sighing happily, knowing that she wouldn't be alone even if the trio had to split up for some reason. Mashyuu looked at his left and right flanks, happy to know that Itsu and Kanix were both with him on a job that seemed to be simple. But he knew that nothing was simple when it came to being a Wizard. His right hand grasped Kainx's hand and his fingers laced with hers. Against his left hip was the sword that he found in the tower of Gold Rodger but still it had no scabbard.

    After hours of walking the three came to where Toylaten used to stand proud. Instead there was a large bridge that was drawn up so it couldn't be passed, blocked off by a long river that seemed to run around the entire length of the city. The once tall buildings seemed to be gone but in reality they had been shrunk to the point that you couldn't see them until you got past the bridge. "Something tells me that those Wizards that went missing are still here, but in serious trouble. Kanix can you get us across the water safely?" He asked while letting her hand go to call upon his web like bow and take aim, scanning the area for any sign of danger. His glowing blue eyes narrowed and his night vision kicked in, allowing him to see things better but even with his vision he couldn't see any movement across the bridge.

    What the trio hadn't seen was the two children sitting in the trees behind them, watching and following the Sabertooth Wizards. The kids had mastered the art of hiding their magical power and thus seemed almost invisible to the Slayers that and the fact that the smell of flowers and fish was so strong just outside the city and the children were hidden completely from the Slayers enhanced senses.

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