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    Toys! Toys Everywhere! (Job/Chili/Aera)

    Chili Thompson
    Chili Thompson

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    Toys! Toys Everywhere! (Job/Chili/Aera) Empty Toys! Toys Everywhere! (Job/Chili/Aera)

    Post by Chili Thompson 8th January 2018, 7:02 am

    "So a village that specializes in making toys has gone quiet. Anyone who has gone to help hasn't returned.........Great, it's not even Christmas time anymore and someone is are already being a grinch." Chili amusingly thought to himself as he followed the path he was currently on. It had been the middle of the afternoon when he had come across the request from Toylaten village a few hours beforehand and having read the description, thought it would be an interesting job to take. Unlucky for him the village was a day walk away meaning if he walked all night he'd make it by early morning and if he stopped to rest for a few hours he would get there near the afternoon more likely. Either the village had been attacked by the cult guild he was tracking or it was just a village in distress.

    "Ever since Chun gave me that information I've buried myself in occult research. So far I've narrowed it down to six beliefs with gods that ask for genocidal sacrifices on top of having guilds that practice those beliefs as well. Knowing they want magically strong recruits helps shorten the list of potential villages that could be attacked. However, the attacks still seem to happen at random. There's been two more since the tournament both in completely different regions of Fiore." Chili tiredly thought as he was reminded of the graphic events that came with each attack. He had spent so much time in the local library the last couple days reading what each cults gods ask for in return for power. It made him sick to his stomach a little bit, he felt convicted just for being a killer himself after reading what cults used to do for their beliefs. He hated himself a little more each time he did it even if he was justified in his actions. Blinking Chili looked up at the sky through the trees. Seeing that the sky was now a nice pink color as the sun began to set Chili kept walking.
    "I'll go a little longer, grab a few hours of sleep and be at the village before twelve tomorrow." Chili commented aloud as he stared up at the sky through the trees, not paying attention to where he was going yet somehow still walking on the path perfectly. Returning his gaze back to the ground Chili remained silent without any thoughts as he made his way down the dirt path.

    He had lost track of time before he knew it the stars were out and the moon was shining brightly. Chili paused for a second, he was hungry, and he knew how to take care of that. Setting his pack under a tree near the side of the road, he reached for the small hunting knife he kept within it. He never used the knife for anything else but killing and skinning whatever he caught. climbing up into the tree he was under, Chili, lept from one to another until he was about seven trees away from the path. Staying completely still Chili watched and listened for the smallest things. After a few minutes he heard the branch of a small bush being snapped about two meters away from his perch, Chili saw a decently plump rabbit. Taking aim Chili hurled his knife at the creature. Wincing slightly as he heard it let out the all too familiar crying baby sound they make when severely injured or scared, Chili dropped from the tree as quickly as he could. Approaching the squirming animal as he kept letting out that noise unable to move from where the knife had pierced its backside deep enough to immobilize it.

    Kneeling next to the creature Chili removed his knife, causing the sounds to increase in volume. Chili lowered his head and gave a small prayer for the animal he was about to kill. Jamming the knife cleanly into the rabbit's neck, Chili let out a sigh as the crying sound stopped. Why that sound always got to him so much he'd never know, however now was not the time to dwell on such things. Picking the thing up Chili got to work, walking back over to the path he set the dead animal down and began to look for kindling to start a fire. Once he accomplished that, he made a makeshift spit to roast the rabbit on. After all, that was complete Chili skinned the animal as carefully as he could. Finally, he hung it from a tree for a bit to let all the blood seep out. Once there was no more blood left and the only thing remaining was bones, organs, and meat, Chili, pushed the pike through the innards of the thing and set it on the fire. Occasionally spinning it to make sure he cooked it evenly. Cutting off small pieces with his knife Chili quietly ate as he was reminded of the crying screams that the animal let off and how they reminded him of some of the other disturbing sounds he had heard over his short but hectic time in this world. He never really thought too much about it while inside towns, however for some reason while out in nature he was always pondering questions that no one would be able to answer. Sighing Chili pulled the rest of the rabbit's carcass that he didn't eat off the spit roast and tossed it about seven meters into the woods. Any animals that wanted the rest could have it.

    Putting out the fire, Chili picked up his pack and began walking again. To put some distance between himself and the remains so he wouldn't have to deal with any scavengers that did show up. He walked for another hour maybe before coming to a stop, the path had come to a small clearing in the woods. All around him were trees and above him, the beautiful star and moonlit sky. Sitting down in the soft grass, Chili leaned back from there and used his pack as a pillow. Chili was always paranoid about being killed in his sleep, so he kept himself in a state of alertness as he stared up at the sky. His eyes felt heavy like lead and as he finally let them close Chili couldn't help but fall into a light sleep. Thought the slightest noise could wake him, it was still a restful sleep one that he needed more than he thought.

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