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    Garmr, the Church Grim


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    Garmr, the Church Grim Empty Garmr, the Church Grim

    Post by Aura 19th February 2017, 2:08 pm

    Garmr, the Church Grim Ambruth_by_mtsugarr-da2aiud

    Name: Garmr, but allows itself to be called "Gram" by its master.
    Rank: N/A
    Species:Church Grim
    Type:Non-combat Companion
    Description: A large hound of midnight darkness, ragged fur and bloodred eyes. Paws adorned with razor-sharp claws, its hind legs like those of a regular hound, while the toes of the front legs are scrawny and strong, longer than those of a regular hound. When it walks it leaves the footprints of clawed human hands at the front, and those of canine origin at the back, giving it a unique and disturbing trail to follow. A growling mouth adorned with edged fangs, able to devour all and everything that would disturb the dead it's supposed to guard. Its length depends on the years it has lived as a Church Grim, and the bond it shares with its master too seems to alter its appearance. Most stand at a stunning 4 feet height minimum, its length standing at 6 feet with tail, and are usually shrouded in fog or mist that seems to evaporate from their black fur. If a Church Grim bonds with a human, its appearance will change accordingly and become more serene and gentle the better their bond is, and usually takes on an appearance reflecting their master's personality.

    It is said that Church Grim were the spirits of animals sacrificed as by early religious customs at the building of a new church. In some parts of Earthland, including Fiore and Bellum, it was believed that the first man buried in a new churchyard had to guard it against the Devil. To save a human soul from the duty, a completely black dog would be buried alive on the north side of the churchyard, creating a guardian spirit, the church grim, to protect the church. However, Church Grim can choose to bond with a living human and abandon its churchyard instead, but therefore has to create an inseparable bond through the human's soul. Few Church Grim's feel the need to accompany the weaker mortal species, but some seem to have connections with them and are more likely to choose them as their master. Once the soul bond is completed, a Church Grim shall never leave the side of its master again, and will only be declared 'free' again if their master's soul is destroyed.

    Church Grim, or at least those who were human before being turned, have the ability to speak and converse telepathically with the beings they can bond with. Garmr is one of those; a human named Gram who was once bound to protect the churchyard until he met Kenna.

    Appearance || Garmr untamed form during first encounter:

    Appearance || Garmr soul-bound form:


    And be she but Small,
    she is Fierce

    Garmr, the Church Grim GWsGXSQ

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    Garmr, the Church Grim Empty Re: Garmr, the Church Grim

    Post by Julius Seas 20th February 2017, 5:04 am

    Garmr, the Church Grim EDoA9eJ



    Garmr, the Church Grim X9tEBuc

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