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    Post by Pandora 11th February 2017, 7:01 pm

    1010 words

    The child had heard there was trouble in Hargeon town, someone killing people like when she had been a guard during the murder mystery game at oak inn. Considering the similarities? Rune figured this was something good she could do to make herself more known around by face. “What Guild did you say that you are from child?” she could not provide them with such personal information and it was likely going to tick them off. However by now? She knew that saying she was from Savage Skull would not be in the best interests of her goals. Rune had yet to realize that she was doing happened to be counter productive to the terror inducing goals of her Mother’s guild, but that would come later. “I didn’t and I won’t.” Right now? Frey thought she was doing what was best for the guild marceline ruled over, but eventually someone would have to alert the sweater dress clad child that doing good deeds like catching a criminal was not what she should be doing. “So you're a guild-less mage, sorry miss.” they assumed it and she could not just up and tell them she was not guild less, that she was in the greatest guild ever, the one her mommy was master of. “You best be.” but she could make sure they knew the mistake they made a mistake by assuming she was some normal child they could boss around like that! “What?!” These idiots were not even worth the effort they would take to be reminded of their place. “Oh, Nothing.” even though she really wanted to roundhouse kick them to remind them of the place they held in this world.

    A while later the pink haired girl was fuming, hugging her tiny arms to the chest of her black sweater dress, green combat boots kicking against the ground dramatically “They are such idiots Silver, they didn’t even bother bowing down to me, you should always at least curtsey to a princess.” The wolf barked a sound that she no longer knew, it could have been disapproval with her but of course it could have been mild approval. When had she stopped being able to understand him perfectly every single time? That kind of worried the little girl who was not used to being able to rely on anyone but the wolf who suddenly felt like a stranger. It was weird to suddenly not know what he was saying to her.

    The dou had been wandering around the docks for several hours as night closed in and dragged on “What is a little girl like you doing out this late?” It had taken that long for someone to even speak to the, considering Silver scared off most people Frey had told him to hide from the shadows and not act unless she was attacked or she said something directly to him. Luckily the first person to speak to her tonight, was the exact person they were looking for! “Looking for you, Jacob.” he seemed shocked that she knew his name, the meat hook loose in hand as he tried to figure out why a child would be looking for a wanted man. “Your a mage?!” Eventually the answer struck the male and she was surprised it had taken him so long to come to that conclusion, considering she did not exactly try to suppress any sort of magical aura. Anyone with half a brain? Could pick out a mage who was not trying to hide from them, at least she thought they should be able to. “Yes, I’m Princess Frey, and you're going to come with me.” she was trying to be civil as he gripped his meat hook and his butcher's knife tighter, seeming to consider raising them towards her. Apparently? He had not killed children before so he was unsure if he valued what little morals he had or his freedom more. “Your a mere child, I will not.” apparently? His urge to murder was stronger than any need for redemption he may have had, so he went to bring his cleaver down on the child who quickly ducked out of the way, ticked off he had the nerve to attack her after she stated being a princess. “I will make you regret that, SIlver, let’s go buddy!” the wolf swiftly acted. “What!” before the criminal could even blink? The massive beast was rushing him from one end, eliminating his ability to focus solely on killing the child who wanted to take him in. “You had your chance.” she spoke her words as she drew her obsidian blade from the ground, clutching it tightly as his weapons clattered across the ground. “That’s cheating, I only knew about you.” he tried to reason with her somehow but he soon had a blade pressed to his neck and her boot right in front of his face. “I Don’t Care, kiss my boot I’ve dealt with enough disrespect today.” the child glowered slightly and he ended up doing what she ordered out of fear for his own life, not so sure of the kids sanity anymore

    “Aw damn look, the kid actually caught him.” the guards seemed incredibly shocked that she had come back alive and alright, however the girl had never doubted her abilities. Once the criminal had submitted to her by kissing her boot and begging for forgiveness due to failing to respect his princess, she had decided to drag him back in the early morning light. “Is he dead?” why would they think he was dead? The child shrugged slightly, not understanding why it mattered either way, she had captured him as she was requested to do. “No he’s got a pulse, she just knocked him out.” well she stomped him out with the same boot he profusely kissed hoping for mercy. Shortly after the first few kisses? Rune decided he was too disgusting to kiss her boot and that her boot should kiss his face. “Here’s your reward kid.” and that was the end of it.



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