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    Jacob Goodnight


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    Jacob Goodnight Empty Jacob Goodnight

    Post by Domino 2nd November 2015, 3:46 am


    Job Title: Wanted: Jacob Goodnight
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: One mage, any rank, at least ten posts long, 100 words each.
    Job Requirements: Capture or kill the wanted killer, Jacob Goodnight.
    Job Location: Hargeon Town, lower docks
    Job Description: There has recently been a string of murders in the lower docks of Hargeon Town. The town guard launched a sting operation and lost one of their own, proving that the killer was one Jacob Goodnight, a local miner who was always a bit off. The guard has issued a bounty for Jacob, asking he be brought in, or down, before he can kill again.

    Boss: Jacon Goodnight.

    Standing at six and a half feet tall and over three hundred and fifty pounds, Jacob goodnight is a former miner from Hargeon. His father was a butcher, and Jacob has taken up the tools of his fathers trade for his killing, a large meat cleaver, a carving knife, and a nasty meat hook on a chain to be precise. He has no magic but is incredibly strong, frighteningly brutal, and worst of all, smarter than many give him credit for.

    Reward: 2000 jewels for alive, 1000 for dead, as well as the gratitude of the town guard.

    Picture in your head the town of Magnolia. A beautiful town dominated at its center by a large cathedral. Down the road from this cathedral is a bar. Its quite seedy and a popular place for vagabonds and mercenaries. Sitting in this bar a woman sat alone. Despite her small frame nobody seemed to dare to come near her without being called over first. The bar was filled with huge muscular men covered in scars and tattoos armed with knives, knuckle dusters, clubs and other various weapons all of which were rusty or not that well kept for. Typical ruffian weapons. However despite all this, the woman sitting there in a white doctors jacket sipping a glass of bourbon with her white hair covering her pale red eyes was not being bothered in the slightest. She looked for the most part like an ideal victim for any of these men to try to attack or even molest, but none had approached her. IT was almost as if they were scared.

    She swept the hair from in front of her eyes and several of them clearly and very visible flinched. One even back away. She sighed deeply at their reaction, but then something caught her eye. A poster for one Jacob Goodnight. A man wanted dead or alive for multiple murders. A twinkle came to her eyes and a smile to her face as she read the details. A strong, healthy human male with the psyche of a murderer. An ideal candidate for the next phase of her experiments. What's more bringing him in would net her some money she could use for her funding. Of course, helping the rune knights who so interfered with her research was an annoyance, but it was a tiny itch and one she could easily scratch with the thought of tricking them with this. They wanted him alive preferably, but if that wasn't acheivable they wanted proof of his death. The issue being she wanted him alive, but didn't want to hand him over. So in order for her to get the reward money and the candidate she wanted she'd have to somehow trick the rune knights into thinking that Jacob was dead without killing him.

    "This is going to be fun." she said as she finished off her bourbon and rose to her feet heading off towards the train station. It was a decent train journey distance to Hargeon town. It wasn't ideal. More innocents would die before she arrived. Or worse someone else might bring him in or down. Then the journey would be pointless. Still the reward wasn't that high for someone so dangerous so perhaps few would bother to even try. That was her hope at least. Still, even if she failed there was still the chance she would find some cadavers to experiment on. Cadavers rich with varieties and possibly diseases. Ah, that would be fun. Even if Jacob died by her hands his body would be useful. It was honestly a perfect situation. She just had to make sure she got there first.

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