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    iLac(Job/Solo/Closed) Empty iLac(Job/Solo/Closed)

    Post by Mammon on 24th January 2017, 6:52 pm

    Woke up early that day. As he blinked to himself. "Two Jobs done. one by myself one with Aera. I need to do more. If I am to become the Next Ace of Black Rose." Getting up and taken a shower, brushing his teeth, getting dressed. He would make himself Clam Chowder and would take it on the road once he had taken another Job with him. He would make way towards the location of his job location. He heard about that strange place. Where magic of all forms are nuffied until he left that place. It was interesting how a single area had such amazing power to do such a thing. Mammon wondered if it was a source of Anti-Magic or some other force? Perhaps it was technology itself that was capable of such power. and if the power was to be destroyed then magic would be restored.

    He sighed to himself as he resumed his travel towards the location. He was nearing it pretty closely. He could just feel his magic being sapped from his being as he neared the location of the job. Once he had stepped into the grounds. He felt all of his magic leave his body. "I feel normal." He said to himself as he chowed down on his Clam Chowder. He made his way towards the depth of the City. Looking around the fancy looking place. Who knew cars were a thing, and they could fly. "This place i strange and weird." A Big projection was displayed in the air via hologram. To where this item giving job would be located. So Mammon made his way towards it's direction.

    Once he stepped through it. he was greeted by a Hyper Active girl, who attempted to snatch the bowl from his hands, But Mammon was far faster then her even without his powers he was a refined Marital Artist. "Don't ever touch my Bowl." he said and begun to chow down on the chowder again.

    She begun to laugh. "You should Ease up honestly and not be uptight. I do this to all my customers. Come with me." She said towards him. And with that being said she left. He followed her. Looking at hi Bowl a his Bowl was half empty. he shook his head. This was honestly so weird it wasn't even funny. Once they arrived at what looked like a table filled with ILAc. She picked one and handed it to him with a Manuel and guide. "All for you." She said, he finished chowing down his Chowder and took the device. "Thank you very much." he aid to her. With that being said, she blew him a kiss and said. "See yo handsome." She said and waved towards him, as he left out the door.

    He opened the Ilac as he then looked at it, it had a Time System, Calendar, other options, and a lot of apps he can download for free. This was the best. Once he left the grounds his magic would return back to him as he would make his way towards the location of the Black Rose Guild.

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