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    iLac [job~solo]


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    iLac [job~solo] Empty iLac [job~solo]

    Post by Strawberry on 19th July 2017, 2:36 pm

    Within the Neutral Grounds rested a store that was having a powerful sale, a giveaway at that. Everyone, no matter their background, was receiving a free communications device by the name of the iLac. It possessed more functions than communications, however one particular robot maid was intending to merely obtain something that could be used to comminicate with her friends and guild mates more effectively. At the moment, she could do nothing more to communicate with others other than by speaking means. If she got one, maybe she could persuade others to get one as well. Such is a pro for the iLac - anyone can talk with one another all over the globe! Her ecstatic mind went to work as her footsteps came to a halt, as she stepped beyond the border of the Neutral Grounds.

    Her footsteps came to a halt as she felt her power level drain to a minimum, only her internal power core kept her alive at this point. Her personality, quirks, all of that was a result of the magical parts of her creation. Suddenly, that was all torn away from her body as she crossed this barrier. Strawberry, once an ecstatic lively robot maid that was as "human" as any robot could get, was now nothing but a shallow, mindless husk of a machine, just like anything else in Bosco. She had to get this iLac, however, as that was her goal, so she continued forward towards a group of people crowding around a building. The machine stepped in front of the line as though in a trance, and if someone attempted to stop her... Well, they failed. Her heavy body wasn't going to simply be stopped by someone trying to step in her way, or grab one of her limbs to slow her down. That would be a failure on their parts should they attempt to - which they did. But how could these humans know of her robotic nature? They only saw a maid in a green uniform, nothing more.

    Strawberry stepped up to the counter, a mindless stare facing the counter.

    "U-Uh... I assume you want an iLac?"

    The woman at the counter studdered, shocked at Strawberry's literal robotic nature. She received a nod in return, and she quickly pulled out a small rectangular device with a black screen. She tapped it once, and it lit up.

    "So, this is how you turn the device on, and how you - HEY!"

    Strawberry snatched the iLac from the clerk's hands, then crushed it in her own. She dropped the rubble onto the floor and picked up 2 chips from it. Taking the chips, she put them both into a slot in her head, and downloaded everything on it. The apps, and what games it had, and all of its functions. With that said and done, the robot walked out of the store and traversed through the Neutral Grounds, and then finally passed the barrier. At this point in time her systems went back on, and she began fiddling with all of the new apps that she installed in herself.

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