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    Learning to cook! (Gala/Cascade)


    Learning to cook! (Gala/Cascade) - Page 3 Empty Re: Learning to cook! (Gala/Cascade)

    Post by Guest 2nd January 2017, 6:14 pm

    You can breathe

    In clear blue water

    What was going on…?? First, her feet were on the floor, and now they were in the air with the rest of her body. Her brainwaves didn’t register that Gala had picked her up bridal style at all. Although Aerwyna did finally notice that she was in Gala’s arms eventually, she didn’t know what else to do other then comprehend what the hell really was going on. Here she was with a man that made her feel much more happier when she was at home, but he was still sort of a stranger to her… Yet, she was kind of falling for the man, hard. She was what was called ‘love.’ she guessed.

    Finally, while she was being guided to her new room, the female was let onto the floor gently before she was gifted with a kiss on the lips. Was this because she kissed him on the cheek?? She didn’t know, all she knew was that the kiss was amazing, he stole her first kiss… Aerwyna knew that fine well, but it felt so right too. To see Gala back off and turn around in embarrassment was actually pretty cute of him. Maybe he didn’t want to kiss her, but he couldn’t hold himself back?? Well, whatever, it didn’t stop the mermaid running up to him and hugging him from behind.

    “Is this… too early?” The mermaid asked, she didn’t understand about all the feelings she is experiencing whatsoever. “If it’s too early, I will stop hugging you. Oh… and… let’s do a job together some time… please.”

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    Learning to cook! (Gala/Cascade) - Page 3 Empty Re: Learning to cook! (Gala/Cascade)

    Post by Yuudai 2nd January 2017, 7:53 pm

    Gala was about to head to his room when he suddenly felt two arm wrap around him and hug him from behind. He was happy he had not angered her but he still felt a bit embarrassed that he had slipped up.she asked if her hugging him was too early and Gala thought for a moment before he came to the conclusion that hugging was not to early but his kiss might have been. "No its not too early for that Aerwyna but I should have waited on that kiss but I’m glad your not upset.”he said as he breathed a sigh of relief.

    When she asked about taking a job the Pink haired Taunki nodded and smiled a bit.”sure I do need to go out and test my abilitys we can do one soon.” he said before he waited for her to released him and he gave her a gentle hug back before he would gently kiss her on the cheek which was safe in his mind and he would then back up before smiling a bit more.”I’m going to head to my room now sleep well Aerwyna let me know if you need anything” he said before he headed back to his room to sleep for the night and process what all had happened today.


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