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    Post by Fade 12th December 2016, 6:37 am

    Fade walked along the dusty roads of Terra Ignis, stopping only to watch the people interact. In retrospect, they all seemed kind of bland. This place-- much like everywhere didn't seem very special, genuinely nice sure, but as far as entertaining went it wasn't all that. The Re:Quip Mage used this alone time to think about the mission he'd been doing, what was it now? Two? Three more and maybe he'd have the experience behind to request a rank boost. Eh-- it'd be a stretch, but still. The idea interested him greatly.

    The boy took a turn into a pizza place, and threw himself onto the soft chair, his backpack was dropped at the foot of the table. He could finally relax, maybe get some chow. Heh, the thought made him exhale softly. A smile hit his face and he leaned his head backwards, taking a lazy approach to his time in the room. A waiter came by, "Just a Pepsi, thanks." The boy said, hurrying the waiter away so he could enjoy himself. The room was mostly empty beside a couple on the far end and a teenager going out of the door.

    "What can Terra Ignis offer me, that no where has yet?"

    That seemed like the question on the table, but to answer that was to know all, see all, and be all. Sadly the mage was void of any kind of clairvoyance like that. Man, wouldn't that have been handy, but no matter. He wasn't selfish, he had cool tricks too. So whatever, right? The tall teenager crossed his legs and smiled when his drink hit the table. "Just a supreme pizza, yeah. With Banana Peppers, I appreciate it." The boy sighed, and took a sip from the straw extending out of his glass. He looked about the room, almost hoping to see someone. The boy knew it was a stretch though, I mean considering he was a stranger in this world. But, oh well.~


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    Post by Seenter 12th December 2016, 11:57 am

    Kyrin ran down the street looking left and right. What a time for Breeze to get jealous and run off in a huff. He shook his head at the thought; and the memory that surfaced from it. He was looking at trinkets while the air elemental was summoned. The one he was looking for was a cheap way to create fire so he could summon Ray easier, but the normal magic shops were a bit more expensive than he expected.

    He didn’t even look up as a young woman kept her gaze on him. But Breeze saw, and he could almost feel the hot air coming off her. He as a loud snap occurred near his ear, followed by a sharp sting on his earlobe. Looking up he saw Breeze flying off in a huff, and finally acknowledged the woman as well. Looked like one who could mean trouble if he spoke to her.

    He gave her his best smile to a stranger, meaning one that was forced almost to the point of breaking. It was enough to get the woman to look away uncomfortably. With a sigh Kyrin turned and looked in the direction Breeze flew. It was like she wished she was the only one who could look, but that was impossible.

    Now he was running to find the renegade elemental. He couldn’t sever the contact with her, as she held on tightly to the connection. Already he could feel his magic draining faster, but that was good. He could tell where the pull was coming from. Following it he saw a flying transparent creature just ahead of him. With a burst of speed, given to him by Breeze herself, he made a silent leap and grabbed her in cupped hands.

    Like any startled and grabbed creature she fought with a vengeance. He felt several sharp stings on his fingers and palms as she tried to escape. But they weren’t as bad as they could be if she had access to all the air outside. ”Calm down Breeze. It’s me. The elemental stopped struggling, but Kyrin could still feel the heated anger coming from her. It was almost as bad as the stings. ”You know I can’t talk to other women well, even the ones I know. So there’s no need to get angry about it.” The anger seemed a little less, but wasn’t gone completely.

    ”Anyways, we can’t talk here. I’ll call you when we get back to the guild.” A small peep was the only protest as Kyrin ran his finger along her spine. It was a sensation that caused her to shiver, and she lost her focus on the bond between them. With a small exert of will he broke the bond and opened his hands. Breeze disappeared in a translucent puff of green. Kyrin let out a sigh.

    Looking to his right he noticed the pizza place. A small smile touched his lips as he headed inside. The chase was enough to make himself thirsty, and the magic drain made him famished. He found a chair and sat down. The waiter came over with a slightly sour expression on his face, but it couldn’t have been for Kyrin. He hadn’t even smiled yet. And then he noticed a lot of people could have seen him from the shop chasing a fairy looking thing that disappeared in his hands. Many would have questions, but few would ask. He cleared his throat. ”I’d like a large glass of water and a medium pepperoni please.” He gave the young man a smile, and that was enough to get the man to walk away quickly. It was his best smile to strangers.


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