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    Well I'm not returning here [Solo:job]

    Meisa Suzume
    Meisa Suzume

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    Well I'm not returning here [Solo:job] Empty Well I'm not returning here [Solo:job]

    Post by Meisa Suzume 12th December 2016, 3:26 am


    Pergrande kingdom, a country where Sophia was quite already annoyed by, more annoyed because she found the job notice while inside of Fiore instead of Tau'ri. Though then again, they would no doubt never send a notice to Tau'ri due to the country not particularly fond of Aiyana, a woman they labled a heretic. Shame though, such a country as this might have become one of the most popular nations had they not banned all use of magic. In fact, that was why Sophia was not even using hers right now, and instead limited to magic-less gear. Her weapon was fairly limited, and it's only power was how well made it was because it was some simple burst shot machine pistol. Her armor was fairly good in matching it, but her shield felt lacking. In the end, she looked like some bull shit gun wielding knight. At least though, she had some magic that wouldn't let it be known she was using it, perhaps that was her only saving grace in the end though.

    For now, she was just some delivery girl that ended up within the boarders of Pergrande kingdom holding a large envelope within her armor. It felt in all honesty like documents were inside, perhaps blueprints of some kind. It would make sense that the kingdom would require such a thing, they'd build it themelves if it was. Perhaps it was something else, maybe magic sealed items that only the most inner political members needed. No, it was a D-class job after all, so.. what could it possibly be?

    "Can't open it..."

    she groaned, wanting to just say screw this and go home. However she kept up her pace, eventually making it within the town that she had to deliver it to. The place looked fairly calm, nothing huge in importance, but yet why look so geared up then? There were guards, all armored up, and holding their own rifle like weapons, which Sophia knew were not lacrima charged. No, instead she knew they had to be through use of mineral, like a gunpowder or blast powder of some kind. However, it did not make her forget her job. She glanced back to the envelope's address, looking around and eventually asking a guard to get pointed that way.

    Upon entering the building, she looked around at the massive greenhouse attached to it.

    "No...no... no no no.." she began to whisper, almost wanting to give up right there for what she assumed she had to deliver, as she brought the envelop to the counter girl "Package for you" she spoke, trying to remain calm as the woman began to open it up "oh my goodness, they're here, thank you doll, I've been waiting for these hybrid seeds for so long!", yup it was exactly what Sophia assumed. In fact, so much so that she slammed the door on the way out.

    "I was hired... to deliver... fucking seeds" Her voice changed to a more annoyed tone of voice as she stormed away, not very happy about needing to deliver seeds, across the country, when there were clearly mail delivery people for such a shitty job as that. Though what else was to be expected. Such a thing should be considered that most mail delivery from fiore use magic.



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