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    Zen Arts - Way of the Enduring

    Meisa Suzume

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    Character Name: Meisa Suzume
    Primary Magic: Zen Arts - Way of the Enduring
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    Zen Arts - Way of the Enduring

    Post by Meisa Suzume on 30th April 2017, 9:27 pm


    Primary Magic: Zen Arts - Way of the Enduring
    Secondary Magic: Cannot obtain a secondary (See UA #1)
    Caster or Holder: Does Not Apply to this App(see UA #1)
    Description: Magic? Hardly, in fact this /magic/ as some may call it is simply hard work, training, and natural ability. Anything obtained through this is not a form of magic, but is rather the work of a non-mage, using non-magical means to keep up, and match mages. This allows such an app to not be refereed to as magic, but rather 'Technique' or Martial ability. Even such trivial things such as MP do not exist, instead the user uses "stamina" which is gauged by the exact same system MP is, except there may be a few key differences(based on abilities ect...) Stamina in itself is not treated in the same way as MP, nor is it considered an equivalent as that would signify the user could use magic in the sense of using up stamina. In fact, this martial ability is unable to do many things magic normally could(listed in weaknesses/abilities).  

    So, one could ask how does one use this martial ability? Simple, techniques are replacements for spells, and as such, are non-magical. It'd be little difference than swinging a sword or throwing a punch. The true difference lays within the fact all techniques are stronger than just simply throwing a punch, as more effort is put into it, and stamina is paid in order to apply this.  This also allows them to use their techniques when magic is otherwise unavailable to them (such as the neutral grounds). It allows the user to excel with melee or weaponry to the point they're on another level compared to mages whom use them as a secondary resort after their magic. This rivals requip mages and their numerous passive/actives, by allowing special use to their own weaponry through abilities and techniques.
    ♦A great deal better in melee (short & long range) than non-physically buffed through magic types of mages
    ♦ Extreme aptitude with all forms of weaponry, and mixed martial arts, allowing them to pick up traces of martial arts, and counter effectively
    ♦ The user of Zen Arts is a specialist in close range combat, and thus attempts to go invisible or 'blur' with speed against Meisa, must be at least 50% faster than Meisa to do so, due to her ability to keep up with her own speed and techniques.
    ♦All Techniques can be 'held back', meaning the user pays half the cost to reduce the duration by half, the CD by half, the damage(of the technique only) by half, and any effects of the technique by half(i.e a speed buff is lowered by half). Signatures cannot be 'held back'
    ♦Able to chain use (Cast) any technique, however doing multiplies the CD by the # of times it was chained, and may only chain cast the same technique a set # of times according to the following(D=2 /  C=3 / B=4 / A=5 / S=6 / H=7). Of course, this still makes the user pay the cost.
    ♦Cannot use magic. Lacrima hold no effect to grant them power, and thus the only 'magic' they could possibly use, would be magical weaponry/armor such as a blade that allows them to hit magical creatures, but cannot have blades for example that cast fireballs ect...
    ♦Nearly zero long range capability(unless the user uses a bow or similar)
    ♦Bad AoE potential
    ♦Absolutely no Support via summon/requip potential
    ♦At a huge disadvantage towards crowd control, wide range/far range aoe
    ♦Bad against certain dragon slayers(see ability #1)

    Lineage: Dragon's Blood - Ability is removed/Destroyed See ability #1
    Unique Abilities:
    Ability 1 - Magic to Physical Conversion:
    This ability changes the way this app works because of the lore of the /magic/ being turned into a pure physical, non-magical application. This may appear as multiple abilities simply on the fact that multiple things are sacrificed/traded away/ or sacrificed.  Also due note, this /magic/ is not a caster or holder simply because it is not magic, does not 'cast' anything, nor does it require a weapon to be used(despite many spells in themselves may yet still require one)

    ♦ This combines the user's secondary UA slots(2) and sig slots(1) into the primary. However the spell slots from the secondary are lost. The user also loses the ability to have tertiary magic, and a lineage from this.( Note, the user is literally gaining nothing from this, aside from just moving the secondary stuff over to primary instead)
    ♦The user's base mph speed is higher based off of rank (Current = 12walking,18running,32sprinting)
    ♦The User's Strength/base physical damage/damage done with /techniques/unarmed combat is now 50% higher. This is not considered a buff, but rather the 'base' of which the user's unarmed combat, and the user's techniques may do. As for weaponry, the base isn't increased as high, and instead is only increased by 25%. This base is prior to any 'buffs' if the user even has any. In a plot sense however, this allows the user to lift, or use far heavier weaponry far more than normal(i.e using a buster sword/great sword as effortlessly as a straight sword, without that whole 'balance/weight' problem that it may pose) Though this only applies to the user's own weaponry. This is all due to plot lore of the user being much more stronger than an average mage of their rank since they fully rely on physical ability.
    ♦The user's base HP is +50%
    ♦SP(stamina points replace mp) regen is +2%
    ♦Due to being absolutely no magic, the user does not generate a magical presence when those around them are trying to sense them. This makes them less than D-rank when trying to sense any magical presence from them. However, trained mages(S-rank or above) can instead sense when close enough(Normal sensory range) that the user may not have magical presence, but their Chi(physical stamina) is off the charts for a 'non-mage'
    ♦Loss of Lineage ability - permanently, cannot even gain a custom. May have a lineage, but not the abilities.
    ♦Loss of Secondary Magic - Permanently / and the trade towards primary is only partial, as the user still loses most of the secondary in this way too.
    ♦Loss of Tertiary magic - Permanently
    ♦Loss of use of magic(Caster/holder) - Permanently: is considered a flat 100% reduction, meaning anything that tries to convert magic damage into physical damage, or vice versa is absolutely worthless. The only 'magic' damage the user may have, is if their weapon itself deals magic based damage(via an ability) such as an enchanted sword ect...
    *The reason this would become a drawback, is this prevents 100% of all 'techniques(spells) from dealing magic damage, as well as any potential unison raid/fusion/mixes/guild spells, which makes the user incapable of casting even those or being buffed based on their own magic damage.
    ♦While not a complete dragon for having dragon's blood(Despite lineage ability being removed), the user still may take added damage by dragon slayers. This doesn't apply their damage buffs to how they may affect dragons or dragon kin, but rather after all other calculations from dragon slayer magic that is one of the following elements "Dark/Light/Chaos/Earth/Water/Wind" will deal 25% increased damage to the user of Zen Arts.

    Ability 2 - Science over magic:
    This in itself primarily a plot line ability, and hence all buffs within this ability are not designed for pvp, despite the lore. Due to all the plot abilities, this UA has no real pvp standpoint. Science, a powerful force that has the potential to rival, or surpass magical attributes while maintaining a chemical balance. This UA is granted due to the body modifications on Meisa which were done at a cellular level to enhance her in areas that magic normally could, but instead has simply become part of her day to day life.
    In fact, the theory of super soldiers is what ended up bringing this black listed science to Meisa's body. What it grants onto her body is the following
    ♦No longer has to sleep, or breathe. They do require food, but not at normal human levels, as they can sustain themselves with almost nothing for months without showing any signs of discomfort or bodily changes. This is due to the body regularly converting either the air/water/sun in the the surrounding area into food for the body. Sleep is not required, but can be done if the user so wishes, and because of this the user will be a very light sleeper.
    ♦The physical stamina of the user seems relentless, causing them to be able to perform normally tiring actions relentlessly for inhuman amounts of time
    ♦unnatural bodily healing. While this doesn't grant an HP regeneration, it does allow wounds to heal rapidly. Cuts, scrapes, bruises heal within a post fairly easily, while thing such as being de-limbed may take multiple if not the entire thread. This is strictly based on plot, allowing the user to heal rapidly but once their hp runs to 0, healing may still happen, but they'll be at the very least, knocked out. Even non-apped poisons/toxins/germs will be rapidly destroyed/cured. It doesn't provide an immunity against app'd stuff(magics and the alike) but natural wordly existing ones(such as common colds, snake bites ect...) are rapidly destroyed
    ♦Mental capacity is also increased. Nothing to allow genius level intellect, but instead they can perform better with intellectual based scenarios. This primarily grants the user better memory.  
    Ability 3 - MP to SP conversion:
    SP - or otherwise known as Stamina, or Stamina points. It is the consumable point system in which the user uses up when using techniques(spells). SP consumption follows the same chart for MP costs for the most part except instead of %'s, it is a flat #(i.e 100% is now 100 of 100  /// or a cost of 20% is now a cost of 20sp * does not apply to regen, regen is based off of the base at a % rate). This cosmetic change however is not without company as the user has sacrificed many possibilities of spells, and instead has resorted to a better stamina system than a mage's magic system. The results of this change is the user's SP regeneration is based off of the max not a flat #, and that the user now starts with 150SP.  Lastly, while not a buff,
    but an alteration, the user does not gain 10% every 5 posts any longer, but instead will gain an additional 1%(+the 1% from default) + any buffs. However will still cap out at 4% no matter what
    Ability 4 - Weapon Master:
    The weapon master ability is not just an ability to make weapons(i.e blacksmith them via plot), but to use weapons to their full potential all to compete with requip mages, and weaponry. This changes the Durability & damage of weapons & armors. This makes them able to fight equally with requip mages, and the base damage & durability of weaponry & armors the same as requip damage. Note, this only applies to the weapons/armor the user has as their own apps, and not any weaponry they're given in a thread. This also allows the user to effectively use all of their weapon slots they own at once(E.G: if the user owns two strong+ weapons, they may use them both via duel wield). Armors are still limited to wearing only two total at any one time however now may wear two of the same rank.

    Weak = D-rank requip
    Strong = C-rank Requip
    Strong(+)= C-rank Requip
    Legendary=  B-rank Requip
    Legendary(+) = A-rank Requip
    Artifact =  S-rank Requip
    Artifact(+) = S-rank Refined Requip
    Mythic weapon = H-rank refined Requip

    While these numbers are higher than normal weapons, but still are equal to a requip weapon's damage, the drawback is requip are still  able to re-cast/have far more weaponry than a non-mage. Where as the weaponry of the weapon master solely rely on their personal armory
    Extra Ability 1 - Fortitude of control:
    Crowd control effects that otherwise hinder the user's ability to move or use their full physical ability are weakened to the point that lower ranked abilities than the user are not effective, while equal rank is only half as effective.
    One rank higher is 25% less effective, and two ranks higher have their full effects. Any other control based magic(i.e gravity) the user will have a 50% resistance towards them

    The active version of this, once every 5 posts the user may 'break out' of any equal rank or lower stun/hard control abilities.
    Extra Ability 2 - The Whisper Knife:
    An ability gained through rigorous shinobi training. This allows the user, and anything they hold/wield/wear to never produce any sound whatsoever. Though this is only half of the ability. This also is an advanced method in physical concealment, as it makes the user near invisible when they are blending in/using the environment to conceal themselves. In plot this makes them completely invisible, but in pvp/ect... its a 50% harder to spot the user by physical means.

    *Note, this is void when 'obvious' scenarios apply (I.e can't be 50% harder to spot if you're in a clown costume dancing in front of the enemy, or cannot be 'un-heard' when shouting in the enemy's ear)

    However once per post, high speed movement (sprinting or higher) may be considered blending in, and thus become near invisible.

    Signatures Base:

    Name: Multi - Slash
    Rank: User Rank
    Cooldown: 1(4,7,10)
    Description: Multi - Slash is the ability to slash the enemy up to five times within the same time frame it takes a single slash. Though this is considered a multi-hit, and the user's melee is counted on each hit, however the skill damage is divided equally among all slashes. This amplifies the multi-hit technique damage by 50% but damage is still divided equally. If the user chooses to do less than 5 slashes, the extra damage is slowly lost, for every 1 less slash, the extra damage is lowered by 10%. So if they slash only once, then it is a basic single slash technique. This can be charged for 50% per post(max 150%) but each charge will increase the CD by 3. Charging is simply not using any other technique until the charge is complete, and then the technique may be used within 2 posts of the charge.
    -Allows multiple slashes to provide quick reliable assault
    -lowering the number of slashes, weakens the bonus damage
    -Can be charged, but puts it on an abnormally long CD for a signature spell
    -Requires a blade of some kind.

    Name: After Image Strike
    Rank: D
    Type: Support
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 1
    Description: After image strike is the effect of putting more effort into a single strike or technique and more effort into any form of movement technique (such as, but not limited to Shukuchi, follow up strike, or unsheathing strike). This will leave an after image of the user for but a brief couple seconds after they move, making tracking them that much harder especially if those around did not see the movement completely. However this after image remains stationary and does not move, but the strike the user delivers right after using this technique will have D-rank technique damage added to a single strike.
    -Harder to predict the user
    -Requires other techniques to be used first
    -after image is gone within a couple seconds, so diversion is not that great.
    Signatures Ability Given:

    Name: Shukuchi
    Rank: C
    Type: Support
    Cooldown: 1
    Description: A technique with such vast speed it is believed to be teleportation. In reality, this allows the user to move up to 30meters instantly, but to attack the user must fully exit using this technique. Though the users of this technique move so fast not even a warm up tends to be seen, instead it appears as if they simply vanish, and re-appear.
    -High speed movement that is borderline teleportation
    -no offensive capability
    -While it possesses high evasive capability, it doesn't provide any defensive capability.


    Name: Zen Assassin Mode
    Rank: D
    Type: Support
    Duration:  3
    Cooldown: 4
    Description: Zen mode is a state of mind, and not a magical buff of some kind. Rather it is the art of silencing outter thoughts, and the absolute focus of the goal at hand. This 'mode' brings forth almost zero emotion from the user as they are now in tune with what ever goal they have predetermined. However it is also harder to hold back in this mode as well. While in this state of mind it is much harder to influence the user's mind to various suggestions, and attempts are weakened by D-rank. However that is not the sole purpose of this technique, as it also passively raises the user's speed and strength of both attacks & techniques by 10%
    -Overall physical + mental bonus
    -Cannot hold back, so harder to use in spars or scenarios where death isn't a goal one may want.
    -Getting hurt bad enough forces one to exit this state of mind(damage the hp by 20%)

    Name: Pierce
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Duration: Instant
    Description: Pierce adds melee+weapon+technique rank worth of damage to the end result of the damage done after all mitigations/resistences/defenses have applied.(I.e if the user strikes an enemy with 20dmg that resists 50% of the damage, then instead of only 10dmg going through, it'd be 10dmg+melee dmg+weapon dmg+this technique rank's damage). However for things that 100% block the strike (i.e a barrier/defensive spell), Then this may instead add that damage to the strike itself. (i.e it'd be strike dmg+melee dmg+weapon dmg+this technique rank's damage vs the defense)
    -Great against more heavily defended/armored targets
    -Can't be used with slashes or the alike, must be a pierce/stab/thrust/ect... sort of strike
    -strong barriers weaken this significantly

    Name: Feinting Strike
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive - Support
    Duration: Instant
    Description: A technique to psyche out or trick the opponent into thinking you're going to attack one way, while in reality the user will attack in another way, or delay their own attack entirely. This can stop the use of a technique from the user(and make it not cost SP due to not being really used). This even allows the user to move up to 10meters instantly, and then perform the technique they were delaying, or change to a whole new one except this allows added damage equal to this technique's rank worth. + the user's melee damage.
    -Able to cross up attacks into different ones entirely for unique chains.

    Name: Unsheathing Strike
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Cooldown: 2
    Description: The blade the user is using must be either at their side, or in a sheath in some way. This is an immense focus of stamina to quickly execute a slash from the resting position of a blade to add technique rank worth of damage to a single slash(i.e if the user uses multi-slash with this, only one of the slashes would recieve the unsheathing strike bonus). However, this offensive close range technique is not without it's perks of requiring from a sheathed position, and in fact the user's speed for this single slash is enhanced by +7 meters per second
    -Quick executable slice, even when backed into a corner with little room.
    -Requires the blade to be sheathed
    -Requires a weapon.


    Name: Follow Up Strike
    Rank: C
    Type: Offensive
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3
    Description: Follow up strike can only be used once the enemy dodges an attack via movement or teleportation, or is pushed back in any way, or a previous attack was landed. This allows the user to instantly burst up to the enemy using stamina to catch up to the enemy and perform a C-rank+25% damage strike. Though the range at which the user may follow up is 30meters.
    -Quick, hard hitting slash.
    -No defensive potential
    -Requires the enemy to either dodge, be pushed back, or a previous hit to land. Meaning cannot open up with this technique

    Name: Snipe
    Rank: C
    Type: Support
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3(+1 per post charged)
    Description: Snipe is the physical concentration it takes to use a throwing knife/bow/crossbow/or gun to shoot further distances. This technique deals zero damage, but instead raises the base range of the ranged weapon by this rank's worth which happens to 30meters, but also then raises the range by 30% + half of the user's strength modifiers. This may be charged to add 50% extra range per post(up to 150%) but the user must concentrate on aiming per post, and cannot use other techniques. However for every 50% of the cost the user pays, they may quick charge by counting as if 1 post has past(i.e user pays +150% the sp cost, then it counts as fully charged). Note, projectiles with snipe will move at half the max range per second.  
    -Allows much further range potential
    -Charging is risky
    -require a ranged weapon or ranged something

    Name: Crippling Strike
    Rank: C
    Type: Defensive
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3
    Description: Focusing against an incoming ranged spell or strike, the user may deflect it away(counting as a strike) or essentially block with brute force up to (x2 technique rank worth)+(melee damage)+(weapon damage). If the defense is higher than the ranged attack, it may deflect it away, however if by some chance the defense is three times the strength of the incoming attack,then the attack may be re-directed(AoE may not be) towards the target of choice at half the strength. If the defense is four times the power of the incoming attack, then the redirected attack remains at full strength.
    -Able to quickly deliver a defense against oncoming techniques
    -AoE are harder to deal with, and thus is only 1.5x instead of 2x
    -If it doesn't destroy the technique, the remaining damage is still dealt to the weapon or user if the user is unarmed.

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