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    Demolition of The Garden (One Time Only Job)


    Locked Demolition of The Garden (One Time Only Job)

    Post by Guest 4th December 2016, 6:04 pm

    Job Title: Demolition of The Garden (One Time Only Job)
    Rank: S
    Player Requirements:
    - S-rank or higher(Or at least two A-rank) mages.
    - At least 3 mages minimum
    - Max of 5 mages

    Job Requirements:
    - Must defeat all of the Corona Culpable group and stop Rose Garden from being destroyed
    - Because time is so short each member of the team will have to run off to fight each other member of Corona Culpable alone
    - 27,000 words altogether.
    - Must defeat all of the bosses within 40 posts, including finding a way to actually kill Tevine.

    Job Location: Rose Garden
    Job Description:
    Rose Garden is suddenly under siege by a new dark guild named Corona Culpable. The siege starts with trapping everyone inside Rose Garden due to a barrier spell cast using each high ranking  member of Corona Culpable. This includes civilians and the barrier cannot be removed until the high ranking Corona Culpable members are defeated. The new dark guild plans to take over the city by force and is demolishing parts of it using magic embedded in each of its members. The reason for the takeover and demolishing of the city is unknown but will be revealed later(up to the members in the thread for what this is). The leader of Corona Culpable will use a spell to speak to the entire city from a projection in the sky and inform them of the takeover and demolishing that will soon happen which forces your group into action and quickly, given that they only have a short time before the city is destroyed. You must defeat each member of Corona Culpable to stop the takeover and any of the plans Corona Culpable has as well as saving civilians along the way.


    Side Note: All of the enemies in this thread will be of the same rank of S besides Tevine who is SS. There are no rolls and the people in the thread decide who they fight. The fights are to be fairly even at equal rank to the enemies and pretty hard if lower rank but winnable. Members of the team can go and help others only after defeating their own opponent. On the way to fighting each person the team members will have to fight their way through C-rank members of the dark guild if they want. These lower ranked members are again C-rank and will be defeated by a B-rank or more of damage.

    - Leath, the Creator(S-rank) (HP - 8 S-rank damage): Leath is a blonde, wise cracking young man. He tends to speak out over and over about how much stronger he is than others and will not give up an opportunity to ridicule someone especially while fighting. He uses the magic Arc of Emodiment to create practically anything he wants out of thin air. Weapons, images, robots, a pair of sunglasses, etc. You name it and he can create it while using enough magic power. He uses this magic to have the ability to deal with most, if not all situations thrown at him which asks the question of who can really beat the strongest maker magic there is...?

    - Scarm, the Dissector(S-rank) (HP - 8 S-rank damage): Scarm is a bald man who looks to be middle aged. He wears a hood to cover his head and sometimes his face. He is bloodthirsty which gives him the tendency to lash out at people he sees as an enemy in an attempt to completely destroy them for the fun of it. Sometimes even regular people come to be his play things which is how he received his title. His magic is a version of Rapture magic where upon touch he can transfer some of his own magical power into a person or thing and cause it to explode when mixed with its own magical power. The effects can be fairly instant and can go from being small focused explosions into massive explosions. The sound of a person's scream during the explosions excites him and makes him want to blow up more and more of everything.

    - Ealit, the Marauder(S-rank) (HP - 8 S-rank damage): Ealit is fully clad in magical armor at all times even to the point where most people do not even know that a woman is under the armor. The deep sound her voice makes when speaking through the armor and her naturally deep feminine does not help her situation either. Just don't call her a man or she might just try to rip you to shreds. She loves to fight any and all challengers even to the point of laughing as she takes an attack as well as dishes her own out. She uses her Re-Quip magic named Mjolnir. It is a Re-Quip magic that focuses on heavy weaponry that only the user can wield as well as armor that can take massive damage before being truly damaged. The weapons summoned are usually bigger than most like great swords, large katana, large hammers, and battle axes. All the weapons summoned She is able to use with one hand even though they are huge weapons, a testament to the strength that she possesses.

    - Vancti, the Widow(S-rank) (HP - 8 S-rank damage): Vancti is a woman who prefers to hide her face under a magnitude of make-up and other glamour accessories while wearing skin-tight and sometimes revealing dresses. She is fairly young but likes to show off as if she were some sort of queen and won't hesitate to speak out like she is one. She is so obsessed with looking attractive that every hour she uses magic to just change her clothes and make-up to avoid looking like something that to her is now old fashioned. She uses Reflector magic along with elemental magic to battle against others when needed. Her magic allows her to twist practically anything like metal, intangible things and even light to her will. This allows her to reflect attacks back at her opponents while even using her own attacks to be reflected for increased power. She can even bend light to produce illusions that seem all too real. She is so conceited that she will use an illusion where she is a real queen and force you to bow down to her.

    - Tevine, the Immortal(SS-rank) (HP - 14 S-rank damage): Tevine is the leader of Corona Culpable and formed the group from Cor Torva with each member being and ex-member of the dark guild that Cirven was recently held captive by. He is cold and calculating and does not speak much unlike the rest of his group. He is a tall man with short black hair who seems to be middle aged. He uses his own form of Territory magic along with some Darkness magic to fight against his opponents. Territory magic allows him to manipulate space for offense and defensive purposes. This can allow him to disappear and reappear in another area as well as cause heat in areas and trigger explosions. He can even use it to imprison people while sapping the life from them. He uses Darkness magic to increase his use with Territory magic with its blasts of dark power and other things. His title of the Immortal is deserved because he was granted a body that would regenerate from any damage given to him due to his dark magic. This means that if you were to cut his arm off he would just regenerate another one. This goes for any part of his body. Tevine cannot be defeated by losing all of his HP. He will simply just regen his last HP point. His last hit needs to be a attack that can destroy his entire body or else he will regenerate from any part of his body left. How would you kill someone that was seen as unkillable as well as being the strongest of the Corona Culpable members??

    Reward: 90,000 Jewels as thanks from the city of Rose Garden.

    --credit to Cirven

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