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    Excuse me? Did you drop this?


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    Excuse me? Did you drop this? Empty Excuse me? Did you drop this?

    Post by Vagrant 1st December 2016, 11:38 am

    A Dog Will Look Down When They Have Done Wrong But A Snake Will Look You Right In The Eyes
    As it's been said before Artemis was no normal mage, her intentions and ideals were somewhat odd but seen as normal to her. In this instance picking up an assassination contract on an elderly woman was certainly something any normal mage would do. The girl didn't really see herself as a dark mage nor did she fall into the category of light mage but saw herself as a mage with her own ideals whether they be good or not. The young girl sauntered through the aged town of Oak taking a look in a few shops, with some she had slowed down to admire it's wares.

    Oak town was known for being the historic ancient town, it possessed the old magics and artefacts as well as paying homage to the Great Wizards of the Past. In some sense Artemis was dutiful and visited some of the wizards and witches of Fiore, touching a few of the statues she gave a mental prayer to them all which only took about thirty minutes of time. Coming to the end of her mini prayer/blessing ceremony the girl sighed before taking off deeper into the center of the beloved town. After many moments passed asking bystanders the whereabouts of Ms Cooper a large number of them decided to either A. not tell her where she was located or B. send her on some wild goose chase through Oak Town, this began to anger her, so much so she resorted to threats and acts of violence which she viewed as something beneath her. However this tactic seemed to work wonders as she began to piece together the who, what, where, why, when and how. Figuratively speaking.

    The clip-clop of her heeled boots echoed through the now emptied town, the starry sky opened up for all to see and the moon shone it's ethereal essence onto the world below. Artemis arrived at a door with a laurel above the eyehole, she automatically presumed this to be the house of Ms Cooper, knocking on the door twice before holding her breath and right fist clenched she awaited. Immediately an older female came to the door dressed in a black dressing gown complete with furry slippers and night cap. "Who do yo-" Arty flushed the job request in her face and she stopped then started "She's next door" The woman smiled evilly and clapped her hands incredibly fast before shutting the door and whispering through the letterbox. "Make it quick...and don't forget cleanup...well if you can that is" with that the letterbox closed and footsteps could be heard running upstairs.

    Hopping over the bronzed gate to the next house Artemis unsheathed her flame chain and waltzed to the door. Kicking it in, she rushed upstairs and kicked in another door. Ms Cooper awoke with a start. "Oh my heavens, what's going on!" She yelped clutching the side of her head and heart with her mind in a flurry. "Oh sorry to disturb you ma'am but I had to apprehend a thief, he ransacked your house and kicked down a few doors in the process" She lied clutching the chain and it's sharpened end in hand, the elder woman got out of bed and walked down stairs with a flame in her step as she tried to hurry but her old bones simply wouldn't allow it. Damned arthritis. "Oh lord!" She screamed once more as Arty appeared downstairs in what seemed to be in the blink of an eye. The door was blown clean of it's hinges. The young female hadn't notice the sheer force and power one single leg and foot could do to this poor, old defenceless woman's house. Rubbing Ms Cooper's back Artemis sighed slightly shocked at the devastation left all across the room. The two walked deeper into the home and Cooper picked up a few bits of debris with a saddened look on her face and constant muttering, she headed towards the kitchen and began clean up on her home.

    Arty waved goodbye to the smiling Andrea Cooper and headed off down the street, each step a conflicting choice bounced around her head. "Just kill her now and be done with it Arty, this is bad but it has to be done...sadly" One voice said to her giving off a sweet, feminine calming vibe to it. "Torture her, whack of a finger or two. Perhaps you could poison her and take out her fingernails!" Another spoke out this time with a slightly deep and manly yet soothing voice. Shaking her head slightly she stopped at the end of the road and rattled for a moment and conversed with the odd voices popping up in the girl's mind. After a long discussion on what she should do (bar looking like a fool speaking to herself in the middle of the street) she had reached a definite and easy decision. Going further down the road she was met by another aged woman, this was the same woman that she had went to in search of Andrea's home. The woman who had sent out the vile request. Miss Eleanor Coldflower, she waved her gardening hoe in her hand and was shouting abuse towards Arty such abuse not fit for children's ears. "Oi! Did you complete the mission!?" She yelled but quietened once she realised where she was and the time of day she chose to go ranting and raving. The young serpent raised a brow at Eleanor and sighed, where did she get off trying to talk to someone like Artemis like that. "As of now no I haven't, I need to make preparations." She spoke quietly all the while keeping her eyes fixated on Coldflower's. The matured woman heard only what her selective hearing allowed "You haven't! Why not!? I requested it done for today, tomorrow is the day fo-" Again the female had lost her composure and brushed a hair over her eye back into the rumpled nest she called a hairstyle and tutted. "For the gardening competition. Are you backing out of it? If you're scared then tell me girl" She stated pointing her hoe at Artemis. Folding her arms she kept to her previous motive and headed down the street, behind her the woman was shocked mouth wide she screamed after Artemis once more waving the hoe around to seemingly state her point. But then there was sudden silence. Turning her attention back to the woman she noticed Eleanor clumped into the ground head in hands, then the waterworks had started. Huffing slightly the girl hurried back to her and pulled her back up to standing position. "Miss Coldflower, I vow to kill Ms Cooper today before the day is done. I will not leave this town until that mission is fulfilled." Artemis' cold stare was enough to shake Eleanor out of her rage as she let go and ran off back into her home. Damn. Now she had to.

    Moments passed before the girl returned back into the small village which housed both her target and her benefactor. Her plan was to do it quick, clean and simple. So much so that it would seem like an accident, after the job was completed she would be handed a whopping one-thousand two-hundred jewel. As she sauntered around the village thinking of what to spend her money on Arty smiled ever so slightly at the sight of Andrea now out of her broken home and onto the porch. Nightfall had come over the town and had evidently stayed to see the downfall of Oak Town's newest 'Monarch of Gardens'. The cold air slapped Artemis across the face yet she shrugged it off continuing to the old woman cracking her knuckles on both hands, the elder turned around to spot the serpentine girl. Instantly Cooper's face lit up. She ran to the girl at a slow pace and embraced her muttering words Artemis couldn't make out, nodding her head at the girl's sudden appearance she pulled her by her hand towards the garden and acquired her hoe from the stairs where she had left it. "This is my prized patch of goodness Arty, don't tell anyone but I used love and kindness to support their growth" She chuckled with a smile adjusting her glasses to get a better look. Artemis was torn once more at how nice and holy the woman seemed to be, her mind drummed it into her head that to kill her would be a sin. "It's our little secret Andrea. I'm sure you'll stay the monarch no matter what the odds are" Artemis hugged the smaller round woman almost knocking off her straw hat due to the force of her hug. Leaving the side of the woman to tend to her patch Arty sighed and allowed her circlets to dissipate. She chose not to cause any suffering or immediate pain to the target. "Excuse me? Did you drop this?"

    "Thank you Eleanor...look after yourself and good luck" Artemis was handed a rather large pouch filled to the brim with jewel as she headed on her way taking one last look back to the now cold, heartless village of Oak Town's gardening society.

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