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    Sad excuse of nature


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    Sad excuse of nature Empty Sad excuse of nature

    Post by Brynn on 13th May 2018, 12:26 pm

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    Akily sat on a tiny cliff, as she looked over a sad little farm below her. She had just received a job talking about burning this place down. She complied happily, due to the idiotic nature of these adult made farms. She truly believed that adult farmers are ruining the world messing with the natural forces of food. Adults just mass produce, and in that process is the pain of the universe spirit. It tells her every single night the wrongs of people and how farming pains her body because she has to form millions of food out of thin air because those farmers force her to. The pain she feels is what Akily wants to inflict on the adults. If they can't repent for their wrongdoings, then Akily will just have to do it. Either way, the universe will always bite back. Aside from the universe, she isn't as lenient with her punishments.
    As she stood up, she felt as the air caressed her gently. She went to breathe it in and said to herself, "You will be avenged universe spirit. I will make sure of it." She slowly walked down the cliff, towards level ground and looked firm and serious as she prepared for the adrenaline that she was going to feel the second she did this. As she walked slowly towards the tiny little house next to the plot full of crops, she hovered her had over the tiny compartment on her belt. She felt as the card slowly lifted up towards her hand. Only after a mere one second, it touched her hand. Just like that, she kicked the door open to see a man in a chair holding a spoon full of soup.
    He looked towards her in shock as he said to her, "Why hello there little girl. What are you doing here? Are you looking for your mommy and daddy? I mean, no little girl should be all the way out here by herself." He walked over to her and bepainted a gentle smile on his face as he stretched out his arm for a handshake. Akily then took his hand as she smiled a big smile with her eyes closed. It only took a few seconds, but then he noticed it. He realized the guild tattoo on her cheek and screamed. It was too late though, Akily had already had a grip on the old man. She smirked as her eyes glossed over. She took his arm, and with as much strength as he could muster, she flipped him over her and onto the ground outside of the house. His screams only fueled Akily's rage, and before she killed him...she said to the old man, "Repent for your crimes."  With a loud scream, she got the card in her hand and sliced right through the skin on his neck horizontally.
    Blood splattered around the area that she cut him. She saw as he bled out on the ground and she laughed maniacally, saying to the sky, "Hahahaha, you eat the food that the universe spirit gives and then abuse it. You think you have the right to do this, but you don't. Now the universe will feed on you!" After a few moments of insanity, she calms down as she realizes what she was supposed to do. She then took a deep breath and went into the house of the man.
    She saw that he lived alone with no children or spouse. She looked down at the wooden table he sat at and saw what seemed to be a lighter and a cigarette box. She frowned and said to herself, "All humans who take stuff from the universe spirit that shouldn't, deserves to die. He dares to take the tobacco plant from the world and smokes it? Pitiful...wasting both resources and his own life." She shook her head as she picked up the lighter from the table. She was sure he had gasoline, or oil because there was a truck at the front of his house.
    She went looking around to not only find gasoline but flammable paper as well. She smirked as she looked through the window, that was open right into the open field behind it. Not wanting to walk all the way around, she kicked the window in order to break it. As it let cold air in, she walked out to see a whole field of crops growing in the openness of the sun. The last thing she remembered after walking away from the farm, was the heat of the fire.


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