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    The Undead Springs (Social)


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    The Undead Springs (Social) Empty The Undead Springs (Social)

    Post by Sayrn on 22nd November 2016, 6:36 pm

    The soft few moments could be seen from a distance by Kana as the sun drifted to the edge of the horizon the skies dancing with purple and orange colors as the golden orb drifted away from sight. In this dusk the lights of the simple town known as Hosenka began to light up the skies as even the stars would be rivaled in the lights of the streets people wearing outfits like Kimonos and Cheongsam. Kana herself was wearing a Cheongsam designed right for her as her figure was perfectly represented and her legs carried her in swiftness towards the town and as she reached the gates the sun dipped down fully and the moon now in a near full position rained moonlight upon the city almost making it glow.

    With a soft walk through the gates Kana made her way to a special area as she had tracked down someone from a previous time. This person she had seen during a visit to the Rose Garden and while she could no remember the reasons for her curiosity the memory of the blood soaked alleyway brought sweet feelings to her. As she sat down at a tea hut she had contacted the woman to visit in her best eastern dress she would sigh and sit lay back a bit her thighs being shown off heavily with their pale blue skin while her red eyes met the onlookers.


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