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    To the Hot Springs We Go~!(Open/Social)


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    Public To the Hot Springs We Go~!(Open/Social)

    Post by Callista on Wed 27 Dec 2017 - 10:11

    Callista had just arrived in Hosenka with a large suitcase being carried by her personal maid. She had only joined the Fairy Tail guild a day or two ago so she was eager to start doing mage jobs through her guild. However, she had decided that before starting all that serious stuff, she wanted to enjoy a vacation first. It all started the night before. She had just gotten out of her mid-evening bubble bath and was reading Sorcerer's Magazine while her maid dried her hair. As she flipped through its pages, an article caught her eye. It was a feature on the popular spa town, Hosenka. After reading through it, she got the urge to take a trip there. So, with her father permission and money, she hopped on the first train to Hosenka the next morning.

    Now that she was here, she started her walk to the resort her and Jessica, her maid would be residing at for the duration of this trip. Upon arriving, Callista looked up at the architecturally perfect building that she was going to stay in. She couldn't be more pleased. She went through the doors and went to sit in the luxurious red velvet couches while Jessica checked them both in at the front desk across the way.

    When Jessica returned. She handed Callista her room key and the bellboy came to take their things up to their room. They arrived shortly at Callista's penthouse suite and went inside. The room was better than she imagined. A large feather soft bed with rich, deep red bedspread in the master room and another room a bit smaller but almost as amazing as the room Callista got. It was a dream come true, after the bellboy took his leave, she could no longer contain her excitement and began running around squealing like a kid in a candy shop.

    Callista wanted to hurry up and go experience the hot springs so she quickly changed into the gorgeous yukata the resort provided for her with Jessica's help then left to head to the hot springs. As she headed for the elevator down the hall, she was so excited and didn't pay attention to her surroundings and crashed into a person who turned the corner at the same time, causing her to stumble back and almost fall.


    To the Hot Springs We Go~!(Open/Social) Callista

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