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    New Hargeon Town

    Gisen Ceostra
    Gisen Ceostra

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    New Hargeon Town  Empty New Hargeon Town

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 7th November 2016, 12:19 pm

    Welcome to the new Hargeon Town!!

    New Hargeon Town  Rsz_te10
    (Credit to Tera for screenshot of Velika for example use)

    The idea of Hargeons visual theme and their building construction due to the idea of the amount of salt in the air that would eat away at these places. Even so, the port towns very appearance since the time of it's brith has had to be changed in order to better fortify it and reimage the town to accomodate families, mages, tourists, and businesses alike without trying to favor one group over the others.

    In the process of rebuilding, one thing that came to mind was the very wall that borders the town as well as the actual mountain like lands that are near it. The wall is made of stone strong enough on it's own to withstand medium tier tsunami's and artifact grade weapon strikes easily. The walls themselves reach up nearly 2 stories in height and surround the entire border of the town from one end to the other. However, even with this, there are still ways for people to walk into Hargeon with ease. On each side, there is one road that leads to a large arch entrance, chisled with detail, including a message along the arch with the words, "Welcome to Hargeon".

    Buildings themselves are constructed in mind of the seas solt content in the air. Sparing no expense to do so, each building stands just over the height of the walls, letting those gazing from a distance view the lavish red colored rooftops that gives off a welcoming vibe. Each building can hold at least a family of 5, and those that own businesses have purchased their own areas to construct buildings to their liking. Used in this way, it allows the town to regain the extra expenses used and helps to identify them from normal houses

    Lastly, we come to the grandest appearance of Hargeons newest appearance. This large scale building is used for many things, but it's known to be the "Gathering Hall". This building's purpose is to gather those whom want to learn more, to get together with those whom want to find others to assist them on their journey, or to meet up with a party or team to prepare for a job. Being that this building is so large, it's broken down into seven sections; The first two floors are purely a library filled with magic, monster, weapon, and history books not kept in the towns normal library. The next 5 floors are there to help other people to keep them seperated into tiers;
    Floor 3: Reserved for postings of D rank jobs.
    Floor 4: Reserved for postings of C rank jobs.
    Floor 5: Reserved for postings of B rank jobs.
    Floor 6: Reserved for postings of A rank jobs.
    Floor 7: Reserved for postings of S rank and higher jobs.

    All the floors contain one very large board of fliers containing jobs that are up for the taking. There are two employees at all times stationed at each floor at a desk to approve of the start and completion of each job so that the work is properly documented and left to be sent properly to the council when completed.

    Hargeon Port

    New Hargeon Town  Rsz_1u10
    (Credit to Tales of the Abyss for the screenshot of Baticul for example use)

    Hargeon port as well had gone through an entire remaking of it's overall appearance as well after it had been destroyed. This new appearance is made to allow more ships to be able to dock in port, as well as acting as a seaside "rest stop", resembling for example the rest stops you see on the roads. This allows for a small extra income for the town and use of allowing more potential tourism through this way. The large tower acts as both a lighthouse, as well as a hotel for ship crews and overnight trevelers. Cost is never a high thing because of the fact of the inconvenience it could cause. Outside of that, there is a road that leads through a small part of rock formation, known to be "Rock Tunnel". This small cave is only a 2-3 minute walk seperating Hargeon from the port. The cave is always lit via lacrima lanterns grounded into the walls and illuminating the path.


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