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    Spy Criminal Watch!(job, Mega)

    Nimue Blackwood
    Nimue Blackwood

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    Spy Criminal Watch!(job, Mega) Empty Spy Criminal Watch!(job, Mega)

    Post by Nimue Blackwood on 10th October 2016, 3:22 pm

    Job info:
    Name: Spy: Criminal Watch!
    Requirements: Solo; a partner; or with a group (Up to four people). 10 posts per player. 200 words per post.
    Job Requirements:Spy on the suspected criminal, Without getting caught, and report it to the client at the end of the day.
    Location: Oak Town
    Client’s name: Anonymous
    Information: For some odd reason, my money would decrease whenever I bring the jewels with me to spend on. I suspect that my money might be stolen to some hypocrite as whenever I would look around I find the same man over and over again. The man would be covered in black clothing in which was mysterious to me. Not only that, but in every afternoon, he would be at the center of the city, looking all suspicious like. I know this as I spied on him, once. Now, I need you to check him out and report to me to what he did. Good luck!
    Rewards: 750 jewels each

    Shade sighed as he looked around Oak town. This place wasn't hugely busy, so it would be nearly impossible to blend in with the crowd so they could watch this suspected criminal. If they got caught, it likely wouldn't end well for either of them... and they would go home empty handed. Shade wanted to get better at going on missions, so he could get stronger. And so he blended in as best as a Wizard in long robes with a silken scarf about his neck possibly could. He shadowed the man with his blue eyes focused on him the entire time. Nothing escaped his notice, not even the tiniest of details escaped him when he was totally focused, like he was right now.

    The requip mage got himself ready to witness the suspected criminal going into taverns, or magic shops, or something like that, but he only noticed the man go into a grocery store. Was this man really a criminal? Well they would soon find out the answer to that question. Shade glanced over at Megalos, who he was undertaking this mission with. He hoped the other mage knew what he was doing, because Shade didn't want to be stuck babysitting some brat who didn't know a thing.



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    Spy Criminal Watch!(job, Mega) Empty Re: Spy Criminal Watch!(job, Mega)

    Post by Megálos Aderfós on 10th October 2016, 3:40 pm

    Megalos was ready to get started. Geared up and ready to go. He gave shade a confident smile and a thumbs up. "OK swordsman this is how we'll handle this," Mega explained his face half laughter, half joy. He was excited to get the stuffy sword mage out of his dojo and get to know the man a bit better. The man was cold and reproachable and had the social elegance of elephant but that only got Megalos even more fired up to get to know him. "Here take this, when the time come's put it around my neck.

    This will be our disguise during the day (Our next 5 posts) I have something else much cooler planned for tonight! And more professional but for now this should work like a charm!"
    Megalos handed the overly stiff swordsman a spiked collar with a name tag that read "MEGA" and a leash attached to it. Stopping to enjoy whatever reaction the man would give him in response to being given a dog collar, before he morphed into a golden retriever. Megalos looked up at the stiff swordsman expectantly expecting him to know what to do from there, and as a second thought went to a sack he'd stowed away beforehand and fetched the man a kimono covered in images of dog's to complete the disguise.


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