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    Spy Criminal Watch


    Spy Criminal Watch Empty Spy Criminal Watch

    Post by Guest 23rd April 2019, 10:02 am

    He was a strange fellow and clearly not all that effective at looking casual as he stuck out like a sore thumb. The shady figure had been standing there, in the middle of the town square, not doing much of anything. It was strange to say the least but to those who had a good eye, there was a little more to it than that and in the case of the blue frog, he could see right through the figure's game. Greninja had been watching the shady character for most of the day, at the behest of his mistress and the ninja was very quickly picking up on what was happening. The man was little more than your standard thief, who would routinely walk in to people and pinch their jewel bags during the commotion. It was as simple a scam as you could hope to see but the fact that he was still doing it proved that he must have been successful. The frog, however, was not al all impressed and had little to say about this novice, considering him nothing more than a nuisance and hardly worthy of his time. Fortunately though, his job was not to capture the oaf but to simply observe without being caught, an easy feat for a master of shadow such as the frog.

    At the the end of the day, he swiftly reported back to Leliana and reported his findings, which were then delivered directly to her employer. A simple job but judging from the look on his face, there would seem to be more to it. The elderly man who had hired her seemed absolutely livid although he was polite enough not to take it out on the mage or her spirit and instead paid her for her service and sent her on her way. The petite girl could not help but feel rather intimidated though and had to wonder if perhaps she had done more harm than good by completing this mission. What if her employer resorted to violence in order to deal with this man?

    With a sigh, she turned back towards him and approached his desk,

    "Sir, you're not going to kill him? Are you?" she asked grimly, feeling the steady presence of Greninja beside her.

    "I don't know what I'm going to do but I can assure you that he will regret robbing people, especially me," he said, turning to face her, "That's none of your business anyway, now go."

    "Not until you've convinced me that you won't put an end to his life," Leliana replied.

    "You are talk to me like that? Get out of my office before I have you arrested or worse," the gentlemen said, his face turning red with anger.

    Greninja stepped in at that moment and spoke, a rarity in any situation, his voice deep, "You do not threaten my mistress, do you understand? She has the welfare of all in mind when asking this of you and it would be wise to consider that. Take some advice and just leave things alone here. Let the authorities catch him."

    "Fine," he yelled, slightly intimidated by the near five foot frog, "Now, both of you leave."

    He turned his back on them then and with a brief look between them, Leliana and her spirit made their exit although the look on the mage's face was anything but pleased with the situation.

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