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    Take Care of My Baby|Part 2||Solo


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    Take Care of My Baby|Part 2||Solo Empty Take Care of My Baby|Part 2||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 9th September 2016, 2:33 pm

    Take Care of My Baby|Part 2||Solo BGj480f
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    Y o u   c o u l d   b e   t h e   c o r p s e   a n d   I   c o u l d   b e   t h e   k i l l e r

    Lucius had got a call from somebody he didn't really expect to get a call from, it had been a long time since he had last been there. Katy had called him, mother of Oliver, a little redheaded boy of which he babysat months ago. It appeared as if they didn't have anyone else available, and they had his phone number, remembering what a good job he did, that called him. Which wasn't what he would've preferred to do with a free evening of his, but why not? He wasn't in a legal guild anymore, or a guild at all for a matter of fact. So why did he have to be a humane person? He was only doing the job properly, because he was in one, but once Astrid left, he quit the facade. But it appears that they where unaware of this change, so he would keep it this way, and have an enjoyable evening.
    Walking up the steps, he knocked on the door slightly, and waited. Not that much later he heard footsteps, and the door was opened. "Oh Lucius, glad you came!" Katy said with a smile, and invited him in. The assassin smiled a smile that nobody could tell was a fake, and ducked under the door to enter the house of the small family. "Well want me to tell you everything?" she asked, grabbing her bag and such from the kitchen counter. Her husband, as quiet as he was, just stood at the doorway waiting for his spouse to be ready. "Oh no I'm fine, I remember. You two should be on your way to your party. I'll deal with you little one" he said with a reassuring look in his eyes, and a smile on his face that was just as trusting, well supposedly. "Well thank you, well be back around ten or eleven, and I expect him to be in bed at nine at the latest." she said, opening the door and leaving with her husband. Good the parents where gone, now the teen could to what he pleased. Walking out of the kitchen into the living room, he sat himself on the couch. The assassin took some pain pills, and released a sigh from his lungs. He was still in a lot of pain from a previous mission that he went on, and though you couldn't see, he was still covered in a lot of bandages.
    He could hear giggling and the tap taps of feet run down the hall, with a giant grin on his face the boy looked at him. Letting out another sigh he looked back at the small redheaded three year old, maybe four. His facade was gone, and there was no pleasurable smile on his pale face "Leave me alone" he grumbled to Oliver. Who didn't really seem upset cause Lucius was rather irritated, he just took this as a chance to run off and probably get himself hurt with some dangerous 'toys'. Which the dark mage just ignored, he had no reason to take care of the child, yes he accepted the job, but it didn't mean he was going to do it properly if at all. So he laid himself on the couch and closed his blue green eyes, with his legs hanging over the edge he dozed off into a deep slumber.
    Waking up to crying was not something he would've preferred, but that's what happens when a child is running rampant through the house with no supervision. Thankfully he had a peaceful rest, no sign of nightmares, or even Inanis, he has been rather quiet even when he uses his magic. Grumbling some cuss words to himself, he forced himself up, just to see what damage has been done. Standing to his feet, the young adult made his way over to the kitchen, where the little boy was. He appeared to have chipped a bit of his finger off with a knife, how he did this, he had no clue. There was a lot of blood, but the wound wasn't all that bad, just looked worse then it was. The kid was sobbing, getting all of his tears and snot all over his face and shirt. "Ugh, your fine" he said to the kid, grabbing him by his wrist. Rolling his eyes as Oliver sobbed some more, he glanced up at the clock of which was placed on one of the kitchen walls. "Oh look, it's you bed time kid" he said, an idea popping in his head as he said this. Looking over at the child with an evil look in his eyes, the newfound grin on his face just screamed malicious intent. He picked him up by his wrist, which made him scream more cause it hurt, but he ignored it. Dropping him in his crib, he let out a 'sh' to tell the boy to quiet. But he didn't even stop, crying even more so then he did before "Go to sleep Oliver" the man said, he didn't listen. Lucius made a slight 'tch' noise, his black like aura slipping from his body, a growl emerging from his throat. He grabbed the neck of the child and squeezed "I said, go to sleep" the boy was silenced, he wheezed, trying to grasp at the little bit of oxygen he had left.
    Finally eleven o'clock, the boy thought, standing up from the couch as he heard the parents open the door. He cleaned up the blood of which was in the kitchen, so they didn't open and see it. Lucius smiled innocently, but there was something evil hidden behind that smile. "Oliver is in bed, sleeping, just as you wanted" he said, his tone of voice was soothing with a creepy edge to it. "Thank you so much!" Katy said, before walking over with her husband to see their sleeping child. And before they could, the green haired boy left, silently. He crushed his phone underneath his large foot, and he tossed it in a garbage can. Waiting in front of the house long enough just to hear the screams of the parents, who had just found the damage that had been done. Then, he was gone.

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