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    The mares;; Jiyu;; Oneshot

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    The mares;; Jiyu;; Oneshot Empty The mares;; Jiyu;; Oneshot

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 29th August 2016, 8:34 pm

    4011 words.
    This mission was one that Jiyu was deciding to put actual attention towards, attempting to be careful on, use her actual full skill during the span of, however one wanted to word that. From the intel she was able to gather from various sources, mostly her client who had seen the barbarian help his henchman take the flesh eating mares away? That cursed man used an explosive sort magic that produced flames no matter how small they were; Facing someone who made flames in any sort of head on battle, was never going to be an option for the Wind Mage she was too frightened of fire, the fight would be over before it started. Thus the first objective to completing this mission was to find some way of ensuring she never even had to face off against the Barbarian in the first place, avoid a fight she knew she’d lose even with her rank advantage. Kazehime already knew how she was going to do that, but with her notability due to being a Rising Star the female mage knew she’d have to be extra careful for her expertly crafted plan to actually work. The first step to securing her clients beloved equine pets? Would be to infiltrate the group that had stolen them; Once inside the real work would begin. To repossess the mares she had to get her biggest obstacle to leave his home, so she could muzzle the mares and take out the help or guards before simply walking away with her prizes, to retrieve the jewel reward for retrieving them! With a solid plan of action once she was inside and the trouble making barbian was gone? It only remained to be seen how she intended to actually get inside and what she intended to do in order to get the man to leave or be not a problem, long enough to accomplish her goal. Firstly, the plan for getting in required the normally slutty dressed mage to don an approximately v-necked t-shirt and some jeans; While hiding her tail and elfin ears would have added to the effectiveness of what she was going for, the wind mage did not have that sort of time to waste. Thus the second part involved going through the trouble of pinning her ebony hair up so she could secure a wig over top, using makeup to cast freckles across her face and a few other places so they did not look out of place. The only issue remaining was that her hair was now a short brown bob and her tail was black, oh and she still had oddly colored eyes! Jiyu now realized to do something like this in the future she would have to get an item to permit shapeshifting or such, because this was not working. However she had to stay this course, so the dog demoness whimpered as she put a green contact in her blue eye, kicking her legs at the discomfort, tail lashing violently. Finally, she only had to handle her thick bushy tail, so she brought spray dye as to not damage it, and carefully combed the dye in for full coverage, turning her tail brown with a white tip. At last, she could put her genius plan into action, and her mission would be done before she could even blink!

    “So you want to join forces with me than, what did you say that your name was again?” he was hiccuping off booze he’d secured, and she fought to keep her face eagerly happy, and expectant. In reality? She wanted to scrunch up her pretty little face and tell him to lose the useless ass booze, but that would not work with her goal here. Maybe she could use the wind to prank him a bit? No bad, she had to save her magic encase she ended up fighting, green eyes focusing in on the large and obnoxious man; Honestly he was stupid, not even questioning why an innocent looking, gorgeous, young woman, would want to join forces with a fat ugly ass like him. Compared to Marschal? This man was below mediocre. Wait! Did she just compare this barbarian to that prick? Inside she boiled and on the outside a bright blush covered her freckled face as she glanced up at the barbarian deciding to use the expression she knew was on her face, to make him more fond of her, even if she wanted to kill him. “Oh well your name doesn’t matter!” it worked like a charm, only too much of one, because he grabbed one hand and pulled her into his lap. As he committed to the action? Warning bells rung, no clanged, no fucking went off like siren’s in her head. The man who saved her life, him touching her so forcefully was one thing, but any other man, she could also feel the blindfold again! However if she started acting up now, everything would be ruined and she’d have to fight a losing battle, be saved again, so the girl kept her breathing calm and leaned into him. If he didn’t care about her name? Than this just made things easier, he wouldn’t think she was the one who took the horses. “I should get to work than.” she briskly said it, standing up with a slight pat to his shoulder, biting her lip as he slapped her ass when she turned to walk away. At least she was in, but she would not be staying for long, she just had to raise some sort of alarm, get him out, than rush for the mares and escape! Taking a breath once she was outside the door to his room, Kazehime considered how best to do this. In the end, she decided it was best to start some sort of rumor, let it spread like wildfire through the small collection of savages. She would have to come up with a lie so good that he could not resist going to check it himself with some of the men!

    Quickly enough, whispers about a large caravan carrying too many jewelry for them to even count successfully, spread throughout the compound. Jiyu had started the rumor by speaking to one of the men too drunk to remember where he heard it from, and even giving him an extra drink to ensure he wouldn’t toss it back on her. While it wasn’t much of a shiny bait? It was shiny enough and she claimed it a day and half from the current location, which would give her plenty of time to take out the remaining guards, horsemen, then take the mares and get away before anyone even arrived back at the building to realized what had really happened! However the wind user had to be patient and wait for them to take the bait, so she spent the night on the floor in the stables, which was where he seemed to assume a woman belonged when she was not working. Jiyu was simple and easy to please, she was content sleeping on her feathers, but this was a bit much even for the mostly non materialistic wind mage! The barn smelled of manure, and she couldn’t get a single wink of sleep, grumbling as she prayed for the man to hear the rumors, resisting the urge to tell him she had heard about a rumor, just to get it directly to him and get the barbarian out of the way! Jiyu tossed and turned, glancing at the unmuzzled but caged up mares, and the numerous stallions in the barn used for actual steeds. In the end, it was a good thing she was being forced to spend the night here, otherwise she might have grabbed one of the stallions instead of all three mares, and that would not be good. While she’d easily have time to remedy her mistake? Jiyu did not want to make an error in the first place, which was why she exercised patience, instead of triggering the barbarian leaving herself. The next time she took a mission, the wind user would make sure that nothing flame related was involved! Hopefully Makaoto wasn’t worrying too much right now. The girl pulled up the horse blanket she was using as her own, rolling over on the bales of hay, also covered in a horse blanket to make it more comfortable. Breathing softly the female bit her own tongue as she finally heard footsteps coming towards the barn. Hopefully he had heard the rumors and was coming with some guards to get stallions to ride off into the sunset with! Her breath hitched in her throat, nearly getting high off the possibility she might have almost won, because anyone in the world had to admit when a plan went of without any sort of hitch, it was amazing and addicting. Only, she had to act good still, so the canine laid her head back against the straw, closing her eyes and keeping her body still.

    “Go back to sleep girly!” he laughed it out, coming in with a large pitcher of beer, and she wondered how he’d ride a horse like that. However his safety was not her concern, only the mares concerned her, apart from her own continued existence of course. “Wha?” she acted sleepy, wiping one eye as her ear flicked and her tail wagged slightly, perfect excaution, bringing a blush to his face as her shirt dropped off one shoulder slightly, giving a view of that area but still preserving her modesty more than her normal bikini top did. “Damn, boys we gotta get this girl some sexy lingerie, a maid outfit, some cat ears and a choker or something! First thing I’m doing with the money from this heist is changing her wardrobe.” only his heist did not actually exist and she knew it fully well, so she smiled, he mistook it for approval of it idea, but it was really because she knew the disappointment he was walking into. She heard the other men cheer in approval, some of the stable boys shaking their heads as they helped lead the stallions out of their pens. Now that she had confirmed he would be leaving soon? The wind mage laid her head back down, as if obeying what he said, sugar plums and fairies dancing in her head as she smiled, they thought it was because of the knowledge she’d be pampered to their liking when they returned, but it was because she knew that when they returned, she wouldn’t even be here! Plus they’d be missing three very valuable mares. Honestly the wind mage was surprised this was going so well, she’d expected resistance to her invasion or more time for the rumor to spread, something to not go entirely perfect, but it was going better than she’d expected. Not long passed, before the stable doors closed once more, and she realized she’d need an excuse to leave the stable, take care of the guards first. If the guards came in while she was dealing with the stable boys and leashing the mares? That would be very bad, so the female started thinking, as she listened to horses gallop away. It was several hours later when she decided it was safe to even sit up in her deplorable self made bed, the mares whinnying at her action until she growled to shut them up. If they made too much noise? Tonight would get harder, and she didn’t want them hurt in cross fire, if any harm came to those flesh eating horses, she would not get payed! After dealing with these perverts? She was getting paid, even if she had to hold her client hostage to get her money. However if she would actually do something like that, remained to be seen, because none of Jiyu’s missions had never gone that wrong, and she’d always been given rewards happily, in extreme thanks for her devoted work.

    Kazehime decided that tonight would not mark the date her nearly perfect record got tarnished, so she slowly rose fully off the straw bed she had been resting against. “I’m going to go get a glass of milk from the main building.” she let the groomsmen know where she was going, but lied to them about what she would be doing. If she did not take care of the guards? The shouts from these wimps or the sounds made the mares or heck by the fight that might ensue in general, those noises could attract the guards. If she dealt with the trouble caused by guards here and now? She wouldn’t have to cope with it later, so the wind user walked out of the barn, wobbling with every step, acting as sleepy as she could, even ‘forgetting’ to rebutton her jeans, since they stayed on her without any issue; The sleepier she looked, the less chance someone would stop her as suspicious, since they all knew she was the new worker around, who had been hired only because she looked good. If only they knew how strong she was, they would be running! The Ace Of Hearts walked forward, nearly panting as she thought about what she could and would do here, taking a deep breath to calm herself. Losing control here? Would do her no good after the self control she’d committed to already. Plus the final result was so much sweeter when she could admire the carnage in a sane state of mind. Jiyu finally stumbled into the house itself, being greeted by the sight of one guard, who quickly came over with the aim to help her stand up right. She almost felt bad for what she would do to him when she made sure he was the only guard present. “Evening miss, what do you need?” she looked up at him with her doe eyes as she gripped the front of his shirt, batting her eyes. “I’m thirsty, I want a glass of milk, do you think one of your buddies could go to the kitchen for me, so you don’t have to leave your post.” the blush across his face already told the story he was looking down her top and not at her face, but she kept her sweet expression on to be safe, happy she had not run into any man who was not straight yet! Clearly? Her tricks would not work so well on someone who was not interested in females. “Um, yeah sure, Frank, Richard, go get her a glass of milk. If you want, you could sleep in one of the rooms in the house tonight, since our master won’t be back until tomorrow, and it’s only us four including you left, so no one will tell him.” oh now she was going to feel really bad for knocking him out, he was being so curt, offering her a real bed and not even trying to sleep with her, despite his perverted expression and gaze at her breasts, he could be a good guy!

    “Here we go.” it was one of the other two remaining guards, his buddy right behind him, making for all three right in front of her, finally she could do this thing! “Thank you so much boys.” she chuckled, standing up fully and taking the glass from them, but not drinking from it, instead she set it on the counter and sighed “I’d suggest changing alliance after this boys.” suddenly they cowered in fear and flinched as her demonic aura flared up, dealing her rank in damage to them. Clearly? They were confused, not making the connection quite yet, unable to see how a woman shorter than all of them, had outsmarted and classed them, while barely trying! Jiyu leaned against the wall as they stood up looking at her wide eyed. “If you don’t fight me, I won’t hurt you again, stay down, it’s easier.” she was giving them an option, since according to the first one they were all three, nicer than their red herring chasing comrades. However? Their sense of duty was strong, and they did not do as she request, getting up and running for their weapons. “What did I just tell you?” her hand lifted and she signed out once more. While these tricks were addicting, they just were not as fun until she won, like right now, the fact this was no challenge made it boring, they had just been too clueless. Maybe the next time? She’d just buy a sleeping potion and use that on such suckers instead, get them drunk and slip the drug to them, as insurance they’d stay out, while she did her work at least. However she did not have time to consider any of that. “Wind slash.” Jiyu slowly lowered her hand after speaking, and sighed as she watched the three of them get caught in her bladedance, several household items being torn up, along with some of the walls. “I told you.” she crouched slightly and aimed to flick one of them on the head, now that they were downed and no longer any threat to her. Next time, she would think of some way to play out the part of the game she enjoyed more. “Stay down this time.” the only sound left was their passed out groans, and she was happy that this would not easily trace back to her. When they did not know what she really looked like? It was hard to target her for revenge. “Now to actually go get the mares.” she talked out loud now, without any fear, stretching her arms above her head and fixing up her shirt, buttoning her jeans. Hopefully the groomsmen would be slightly more trouble than the guards had been, because she was getting bored, and praying securing the mouths of the mares wouldn’t be the hardest part of this job! No matter thought, it was time to simply wrap this mess up.

    “So here’s the deal, you're going to let me take the mares, or you’ll get beaten down like the guards just did.” she could always try to do this civilly, especially since she had to keep her aura in control around the mares, not actually entered into combat near them until their muzzles were sealed and they were no longer able to harm her. Anything she could face as an opponent? Would be harmed by her aura, so clearly it was not an option to fight right now, since it triggered when she entered combat. Of course, the groomsmen did not make it that easy for her, not the way she wanted them to! Instead of fighting them the female removed the fan she had in her pants, flicking it open and lifting it upward. “Sorry boys I can’t be your opponent, have fun with the skeletons, sweets would you mind taking care of these delinquents?” she blew a kiss at her skeletons who nodded and then all three skeletons, one for each horse tender, lunged into battle, effectively keeping her out of combat and thus rendering her arua neutral! Jiyu began digging through the barn for ropes or such to secure the mares mouths with, listening to swords impact pitch forks. While the noise was alarming in its existence? Kazehime knew better than to be worried, the pitch fork wielding savages were not trained soldiers, unlike her undead skeletons, who were very effective fighters and had generally more power and endurance. “Thanks for being such good boys.” she encouraged her comrades once more, finding one rope and approaching one of the penned mares, easily getting the rope around it’s maw, since she’d taken it by surprise. While the three had noticed the battle, they didn’t think of themselves as involved, since fighting happened all the time in such a savage place. “I doubt you two will be so easy.” she sighed it out as she finally found two more pieces of rope just as the skeletons finished off the groomsmen. “You three can go rest now.” they bowed and vanished from the realm of the living, one horse following Jiyu as she aimed to get into the second one’s pen. While this one put up more struggle? It was barely any sort of fight, and after a bit of darting around the stall, Jiyu was easily able to tie her mouth closed. Now only one mare remained, and the last one was very displeased, and aware of what the wind mage would aim to do! Thus instead of trying to bite like the other two, it reared up in an attempt to kick the wind mage, which stunned her slightly, causing Jiyu to falter and miss her mark, allowing her arm to be bitten. However she used this, tying the horses mouth shut as she removed her arm, so the mare wouldn’t be able to pull that stunt again. Apparently? These horses did not like having their mouths tied closed.

    Kazehime had set a meeting location with her client prior, asking him to check or have someone check for him every day, until she returned with the mares. Clearly? She could not show up in her disguise, so on the way back to the client’s location, Jiyu stopped and tied the mares to a tree, sitting down by a stream. Relief flooded her form as she dipped her whole body in, the spray dye starting to flow downstream as she lay there, letting it and her makeup wash away, fitfully removing the cursed contact in her eye. While all these measures had made the job itself easier? Jiyu disliked them all very much, throwing the wig down, and letting the river take it away as she begun the long process of unpinning her beautiful hair. “Thank goodness I picked a dark colored shirt.” she had not considered jumping in the water would soak her clothing, since with her normal skimpy attire such a thing did not matter. To say that Jiyu was uncomfortable with being soaked as she slid out of the water, would be a lie thought. Unlike cats who hated water? The wind mage was a dog who happened to be semi-fond of the cool liquid, even if she prompt shook upon exiting the water. “There go, come on girls, let’s finish getting you home.” now that she could walk up to her client and be recognized as who she was. Mostly thought? She changed back just to feel comfortable in her own body again, because she certainly had not been comfortable in that get up. Walking along the grass barefoot, she drew near to the meeting location, finally catching her eyes onto the old man who hired her to retrieve his horses in the first place. “Dude, I got all three of them unharmed!” she shouted it out as she continued walking forward, the mares following calmly, since their mouths were tied. “You're certain?” he was really double checking her? Hpmf the nerve of the batty old man, of course she was certain she’d flawlessly executed the mission he hired her for! “Yep, now the agreed payment?” he walked forward, running his tiny hands over the mares, before nodding as if he’d confirmed they were unharmed, and then he took the jewel reward from his pocket and handed it over to her. “Goody, it was a pleasure doing your job.” she bowed playfully a little and smiled slightly, walking off back towards rose garden. Tonight? The wind user figured she was overdue for a trip to the heated indoor bath springs, and since she had done so well here, she now had the cash to afford such a trip. “Warm water bathing here I come!” she hummed happily, walking forward as her tail swished, not even bothering to go pick up a change of clothing. Since she was getting wet anyway? She would just lay her clothing out instead of folding it, stay in the bath until it was likely dry.


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