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    Post by Izayuki on 3rd December 2016, 7:30 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ A Rank

    "What brings you all the way here, Riyoshi-sama?" the raven haired woman asked as she released another exhale of smoke from her delicately polished wooden pipe. Blinking red eyes, she gazed at the Bakedanuki spirit in a calm and relaxed manner, although it could easily be guessed that she had different questions buzzing in her mind. The tanuki knew the Enenra well, after all, and the Youkai of Smoke was generally always intrigued by little things.

    "That's Riyasu-san, actually," Rika corrected with a chuckle. "Just change the pronunciation of the last character of the word. I no longer identify with Riyoshi, actually~"

    "Ah, forgive me... so then it is true, then? The great Rika Riyoshi, or rather, Rika Riyasu, not only vanished, but passed away? Your spirit is right here to fill me in on the details," the woman commented, remaining seated on a lavishly made sofa with plenty of intricately sewn and decorated pillows. If the very spirit of one who died appeared before someone, utmost respect was typically given, and with that person being the former Mononoke Noble, even more so. "I hear plenty from word of mouth, yet I see none. Is what I hear really true?"

    "Now, now, Kemmie-chan, you can't ask a Yuurei a question and expect an answer without a payment first. And besides, you are fairly indebted to me already, right?" Rika chimed with a rather innocent smile on her face. She knew how to play this game, and she knew how to play it well. The more leverage one had against an Ayakashi, the better, and having been one of the most clever, respected, and feared Youkai back then, the Bakedanuki knew it better than anyone. Not only that, but the canine could sense the slightest stir of annoyance coming from the black-haired woman. As she guessed, it was likely from the rather casual, sentimental, nickname that was far from formal and too familiar. So, she was actually able to get under her skin a bit? That was a very good thing, as it meant she could get to her, and if push came to shove, demolish her guard. The Enenra might act all high and mighty for the present, but what substance did she really have against the tanuki's spirit?

    "That should be Enraenra-sama to you, but I suppose Kemuira is fine, seeing as we have known each other for so long. Do not wear it out, please," the woman said in a calm and reserved manner, with a small smile on her face, likely to hide that tiny inkling of annoyance from earlier. She was a relaxed individual usually, and it was far from a good sign if someone was actually beginning to read her. Unfortunately, that was one of Rika's specialties. She could not be too careful. "Now again, why have you come here, little Yuurei?"

    Ah, now she could cut to the chase. Rika was not about to be put in a big position of pleading and begging by the other Youkai. Had she not played her cards properly, it would have ended in shame and disgrace, injury to the Bakedanuki's high sense of pride. However, now she had an edge. Kemuira was beginning to note that Rika could break her down and press her buttons if she tried, and manipulate as she pleased. She had gained that respect from the Enenra, and now was on at least equal terms and grounds. Now it was time to move onto business. "If I recall correctly, you owe me a huge favor. I might have died, if that answers your question, but so long as my spirit is still on this world, you still are in my debt for now," Rika clarified before going on. She wanted to see the other Ayakashi visibly and audibly agree before she dared to move onward, still chasing the point.

    Another stream of white smoke from the pipe of the woman, as she closed her eyes for several heartbeats. Finally upon reopening her red eyes and focusing on Rika with her hard gaze, did she respond. "That would be correct," Kemuira said, once again calm and expressionlessly, with pursed lips still retaining that small smile. "What of it? Have you come to claim the services that I owe you?"

    "You catch on quick~" the Bakedanuki said as she allowed a smirk to reveal glistening white teeth. Instead of a complete confirmation, that was polite and formal, she went with the more taunting and teasing response, to further show her position in the matter. Only after that quip would Rika continued on ever so slightly more formally, yet with her cunning expression unchanging. "You are correct. I do have a little bit of need for your abilities. Are you willing to comply and respect our agreement of the past?"

    Again, Rika was behaving ever so cautiously, asking small questions to lead up to her point. Kemuira only barely was catching onto her mental strategy, but obviously only enough for the dances in circles to begin irritating her more. Thus, she was putting more effort into controlling her own emotions rather than focusing too much on the Bakedanuki. "I do not break my promises. If I told you I owed you a favor in the future, I intend on keeping my word," the Enenra said simply as she continued the smoking, a habit that Rika also shared, while she dare not do it around the Youkai so easily empowered by nearby smoke.

    "Well, did you owe me a favor?" Rika pressed, not allowing any 'ifs' or 'buts' into their conversation. She wanted to hear it from the other powerful Ayakashi herself, and if it meant weeding it out of her ever so cunningly, so be it. After all, one could never allow any tiny bit of leeway when it came to deals with Mononoke. Anyone knew that. Everyone knew that. "I did," Kemuira confirmed boldly, seeming to somewhat be catching onto the game. Nevertheless, it was almost far too late. What reasons did the Enenra have to pull a fast one anyhow? It was not her personality, honestly, though it would make sense why Rika was so cautious.

    "Do you still owe me now, then?" the Bakedanuki continued, her expression tightening way from the loose smile, and more to a clever graver emotional demeanor. She knew that Kemuira was catching on. This was all it took, and while she had few doubts that Kemuira really would turn away, she had to be absolutely certain. In the past, if a trick had been pulled by any Youkai, Rika could have easily reversed it and punished them for even considering and trying such a thing with her. As a Yuurei presently, however, she had no power to ensure that promises and deals were upheld.

    Kemuira only nodded after she exhaled yet again. "I do. Now cut to the chase already. Pray tell, what is your wish?" the Enenra asked, her face as calm as ever, but the tone made it obvious that she was now taking the matter and subject quite seriously. With the feeling that she was safe from any tricks or skirts around what was required, the Bakedanuki finally moved on to her main point. "I will bring a child to you, a Bakedanuki like I once was. She has human blood, and that is stopping her from growing her power. I need you to completely turn her into a true Youkai," Rika said solemnly, green eyes focused, unflinching, on Kemuira's red gaze.

    "You need me to complete the transformation of power of one into a full Ayakashi? Why do you not do it yourself?" Kemuira asked with a light chuckle, narrowing her red gaze at the tanuki. "And who is this person to you? A friend, an ally, or perhaps an enemy...? What is her name?"

    Ah, here came the drilling questions. No surprise; Rika was completely expecting this. She had planned to deliver a little bit at a time, but when it came to the point, it was best to simply spill it all and answer the questions as they came. "The child is my daughter, Izayuki Hyoujin. I am currently using my power to assist in another aspect of helping her. As such, I cannot reveal myself to her yet by forcing her transformation myself. That is the thing I will need you to do."

    The Enenra blinked and felt her subtle smile ever so slightly widen as Rika continued, answering her questions honestly. "I see. If you bring her to me, I will do it."

    "You cannot find her yourself?" the Bakedanuki Yuurei asked, somewhat surprised her request was accepted so simply. Then again, could she expect any less of Kemuira? The Enenra was typically an honest one, who put no holes in an agreement she had reached with someone. The woman shook her raven-haired head in response to Rika. "You came asking for one favor. I will not go out of my way to locate the girl."

    Rika only nodded silently in response, her fingers on her chin as if she were deep in thought. "Very well. Where shall I bring her? After all, not just anyone can access your realm," she responded. The Enenra's realm was a unique one, with a palace that the earth and mother nature had seemingly built for her themselves, but with walls so smooth and intricate that one could never guess anyone other than a mythical intelligent race had been at work. The skies were always either in a mix of long twilights, dawn or dusk, with barely a few minutes of true daylight before a bit more time of bright, moonlit nights were displayed across the atmosphere with twinkling stars.

    "That one woodland where the spirit of the forest left- bring her there. I will send someone for her, who will guide her into my realm," Kemuira replied. She paused, but went on ahead after taking a small breath. "You are aware of the potential dangers she will face, I take?"
    The Bakedanuki could only nod. "I am. Anyways, our deal is set in stone. Once you complete this, you will no longer be indebted to me or the Riyoshi family. Oh, and one more thing..."

    The Enenra stated at the Yuurei curiously, without responding to the previous statements right away. She was tired of wasting her precious breath on the impulsive and cunning creature before her. "What would that be?"
    Rika would narrow her jade green gaze on the raven-haired Youkai as she continued, her voice solemn, containing a grave edge. "When you are done, you must return her safely to her own realm. And before I leave... know this, Enraenra-sama... you may not harm Izayuki."


    "Hello there, little Bakedanuki, or should I say, Miss Izayuki Hyoujin? I suppose I should not address somebody by what they are, if it is all a lie, would you not agree?"

    The raven haired woman chuckled slightly after her statement as she gazed at the young ayakashi standing before her. As expected of any tanuki, however, Izayuki was quick to get indignant, ready to defend herself against the rather insulting claim. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Izayuki said, having no ounce of formality within her. She did not plan on being polite to someone who basically had her kidnapped and forcefully brought there, after all. She frowned at the strange woman, who perched gracefully on her seemingly fancy and somewhat exotic sofa and cushions. The room was very large, and there was a large opening that led to a balcony, with no doors or windows, only open air. They were obviously up high in a tower of some sort, as she could see the forest as extremely tiny and a sumptuous, orange sunset beyond the horizon. The floor of the room was polished and shiny, and almost reflected the ceiling, the faint light coming in as the sun hid behind the land on the horizon, and Izayuki’s own figure. The walls were rather bare, but still had an intrinsic design of faded, dull, yet somehow vivid colors all mixed in, as if the wall were glass, and not wealthy stone, which it was.

    "You really do not know?" the woman asked, continuing to somehow gracefully smoke her long polished pipe and breath out uncanny white smoke. "Well, I suppose I should introduce myself first. I am Kemuira Enraenra, the mistress of this realm."

    "This... realm?" Izayuki asked, narrowing her eyes suspiciously at the mysterious person. She was in that dead forest of lifeless trees not too long ago. The place had no sunlight at all, blanketed in thick gray cloudy skies at all hours. Even the moon and stars were unable to shed their light on the forest. The treetops were not still and chillfully quiet like in winter either, as they had leave, but all were dry and dead. True lifeless trees. The rivers had been all dried up, with nothing even in the veins of the waterways. It was still a mystery, and one that she had been hired to solve. Why did that Nekomata find her and bring her to this strange place? Was it truly a realm? Admittedly, all she remembered was her and Rekiri walking into a sudden thick smoke, and before she knew it, here they were. Did that grant this place the title of 'realm'?

    "That is correct- and do not worry about that 'job' you were meant to handle. I was the one who lured you to the Dead Forest in the first place, to bring you here," Kemuira said, the ever so slightest of smiles still planted on her elegant face. "I was asked, in fact, to fulfill a favor, and it has to do with you."
    The smoke in the room was beginning to build even more, despite there being an opening to the outside and seemingly plenty of ventilation. Izayuki took a breath to respond indignantly, but was unable to force her words out as coughs suddenly wracked her body, likely from the smoke. The Enenra gave a tiny, subtle chuckle and continued. "It is best if you do not speak. Just hear me out."

    After the coughing fit had stopped, Izayuki frowned, but nodded at the raven-haired woman, not willing to talk if it meant yielding to yet another harsh stream of punishing coughs. Kemuira continued. "You, Izayuki Riyasu, are far from being a pure, full blooded tanuki. Your father was of mixed species, most notably, of feline origins. Your mother was a pure Bakedanuki. On the case of your father's lineage, however, his line is mixed, and in it, there is even the slightest drop of human blood."

    Izayuki only growled slightly, pulling her ears back as she listened as if she had just been threatened. She was about to open her mouth to respond, but upon taking a small inhale to begin, the smoke filled her lungs and forced her body through another series of harsh coughs. "You do not believe me, I see," Kemuira said, the grin on her solemn and elegant face growing. "It matters not. Your father is Inteus, He who Has No Shame, a rogue. Your mother is Rika Riyasu, formerly Rika Riyoshi- a Bakedanuki of esteemed descent; a noble," the Enenra said, continuing as Izayuki's coughs began to subside once more. "And you, child, are Izayuki- a creature with mixed blood, who holds no foot in either world. You are neither Youkai, nor Human... yet."

    Finding at least some of her bearings against the thick, choking smoke, Izayuki found the words to try to fight against the ones coming at her. "Liar. You're a stranger who doesn't know anything. Why should I believe you?" the Black Rose Guildmaster asked suspiciously, a scowl on her face.

    "You may think that if you wish, but I have no reason to lie to you," Kemuira said calmly. "Your father is mostly of mixed Youkai descent... but he carries human blood in his veins. This blood flows in yours as well, and is the reason you have yet to discover your full potential as a Youkai."

    Izayuki only lashed her long silver tail, growing increasingly frustrated with the situation. "Even if that is the case, I don't care. Now show me the way out of here," she demanded. "Who I am has nothing to do with you."

    "Oh, but it does," the Enenra said, the room beginning to fill with more smoke. The white smoke not only was building from the pipe of Kemuira, but also appearing suddenly out of thin air. The Bakedanuki attempted to not breathe it in, but found the shapes around her beginning to dissolve within the room. Even Kemuira was beginning to become no more than a silhouette in the thick smoke. "For, as you see, I was asked to ensure you only return to the world of humans as a true Youkai. I will purge you of that human blood."

    Kemuira's figure suddenly began to completely vanish within the silver smoke. Suddenly, Izayuki felt her body and mind grow weaker. She was not coughing, but while in the smoke, was unable to stay awake and aware. Within seconds, she began to feel her mind fading, and blackness engulfing all areas of her vision and senses. Yet for some reason, as she felt herself falling, it only lasted for a few heartbeats before she caught herself. No longer was she in the Enenra's palace room, but was surrounded by an endless twilight sky, almost faded, pale blue in color, yet so dim, as if it could cast a shadow with light alone. What was going on this time?

    Izayuki took a few hesitant steps forward, instantly noticing that her body felt heavier than normal. She continued to walk, carefully pacing herself. Her fear and curiosity was building- just where was she, and why was she here? "There, there, little human… have you found yourself lost?”

    A playful voice, somehow so familiar to the youthful slayer... it almost sounded as if it resided inside her head, but was spoken aloud. A voice so nostalgic, she could dare even wonder if it was her own. But by human, what did it mean? She was no human, despite what Kemuira spoke of about human blood flowing through her veins. “How gullible, you confused creature. You have not even noticed… as if the heaviness wasn’t enough. Pathetic, but amusing, you are~”

    Heaviness… what was she missing? Izayuki suddenly began to become aware of the realization. Turning her head to gaze directly behind her, the young mage noticed she was no longer in her semi-human form, displaying her canine features, but was in a solid human shape. Even her senses were duller than before, and her sense of smell left pretty much useless. Clenching her teeth in frustration, the Bakedanuki attempted to activate her shapeshifting, feeling always more at ease when she featured the characteristics of her true form. However, as she tried, she noticed her Ayakashi powers were not working. Why now?

    “Just what are you trying to do, kid? You seem to be frustrated,” the singsongy voice continued. “Oh well, you really are boring. No entertainment from you at all. Too bad, really….”

    Her irritation and anger building, Izayuki continued to walk forward, already unhappy to literally be stuck in her pure human form, on top of being trapped in a strange and mysterious dimension. The voice was an added annoyance, and perplexing altogether. As soon as it finished its last line, however, Izayuki felt a solid blow to her back, sending her falling forward with a shout. Flat on the ground and cringing from the pain, the Black Rose Guildmaster whipped her head around, trying to recover and find the perpetrator.

    The one standing right above her was none other than…. Herself? The being had the familiar ginger hair, ever so slightly dyed pink, with silver ears and a very fluffy tail. Her fingernails were replaced with wicked dark gray claws, and as she grinned, the fangs protruding from her mouth instead of average canine teeth were evident. Izayuki gaped, her jaws parted in shock as she saw the mirror version of herself, only in her semi-human Youkai form. “W-who are you?”

    The clone of herself only widened that devious grin, and leaned down over the fallen Izayuki, placing a knee down on her abdomen and a clawed hand hear her throat. “Why, isn’t it obvious? You disappoint me… I guess that Enenra was right. My human blood is here, and is quite weak and pathetic at that. I’m you, idiot~”

    Izayuki’s hand instantly went to grab the wrist of the clone, yet her right hand was stopped as the clone cuffed her own hand around the wrist, digging sharp claws into her flesh. What was really going on? She was panicking internally, and now was struggling to breathe with the weight on her midsection and the sharp chokehold on her throat. “Aww, you really do know nothing, do you~?” the clone continued, bringing her face closer, those pink eyes for some reason holding a green tint near the pupil that almost seemed to glow. “You’re the identity of that human blood that flows through our… through my… veins. You’re the reason that we’ve remained so weak, so I’m going to get rid of you~” she said, her slit-pupil eyes blazing.

    Instantly, it was all beginning to make sense to Izayuki… Kemuira had put her to sleep, and had given consciousness to both sides of her being. A consciousness to her stronger, Youkai side, and a consciousness to the fraction of her that was human… which she was experiencing now. The person before her… was her, Izayuki.
    “Am I… really such a person… awful enough to destroy an entire part of myself, just for power?” Izayuki tried to say, thinking aloud, attempting to do her best despite the hold on her neck.

    “You bet we are… everything that we’ve ever done, it’s been for power. Even if Yukionna forced us to at first, we’ll one day kill her for it. She trained us, then we joined a guild to get stronger. And after that? We even foolishly contracted with a Daemon, blind for power,” the Youkai part of her said, retaining that grin as she dug her claws harder into the human’s neck. “We became Guildmaster later on, but that’s prestige- we don’t care either way. All that matters is gaining the strength we need to get our revenge. And right now, you’re in the way. So make it easier for us to fulfill our goals, and just die~”

    All of it… it was true. She would not lie to herself, that much was fact. The only reason they continued to exist was to eventually kill Yukionna- otherwise, they would have given up a long time ago. But what about everything else? Her guildmates… her friends… her family…. Elyx…? What about the other joys that had come out of their continued existence? Was revenge all they really wanted anymore? Or instead…
    “You’re… wrong. That is only part of what we want, but not really. Revenge is only a tool for us to get what we want… but are you really that blind?” she asked, her voice beginning to shake slightly as she tried to struggle against the weight crushing down on her.

    “What are you talking about? You’re human… you know nothing,” her Bakedanuki self hissed, pushing down harder on her wrist, penetrating her flesh further with sharp claws. Izayuki could only grimace and give a small whimper in pain before doing her best to continue. “All we ever wanted… was peace. In the village, after escaping Yukionna and finding Felicia and Azalea…. Even when we joined Black Rose. And now, with Elyx…. We just want to live a peaceful life, but we can’t. Not while Yukionna’s existence still threatens us.”

    Her Youkai self seemed to contemplate her words, even going as far as loosening her grip on her wrist and neck. “Peace… it doesn’t sound so bad,” she murmured lightly, looking away and off to the side, lost in thought. Finally coming to her senses, however, the sharp grips tightened again. “Even so, we can’t achieve that with you around. So, any last words of wisdom before I destroy you?” the Bakedanuki said, her tail flicking back and forth.

    “Yes… you’re too… obsessive. What makes us strong is not being a full Youkai, but being of mixed species. The strength of humans and their will is great… they never give up. But a Youkai remains too obsessive and focused, and lives too long. They will ultimately lose their sense of direction in the end. Don’t you see? You need me,” Izayuki said firmly, closing her hand around the wrist of the Bakedanuki’s hand on her neck.

    “Stupid. I don’t ‘need’ you for anything. You’ll only get in the way, and make us weak…”

    “No...“ Izayuki said, somehow gathering a miraculous strength to rip the Youkai’s clawed grasp off of her neck. She cringed from the slicing and ripping of skin from the claws, but ignored the bleeding. “That Enenra didn’t give consciousness to both of us so we could try to dominate and destroy one another. She put us here so we can learn to accept… only then will we grow stronger.”

    The words seemed to almost startle the Bakedanuki, who began to release weight from Izayuki’s abdomen and wrist. Seeing it as an opportunity, Izayuki quickly pushed the Youkai off of her, trying her best to sit up and face her other self, in a seated position. “There’s no need to fight,” the human girl repeated, stretching a hand out towards the Ayakashi, who only stared blankly at it, appearing to be internally thinking to herself, before silently taking it and lightly nodding. What more words were there to be said? As soon as the Youkai took her hand, there was a bright flash of light, and no longer was she alone with herself, in that world of cloudy twilight.

    Pink eyes began to reopen to that familiar evening light seeping inside and reflecting off of the shiny walls and floors of Kemuira’s timeless palace.
    “That was… unexpected,” a mature and darker tone said as Izayuki began to gain consciousness again, realizing that she was resting on a couch with many intricate cushions. There was still loose-hanging white smoke around the sofa she was resting on, though it was not as thick as before. Across the room, the Enenra sat, still smoking and relaxing on her mass of her own cushions. “I expected you to try to kill off your human side… yet instead, you accepted it. You intrigue me, little Bakedanuki.”

    “Why….?” Izayuki began, barely finding her voice again after the coughing fits from earlier. She realized that the wounds her Youkai self had given her no longer existed, and was relieved to find that her furry ears and tail were once again prominent.

    “That is a vague question,” Enraenra said, gazing at Izayuki with her dull red eyes. “Then again, the look on your face makes it obvious. I was asked to fulfill a debt, and that included turning you into a true Youkai. Did that mean destroying your human side? Actually, no. Instead, you accepted it, and thus absorbed that inner human. As a result, it no longer will hinder your power’s growth. Does that answer any questions beginning with the word, ‘why’?”

    Izayuki quietly nodded, beginning to sit up and try to pull herself off of the small sofa. “But… who asked you to do this to me?” the Bakedanuki asked, expanding on the answer the Enenra had already given.

    “Alas, that answer is confidential. I cannot tell you myself… however, at this point, I doubt it will be long before you figure it out. If you have no other questions, I will have Rekiri escort you home. My time is costly, after all. You are only here as I owe a favor,” Kemuira continued, gazing hard at Izayuki, with not much expression on her face.

    “I see,” Izayuki replied in a more subdued manner, turning her head as the door suddenly opened, revealing the Nekomata from earlier, who had guided her to the palace. Rekiri gestured for the Bakedanuki to follow, without any extra words. With no other questions, Izayuki started towards the exit, ready to go home. The day had been traumatizing enough as it was… she needed time. Time to think and recollect, as everything was still a shock.

    Within minutes, the doors were closed, and Kemuira no longer sensed Izayuki’s presence inside of her realm. Breathing out a sigh, the Enenra murmured quietly to herself. “I am free from your family’s bondage… Rika. Do not ever let me lay eyes on you or that child again. If I do, I will not hesitate to kill you both, and you will not have the power to stop me. So tread carefully, my dear little Bakedanukis~”

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