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    This Is Utterly Pointless;; Passport Oneshot.

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Completed This Is Utterly Pointless;; Passport Oneshot.

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 18th February 2016, 4:15 am

    572 words

    Of course the pale little seventeen year old run away had been going around for the past several, without a passport, well the past two years to be exact. Honestly? She despised the ideals that people could not just go wherever the damn hell they pleased! One of these days she would bring up abolishing the mandated possession of Passports, Jiyu would use herself as the best example of how they did not work, pointing out she had gotten around for two years without one by asking for rides on fishing boats and such! Of course that was called an illegal stow away, but she didn't care, anyway's she could have continued to do this, but it would cause trouble for Black Rose if she did not have legal travel documents, despite how pointless socialistic and governmental norms were! So she headed out this morning to get some useless pieces of paper which detailed the fact she was indeed allowed to cross borders and such nonsense that should not have existed in the first place.

    Her bare feet scraped against the ground, in a circumstance much more dangerous than being bare foot in the Black Rose owned city, Jiyu had traveled by sea once more to reach Rose Garden, as if proving a point. Anyway's? It was no minor blessing she had not stepped on a shattered lacrima or broken glass yet, of course by now the callous on the bottom of her feet could protect from a good number of injuries, at least she would not feel them as harshly as someone who had only recently started going barefoot, since she had not worn shoes since age seven. Shortly before dying? her mother had promised to buy her a pair of new shoe's, and when someone else had gotten them after her mother's death, Jiyu had strongly refused to use the items, even threatening to burn the shoe's if they kept trying to push them on her. At first? The child believed her mother would come back and but her a pair, but eventually it simply became a matter of not wanting anyone else to do what her mother promised, without making a verbal promise themselves to do the task, and since no one made that verbal promise, she'd never wear what they gave her! Anyway's it was funny to watch the looks she got walking around this city barefoot.

    Eventually? Jiyu Kazehime happened to walk up to the shockingly deserted registration table, normally the place was crowded but she had arrived at an odd hour for them. Quickly, the questions of if she wanted a passport and such were asked, and mostly she responded in the affirmative . After responding to all their question's? Kazehime sat on the bench beside where they did all this sort of stuff, and waited for the horrible hours it took for them to not find out she was a run away, which confirmed her suspicion that her father had never reported it and thus would likely not report it when they send paper work letting him know she had a passport. Heck? If anything her old man would be happy to know she had not died in a ditch somewhere over the last two years. "Thank you for the passport, later." with that she picked up the item and walked away with it, deciding to take a legal boat ride back to Black Rose.

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