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    Child [solo]


    Harbinger of Death

    Harbinger of Death

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    Child [solo] Empty Child [solo]

    Post by Vlad 28th August 2016, 11:38 am

    Magnolia was a simple town that offered a lot to those who would simply look around and try to find it; sure, Magnolia was the center of all the corruption that has taken place thus far. The aristocrats all filed in, one after the other, and would simply live amongst themselves here; there was no end to the corruption that could be witnessed if one was able to see clearly enough. The center of this was a simple force that would drag all this corruption into this one town. This town was the epitome of corruption; it was the house of the most corrupt force in Fiore; this force was simply known as "Your Excellency" or even, "Your Majesty." Yes, the force that fed upon all of Fiore was none other than the king himself; he was what sucked this land dry. Even if it was not, directly, him it was all due to his actions; this allowed for him to be accused of having caused it all. The King should not allow his aristocracy to commit such atrocious acts; to leech off the middle class, and create a type of society where not all could live freely. This was something that Vlad felt was a blatant smack in the face to society; it should never be forced to bear witness to such an atrocious thing. Well, it was something that Vlad planned to deal with at some point in time; it was something that truly enraged him, alas, he was unable to do anything about it at this point. This, however, was not the inquiry of todays excursion. Today Vlad had decided to accept yet another easy job; this job was nothing more than the depiction of the destruction of family values; of the corruption of society. Babysitting...

    Vlad let out a slight sigh, looking around the area. "Where was this house?" He chuckled, disguise fully hid his identity; it was something that stopped any person from being able to deduce his identity; he truly loved this nifty thing. It held such a large number of possibilities that he could not simply ignore them! Waling to the door, he simply knocked on it; the young couple would welcome him into their homes, what fools. Upon entering the place, Vlad was able to deduce their standing in society; the simple luxuries that engorged their home was more than enough to prove their place. While it was not certain, there was a possibility that they were as corrupt as their neighbors. Of those that could simply obliterate a persons life, simply because they would not pay a bribe. How ridiculous.

    Vlad simply waved them out the door, allowing for him to do what he was tasked with; putting the damn child to bed. It seemed it did not want to be quiet! The noise was never ending, and he could not bear to listen to the cries of the child; he would simply allow Azriel to deal with it. Azriel would rise from the shadows, placing his hand on the childs forehead it entered a deep sleep; it was done. His job accomplished he could simply chill out for a bit; relax, and enjoy the quiet nature this house allowed for. It was a rather large place that could accompany many people, though he did not believe there to be many people in this family; probably the three were all. Vlad simply sat down on the couch, relaxing for a bit; he was done for the night. "Well, I could sleep." He simply lay there for a few hours, until he heard the door open.

    Having accepted his payment, Vlad simply left the house; it was a place he would not return, why should he? Babysitting was so far beneath him, he would never do it again. Walking down the street, Vlad would begin to simply begin to think of what could be done to fill the gap that people like this created; there were probably people of a lower, if not poor, social class that would cater the event; being payed slave wages was an abomination. The end of the night simply meant that he would have to deal with some dumb shit tomorrow; when things were this easy other things had to complicate; life was not easy enough to allow for a completely quiet day. No, he would simply be fucked over tomorrow. "Well, we can cross that bridge when we pass it! For now! I will conclude the night." He chuckled, walking off.



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