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    Tag Job, Complete.

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Tag Job, Complete. Empty Tag Job, Complete.

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 5th August 2016, 7:04 pm

    There was a tightness in her slender legs that had not been there before, the material of her jeans rubbing almost painfully against them. Had she pushed herself too hard delivering those letters for the mailman with a broken down truck? Nah, it was an impossibility in her mind, even if she actually had went slightly too far and pushed her still recovering body too much, Jiyu would never admit it herself, especially when she had no reason to! Plus, even if the tightness was from the running around, she had enjoyed it immensely, wind buffeting against her body due to the slightly over 20 mile per hour sprint she had achieved, it was one of the best sensation in the world. However now that it was all over and done with, the female found herself missing that sensation, rolling her shoulders back with a small huff, shoving her somewhat scraped up hands into her pockets. Even if she would not admit having caused the current tightness in her legs and the pain they’d feel in the future? Jiyu knew well enough not to try running like that again for some time, knew the truth even though she refused to admit it, her body just was not ready, no matter how badly she wanted it to be, and she’d only do more harm if she physically denied that fact once more.

    “Lady! Lady!” sensitive ears twitched, well more like flinched briefly and then pivoted in their small range, towards the high pitched noise that had caused them pain in the first place. Shortly after her ears locked onto the noise? Jiyu’s eyes followed, narrowed slightly as she rubbed next to one ear in hopes to dull the pain, odd optics finally catching the children who had shouted out. Had they been speaking to her? “Come Play Tag With Us!” apparently the tykes had been speaking to her, and apparently they could never keep their voices low enough to not alarm her sensitive hearing, it was kinda sad, the mage was beginning to think she disliked children now! How could she get away from these screaming little monsters, without making them cry and likely causing more pain to the part of her senses already in agony. Somehow she would have to think of a way, because she certainly could not play tag after running as she priorly had done, at least not seriously play tag.

    “Please lady?” it was the smallest of the children who spoke, a little girl with large eyes and short ruffled hair, tiny hand tugging on the mage’s jeans. Eh, maybe it would be best to give in and entertain them, she didn’t have to win, ony play and they might very well shut up, become softer in the volume department. “Alright.” the children looked all too happy when the short woman gave in to them, all calling of it and not it’s, leaving the little girl it. Of course? She had tagged Kazehime in seconds, so no harm and no foul.


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