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    Post by Guest 5th June 2020, 8:12 pm

    Job Link: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t40550-becoming-an-influencer

    Job Signup Approval Link: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t41492p175-job-sign-up-thread

    A fair amount of time had passed again since Faustein had acquired his new iLac and International Passport. During this time, he had once again gotten submerged in both his professional life as a practicing magical physician-scientist and his mad science research. At some point during this period, however, he had received some sort of offer from a new game app development company which was affiliated with the business partners of his grandparents. Somehow,  they had noticed that he had an iLac now and so had contacted him in the hopes that he would accept their sponsorship offer. It just so happened that Faustein had hit a slump due to his muse abandoning him and so was looking for some sort of distraction which would temporarily take him out of his lab environment and give him something different as a change of pace.  

    Consequently, he had accepted their offer and had obtained the experimental app software from them in a mini LacDrive. That brings the story up to present time and Faustein had installed the game on his iLac and had gone through several playthroughs of this game in preparation for making the video and giving the review as per his contract. He had also bought a basic video recording lacrima which he would require to make said video. So, he had isolated himself in his mansion in the gaming room and set up the video recording lacrima, connecting it to the mana charger dock and platform so it would not shut down unexpectedly. Then, he began rolling and began the video

    Greetings to all viewers. You may know me as Dr. Stein, either because you have visited my clinic in Magnolia Town or because you possibly met me during one of my house calls.

    He paused briefly to collect his thoughts and to let his prospective audience ensure they were following along so far. Then he continued

    You may be wondering about the reason why I am making this video. Well, it’s quite simple, recently I have come upon a rather intriguing game app which has been developed for the iLac and since I have thoroughly enjoyed playing through it, I surmised that others should hear about it as well. So, here it is, my friends. Please, take a good long look and engrave the sight into your memory banks.

    With that, he briefly fell silent to show off the LacDrive which had the official logo of the company that was sponsoring him and along with it, he also displayed the game manual which had been included with the LacDrive in the package that had been sent to him by the game company. After that, he resumed rolling the video recorder lacrima

    This game is called Final Day on Edoland and it has been developed by a recently founded, but VERY promising game company known as BanCom Inc. The game is still in its beta release phase v 0.0.8b, but it will be coming to the game store near you in the first week of August once the alpha release v 1.0a has been finetuned to the developer’s satisfaction. Therefore, ensure that you keep all of your senses on high alert once the time comes closer.

    He paused once more to ensure his prospective audience was still following along and then resumed his narrative

    Now, it  is time for the main event, which all of you are waiting to hear most of all, namely the all-important review. Final Day on Edoland is action RPG the main theme of which is post-apocalyptic zombie survival. That means it would appeal to those of you who are either horror fans or apocalypse enthusiasts. It also has resource gathering and crafting elements that would be of interest to those of you who maybe familiar with and enjoy material farming.

    He paused again to collect his thoughts and compile the second part of his review after which he resumed

    Apart from these aforementioned characteristics, those of you who have an aptitude for husbandry or beast taming will probably be drawn naturally to its pet system which offers the users of the app a wide selection of various beasts to maintain as pets. Then, there is the strategic aspect which requires users to plan each activity in the game with utmost care for it is only through such thorough utilization of tactics that their characters will be successful overall. That being said, there are certain downsides to the game such as lack of variety in terms of enemies, difficulty of the EXP gain, constant vigilance with regards to player core stats, and so on. Lastly, the game’s CGI is fairly well-developed and the UI is more or less intuitive, meaning that whether the user is an utter n00b or an experienced veteran, they will be able to master the controls with relative ease. There is also a decent degree of character customization for those who prefer to imbue their characters with a unique style which is entirely their own.

    He paused there and once again displayed the game manual and software to the video recording lacrima to remind the audience of the game imagery after which he made the closing comments

    In closing, I would rate this game to be a 4/5 star category overall and hope that those of you who will perhaps be inspired to purchase the official release of this game after having watched this video will enjoy it as much as I have done in my own playthrough. Au revoir.

    He gave a pistol salute and then turned off the video recording lacrima since his few minutes of fame were finally over. Afterwards, he edited the video with his custom built LacComp, a magitek desktop computer powered by a lacrima and in so doing, made it more accessible and memorable to the prospective audience. Once that was done, he loaded the LacDrive with the finished and fine-tuned version of this promotional video he made and sent it off to BanCom Inc. HQ so that they could view it and make any adjustments before airing it to their target audience. Several days later, he received a thank you letter and his payment for services rendered from the aforementioned game company and thus completed this contract in full.


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