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    Sniffing Around (Mashyuu and Itori)


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    Sniffing Around (Mashyuu and Itori) Empty Sniffing Around (Mashyuu and Itori)

    Post by Sol on 11th July 2016, 10:11 am

    The town of Ace of Spades was bustling and alive with much activity in the market place at this time of day, the sun shone high in the sky and one green haired mage stood out in the streets of the city. Sol had decided to pay the town a visit since he had yet to take a mission here and he had heard a good deal about some of the shops here in the city selling the best items and food apart from Rose Garden. At the moment the Poison slayer was enjoying a cup of jasmine tea at a small tea shop while observing the people moving to and from in the streets.

    He couldn’t help but grin at what had happened in Magnolia.Basilisk Fang had finally gotten its revenge on Fairy Tail by taking its already darkened name and dragged it further into the mud, they had tried to pin the blame on the Basilisks but his guild had already planned to far ahead and were able to shift the blame with a few incriminating pieces of evidence”hmm the number of Sabers around here are light at the moment I wonder where they all went?” Sol mumbled to himself as he took another sip of tea.


    Sniffing Around (Mashyuu and Itori) Sol01
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    Sniffing Around (Mashyuu and Itori) Empty Re: Sniffing Around (Mashyuu and Itori)

    Post by Itori on 15th July 2016, 3:23 pm

    Itori was considered in many ways quite the refined person. The way she dressed, the way she walked, the way she behaved, the way she fought... elegance and control were always present in her actions. Even when it came to eating she still managed to keep herself from looking like a mere animal, driven by hunger. However if there was one part of Itori that could be considered unrefined it was her gluttony. Even if she managed to eat with restraint and class that didn't really compensate for the fact that the fox girl was basically a black hole when it came to food. In fact she had learned that she could, quite literally, keep eating and never feel full. After a certain point she would feel satisfied, but the sensation of a belly which could not and wanted not more was one which had consistently managed to elude all her attempts at experiencing it. Not that overeating didn't have its own unique consequences for her. It wasn't anything truly dangerous, but Itori had found that when she was eating more than she needed to satisfy her hunger the world around her tended to... change.

    It wasn't something as dramatic as 'and before she knew it she was in another world'. It was a lot more subtle. She would find that the chair she was sitting on was made of a different kind of wood than it had been when she sat down on it. The clothes of the man sitting on the other side of the room would be in different shades than before. Where before it had smelled of firewood the air would be filled with the fresh scent of roses. The more she ate after having satisfied her stomach the more these small changes would build up and occur simultaneously. It would take quite a while, but if she kept on eating at a steady pace the entire room would be different. It was one of the strangest results of overeating that Itori had ever witnessed or heard of. At least the changes never seemed to stray into nightmare territories. Itori didn't need that kind of negative feedback on one of her favourite pastime activities. And after she stopped eating her surroundings would always return to what they used to be rather quickly.

    It had taken a while before the fox had been able to come up with a reasonable explanation of why that happened. Well, something that could be considered possible and not just completely ridiculous. First there was the fact that Itori just couldn't stuff herself. No matter how much she ate she would always have room for more, with no real negative consequences of indulging herself. She never got fat either: if she didn't eat for a while she would become thinner, but no matter how much she ate she would never become heavier than what could be considered the perfect weight, where she had a healthy amount of meat on her bones and soft curves but no excessive fat. However the food had to go somewhere. And the fox had a suspicion where it went. Even if she didn't have to worry about getting fat her body still had to digest the food and absorb the nutrients. In fact it had to absorb a lot more than most people, since while Itori's intake was legendary she didn't really... relieve herself more than others. So her body did use the food for something. And considering the fact that Itori's forte was illusions for all the senses the only reasonable explanation was that when her body has absorbed enough nutrients to sustain itself it began to convert everything else that Itori took in into energy which was then immediately released as magic in the form of illusions. That would explain why the more she ate beyond what was necessary the stronger the effects became, and why it quickly ended after she stopped eating. Her body would convert the food and release the excess as illusions as fast as it came, so once the flow stopped her body would also stop fuelling the illusions.

    Well, even if that was the case, it didn't remove the fact that Itori loved eating and would work hard to gather enough money to buy enough ingredients to create meals large enough for dozens of people, only to eat it all herself. Not that she wouldn't give others food if they wanted it, but the vast majority of the food that she prepared ended up in her own stomach. And today Itori was having one of her shopping sprees, where she visited all the grocery stores and tried to find the perfect balance between buying enough to satisfy herself and not emptying the store and leaving the rest of the city without food. Seeing how Itori's limit was pretty much literally what she felt like, this took some effort.

    Today the day was bright and everybody in the city looked happy and satisfied, which was a good sign. They didn't live in a world without worries, but at least the Ace of Spades was a prosperous city thanks to the powerful legal mage guild which hovered above it, which promised safety and a steady source of income for the people below. Mages would go on missions to earn jewels, and would spend those jewels in the stores below the guild hall. Itori had also become used to showing her true form, which had as side effect that the grocery stores had become very familiar with her indeed. Walking through the city Itori's ears twitched as she sensed a familiar presence, but one which definitely wasn't usually present in Ace of Spades. Looking around the fox's vermilion eyes settled on a green-haired man sitting in front of a small tea shop, sipping tea and observing the people passing by. Narrowing her eyes Itori came to a halt. She knew that man vaguely, and she wasn't sure if his presence here was a good thing. She knew him as a dark mage, and while she herself had no motivation in hunting down dark mages she couldn't deny that they could be the source of trouble if they were found in the middle of a city which housed a legal guild. Was Sol uncaring or actively challenging some Sabertooth mage to try arresting him? Itori slowly approached Sol, wondering what to say to him. Behave as if his presence was nothing out of the ordinary, or advise him to leave quickly before a more zealous Sabertooth mage came along?


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