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    Oncoming Horizons... (To Earthland ... And Beyond! Solo)


    Harbinger of Death

    Harbinger of Death

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    Oncoming Horizons... (To Earthland ... And Beyond! Solo) Empty Oncoming Horizons... (To Earthland ... And Beyond! Solo)

    Post by Vlad 5th July 2016, 5:13 pm

    "The city that never sleeps" He had heard this saying a few times in the past few days; Hargeon town, a place that seems to always busy. At night the city is bustling with activity; people stumbling from tavern to tavern, getting drunk and blacking out. However, this is not the story we shall be following; no, we have the simple task of watching our protagonist--Vlad-- acquire his passport; a simple piece of paper would determine whether he was allowed to leave this place and explore the world... Could he do it? Would the bureaucratic red tape stop him? LETS FIND OUT!

    "What the fuck..." Is all Vlad had exclaimed as he approached the building to acquire his passport. "How the hell is it such a long line!?!" He sighed, looking around. This would take hours if he didnt do something... He had to work the system, I mean why should he wait in this line!? He was an excellent mage who simply wanted to be able to travel this world... To do as he please, to do what he has to. "Well, I suppose this is ok..." He chuckled, looking around. He had to find some way to do this, and quick.

    "Uh, bud, I need to get this passport real quick. Could you help me out?" He asked the male infront of him, who only gave him a dirty look.

    "No." The man replied, turning around, laughing. "Who does he think he is?"

    Vlad assessed the situation, looking around, it was broad daylight. In fact, it was noon. He could not work the system at this point in time... FUCK. Now, looking around he began to examine the city; his view may have been limited, due to not being able to move a fucking inch, but he still saw an immaculate city. This place, was more then likely, one that could entertain him for a long time, but who knows? Maybe this place was, actually, a very dull place.

    Vlad caught himself, he was beginning to become mindless... It must have been hours by now! MUST HAVE... NOPE A FEW MINUTES. "FUCK!" He yelled, halfway through the line.

    Well, by now, our protagonist has become despondent. How could this happen to our brave hero!? HOW DARE THEY MAKE HIM WAIT ON LINE!?!? DON'T THEY KNOW WHO HE IS!?! Probably not.... He really isn't that well known, at least not yet. Fuck, I cant read the future! Who knows?

    "Name?" The officer asked.

    "Vlad Chao."

    "Age?" Again, he had no change of tone. He must hate his job, who would enjoy this? Perhaps idiots found this amusing....




    "Reason for requesting this passport?"

    "So I can travel places, kill shit, and make some cash."

    "Approved..." He sighed, clearly he had a long day! I mean, IT MUST BE SO HARD ASKING SIMPLE QUESTIONS ALL DAY!!!

    "Good! I knew it!" He chuckled, taking his passport and continuing on his way. This is the day the world began to fall into chaos.... The day they allowed this man to roam freely....

    Word Count: 513/500

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