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    How LC Gets Employees


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    How LC Gets Employees Empty How LC Gets Employees

    Post by FeitanKazeshini 25th June 2016, 12:09 pm

    Feitan groaned as he walked through the streets of the capital. He had no reason to actually be here, but he decided that it would be the best idea for him to get around the country of Fiore, and actually be knowledgeable about the country he lived in. Not that he wanted to, but perhaps if he could figure it out, and if he could get around with greater ease then he might get more jobs then he would be perfectly glad to do whatever he thought was necessary. He really didn’t care about the country he was living in, he didn’t care about the majority of people who he met in everyday life, and if truth were to be told he would be happy to murder entire populations. Still, there was certain things he had to do being a member of the Laughing Coffin guild. 

    On this day in particular he was walking past some building somewhere and it was for some reason it was surrounded by the Rune Knights. This was interesting to him, mostly because he had a natural hatred of the Rune Knights and all they stood for being that they were the dogs of the magic council and the magic council only wanted guilds that would submit to their will, and be their slaves. Still, there were a lot of Rune Knights around for what seemed to be a normal building. He wasn’t sure why that was, but he decided that he could be bothered to stop a moment and investigate. 

    He walked over to one of the knights who seemed to be in charge and looked to him “What the hell is going on here?” he demanded a bit annoyed with the fact that this whole incident was clogging the roads and making it hard for him to get along and around the city. The Rune Knight looked to him with a frown “We have a hostage situation here! Are you the negotiator?!” 

    Instead of playing stupid Feitan decided that he would do something interesting so he smiled nodding his head “Yes I am indeed. Just point me in the right direction.” The man pointed to the building and spoke “We want you to go in there. You do that and talk him down then he won’t blow the place, but if you fail then it is highly likely that everyone inside of it shall die.”

    At this Feitan was once again curious and nodded his head lightly. The man pushed him towards the building using a speaking lacrima “We are sending in the negotiator! Please stand down, and don’t hurt anyone! He is unarmed, and shall not seek to harm you, only talk to you!” 

    From inside the man shouted “He only comes to the door! He isn’t allowed inside!” 

    Feitan groaned, but nodded his head slowly walking towards the door with his hands over his head and stood there looking at the man in question from beyond the glass. He smiled to the man who thankfully couldn’t see the gesture as it was liable to freak him out even more. Instead he looked genuinely interested “So tell me my good sir, what has gotten you so upset?”

    The man began to cry “These ungrateful bastards! I have worked for this company for years! I have been a faithful employee and then they just lay me off! Fire me and say that it is for the benefit of the company! I have kids to feed! I have bills to pay how am I to do that if I can’t work!? Well if I can’t work then no one can work!” 

    This made Feitan smile and he nodded his head in approval “Well, I can certainly understand that kind of thinking my good man, but I would like to offer you a solution to your problem. Perhaps you do not harm anyone. The Rune Knights will likely take you into custody, but if you don’t harm anyone then I can talk them into letting you go. If you do that then I shall give you a job. The job will be tough but would pay much better than you are used to right now, and it shall be work where you are greatly appreciated. Your only other option is to blow yourself up and then your family will be forever without income, and will starve, and most likely die. That wouldn’t be what you want would it?” 

    The man seemed to think this over for a very long moment and with a great heavy sigh he shook his head “n-no…I-I don’t. Alright…I’ll give myself up. For my family.” 

    With this agreement reached Feitan moved back to the Rune Knights smiling “I have convinced him to surrender. Do not harm him, Do nothing to him but give him to me. As for the story tell everyone he is going to a prison to pay for his crimes which will more or less be the case. He shall be no threat to anyone from this point on and that I can promise. Is this acceptable?”

    The Rune Knight stared dumbfounded “Uh…well, I suppose. Will he really be no threat? Also we will want those lacrima from him that’s not up for negotiation.”

    Feitan nodded his head once “He will be no threat to anyone here. You can have the Lacrima.” 

    The Rune Knight sighed heavily “Well, I suppose. Very well then.” The man surrendered and the lacrima were taken, but the man was only put in irons for a show, and Feitan took him far away from the capital taking him to Laughing Coffin where he would forever work as their gardener. After all Laughing Coffin is like the grave, it welcomes all who comes to its embrace.


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