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    A Deadly Delivery Man


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    A Deadly Delivery Man Empty A Deadly Delivery Man

    Post by FeitanKazeshini 23rd June 2016, 6:38 pm

    Feitan sighed as he walked away from the East Forest of Magnolia walking through the actual town. He was still enjoying his day off, and there was really nothing he needed to fuss over so he simply moved about as if nothing was happening. In reality that was the case, and he was quite comfortable with that. As he moved through the streets of Magnolia he was soon hailed by someone clearly desperate to get his attentions. The person was a mailman and he looked in desperate need of help. This only caused Feitan to raise an eyebrow, but with a shrug showing he had nothing better to do with his day he moved over to investigate.

    When he stopped the man rounded on him “Oh thank goodness you stopped! I am so glad that you stopped. I need your help. I have to make the last of my deliveries today, but my truck is out of power. Please can you help me, I can pay you.”

    At first the mercenary mage wasn’t very interested in what he was hearing, but the promise of payment pricked up his mercenary nature and he nodded his head slowly “Oh alright I’ll help you.” He said rather simply. 

    The man nodded his head lightly and handed Feitan a map that had the rest of the delivery locations that he had to make. With the list handed to Feitan he spoke once more “These are the locations you need to get to. The packages are right here, and you are perfectly able to use whatever methods you want in order to deliver them before the day is out. That’s all that there is to do once you have finished the deliveries then come back to me.”

    Feitan looked to all of the packages nodding his head carefully. He thought about his options and finally decided on one he liked. With a tug of his long collar his cloak turned into a giant scarf. The packages were nice enough to be small, and even lashed together for the convenience of travel. In turn he let his scarf turn into a pair of giant wings and flew into the air with the packages in his hand. They were light enough that they didn’t hinder his ability to fly, or anything along those lines. So he flew as if nothing was amiss and he took the time to consult the map to find the spots where he was supposed to drop off packages. These packages were various other riffraff and he didn’t need to consult the map at any other time. It was simply a job, and this was one job that Feitan didn’t really care to do a typical nine to five job, or any other such thing as honest work. Instead he would rather be out killing for money, or stealing, or just doing something much, much better for himself or something that was more relaxing. It did take him a bit longer than usual to fly around Magnolia due to the fact he didn’t live in magnolia, and for the most part he didn’t interact with most people.

    After a couple of hours, he finished his pointless task for the most part he was sure he dropped them off in their proper places, but if not he wouldn’t care all that much. Instead he simply returned to the mailman nodding his head once “Well, your job is done. Now pay up mailman.” He said rather simply. The man sighed in relief and did indeed hand him a small bit of jewels, nowhere near enough to be of value, but he wasn’t worried about that right now and had no desires to do much of anything. Oh well he was paid and his job was done.


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