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    Spin The Sky [Flashback/Kiru & Izayuki]


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    Spin The Sky [Flashback/Kiru & Izayuki] Empty Spin The Sky [Flashback/Kiru & Izayuki]

    Post by Kiru 1st June 2016, 5:46 pm

    Kiru sat silently against the large trunk. Her head leaned against it as she gazed out at the ocean. The sky was grey, and a cool breeze had been blowing. The waves moved slowly in the distance, as the faint sound of thunder rumbled in the distance. However, other then that it was completely silent...

    In her hand she gripped a small crystal. It looked like a lacrima, however it was unknown what it was actually. She simply tossed it up and down as her legs dangled from the tree. The girl had a somewhat content expression on her face. The girl was dressed in a blue sundress, and had straight black hair. Her eyes formed a cyan color as she gleefully hummed a tune to herself. She turned her head back to witness the village behind her... How long had it been? She couldn't remember, but Kiru hoped the ocean would continue to comfort her in the absence of those who were raising her.


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