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    Flashback: Cosplay? Cosyay!


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    Flashback: Cosplay? Cosyay! Empty Flashback: Cosplay? Cosyay!

    Post by Theo 30th January 2021, 8:43 am

    Rejecting the family money had been a hard thing to do. Valentina Capricho had grown used to being able to buy whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. But now, after a few Inn stays, some purchases, and lots of yummy food, Valli had blown all the jewel she brought with her from Ca-Elum. Could she reach out to her home for more? Probably. Actually, she wasn't sure if they'd send it, since her adventuring wasn't exactly done with their blessing. While they weren't hostile to her exploring the world on her own for her selfish reasons, they weren't convinced taking her traumatized brother along to keep him from being committed somewhere was a good idea. Not for him, not for her, and definitely not for the family. However, they had little reputation to protect in Fiore. It was on the list to expand to, but nothing had really taken hold yet. Point being, Valli was going to earn her own way here, for both herself and Santi, and for that she needed money.

    The quickest route was mundane day jobs. She'd have preferred to take some mage jobs, but as her belly rumbled and she and her brother had to pack their bags and leave the Inn that morning, they needed cash before tonight. Looking at the job board in Talonia yielded more of the same. She'd already taken several shifts at some maid cafes, but even those seemed filled today. All that remained was a Cosplay cafe. The outfit would be provided, and all she had to do was act in character to get people to buy more specialty drinks and snacks. Seemed easy enough! She'd use her very last jewel to take a train to Rose Garden, and oh, what a treat! It was beautiful!

    Her jade eyes lit up as she stepped off the train platform into the city of flowers and shops. It was dazzling! She was dazzled. Complete dazzlement. It was not Port Robinshire, but it was hardly up for comparison. The whole vibe was different, and it was just so charming! The roses everywhere is was truly did it, but after looking at the time on her phone, she knew she didn't have long to dawdle. It was nearly time for her to start her shift and he hadn't even found the place yet!

    Frantically running through the quaint streets, her pigtails flailed in the wind left in her wake, along with the long end of her blue scarf. She was well bundled for the cold, though the prickly winter's air nipped at her exposed thighs peeking from between her skirt and knee-high socks. Peeking down at the map on her phone, she made a few more turns before she saw it. It was cute! So cute. A little shop with seats outside in the summer and plenty of room inside. There were posters and cardboard cutouts, and there were already other servers dressed up as various characters from popular media whirring around inside, fetching drinks and chatting with the eager customers. The patrons seemed to range from middle-aged men to excited children, so nothing she saw as alarming.

    Rushing inside, she greeted her manager which smiled and ushered her to the back to get changed. Apparently she could pick whatever costume she wished, and if she chose one from the box of older characters, she could even keep it! At first, she wanted one that was better known so she could increase the likelihood of tips, but the brim of a witch's hat caught her eye as it stuck out of the box. Wandering over, she pulled it out. It was beautiful! The detail work was impeccable, and the gold and red compass accessory stood out on the deep violet and blue fabric. Beneath it was a unitard and long gloves of similar design, some dark stockings, a red split cape, and some golden accessories like hair dangles, shoes, and leg bangle. It was all so beautiful, she just had to try it on. She'd look like a mage from an epic tale, perfect for the protagonist in her book! If she kept it, she'd always look the part!

    It fit like it was tailor-made for her, too. It was just tight enough to hug every curve on her body. Of course, she had to twist so she could check her booty in the mirror, and DANG! This outfit did it all the favors as if it needed any. A coy grin crossed her otherwise delicate features, and with the confidence of a model on a Minstrel catwalk, she walked onto the cafe floor with her little orderbook and pen in hand.

    And then, the chaos. People might have forgotten whatever fictional character she was cosplaying, but the way she rocked that suit brought in the customers....except not the kids, which she'd wanted. But the men. And some women. But mostly men. Very pushy men. Some were ok. Some were smelly. Some were sweaty. Some were smelly and sweaty. There were even grabby ones! The amount of hot, male hands caressing and squeezing her supple bottom was astonishing, especially considering the sputtering and stuttering they did when she turned toward them to try and kindly curb their curiosities and take their orders. The number of people calling her name was wild! It was overwhelming! And bold men kept trying to pull her into their laps...

    In the end, she had jewel signs in her eyes. So many tips, and her paycheck was pretty large, too! A little groping was worth it! Right? Well, she had little choice but to be okay with it, now didn't she? There were other girls who snapped at customers or otherwise kicked up a fuss, and even though they were justified, she really needed the jewel. Not just for herself and her hungry belly, but for Santi and his. And so they could sleep somewhere warm! Struggle was the spice of stories, but she didn't fancy sleeping in the winter's cold.

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