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    The First Movement: Blossoming of the Cerise Gentleman

    Edward Von Aurence

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    The First Movement: Blossoming of the Cerise Gentleman Empty The First Movement: Blossoming of the Cerise Gentleman

    Post by Edward Von Aurence 29th May 2016, 3:48 pm

    Request of the Conspicuous Clientele:

    The fading glimmers of the once golden orb which existed in heavens above peeped through the cerise draperies before they spiritedly pirouetted and frolicked on the bleached partitions of this particular ritzy restaurant whose locale was in the metropolis of magic and enchantment, Rose Garden. Click. Clank. Click. Clank. The audible clatter of heels clicking and clanking against the russet parquet floor sounded almost like a ballad or a song that was in tune with the choreographed ballet of the frisky almost nymphish diminishing sunbeams. The harmonious union of music and dance between the playful nymphs composed of sunlight and the clanking of heels of on the russet floor was short-lived, however. The fading glimmers vanished marking their exit both from the ritzy restaurant and from the world. The rays of sunlight had played, danced, and made merry with the denizens of Rose Garden and now it was time for them to spread their joy  and seek new playmates in another locale in Earthland. Their exit also marked the beginning of the night and the new chapter was about to about to be written or rather a new act was about to unfold.

    While the dancers had made their graceful departure from the stage, the repetitive rhythm of the heel clanking music continued to play throughout the glamorous restaurant whose bright colors of white and crimson stood out to the eye. From the planchement of the establishment, chandeliers crafted from exquisitely radiant Lacrima Crystals hung overhead. Ding. Dong. Ding. The chorus of the ballad was interrupted by the untimely yet expected arrival of a new instrument, a ringing bell. The grand door to the institution creaked opened and its wooden frame had made contact with the small bell above it. The sound marked the entrance of a new character to the stage. Through the entranceway, the new performer could be seen by the naked eye. The performer to the stage possessed a towering and domineering presence due to his immense height of seven feet and seven inches. The character's name was Gennady Vinn, a debonair chap whose purpose here dealt with completing a task which was requested by the proprietor of this elegant bistro.

    He ducked and weaved his head underneath the frame of the doorway. This movement was necessary for him not to bang his head against the wooden frame nor knock off the midnight black hat which adorned the top of his skull. His hands covered by a pair of white gloves reached toward the rim of his hat and placed onto the hat rack which was near the entrance. Gennady’s coat which possessed the same hue as his hat was next to be removed and placed into the appropriate location. Vinn then proceeded to leave this entrance room which served as the waiting room to the main room of the bistro where the source of the clanking ballad would finally make their true debut on the stage. In the main room or the dining area, a man who was about six feet in height walked back and forth in place. The heels of his dress shoes constantly clanked against the russet parquet floor. It was obvious that patience wasn’t a strong virtue of his. The man’s attire consisted of the stereotypical garb that one would see on any chef which was a starched white apron and a tall white hat. “You are late, Vinn.” He barked out a bit annoyed. “I apologize for my late appearance however I do remember divulging that I wouldn’t be here until the sun has set, my friend.” He replied as he took a seat at the table that the chef was standing at. “I suppose you did tell me. Either way, I want you to test this as per my request and make sure to give me your honest opinion.”

    On the table sat a single clear wine glass who was kept company by a large bottle filled with a crimson liquid, wine. Around the bottle, a hand-made sticker was placed saying what it was  and who it had been made by. The chef grabbed the bottle and popped the cork. The cerise liquid cascaded downward into the glass filling it up to the brim. “Of course." Vinn simply replied to the request of pure honesty. His fingers gripped around the base of the glass and brought it up to his lips before he took a small sip of the liquid and put it down on the table. He swished it in his mouth for a moment in order to truly partake in the taste. “Velvetly.” Vinn simply stated and the chef’s eyes glowed as a smile came to his face. It was a term that simply meant that it went down smooth and didn’t have an overpowering taste. “It comes together quite nicely. While it comes together it is a bit tart so I take that this is an unoaked wine too. I must admit you have done an excellent job.” Vinn began to drink a bit more and finished his glass of wine. The job request had been completed. “If you don’t mind, may I have another glass?” He asked the chef. For the next couple of hours, the two continued to talk and converse over their mutual love of cuisines and the like and in time a small friendship between the two had bloomed.


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