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    To Earthland... And Beyond! [Job/Solo]


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    To Earthland... And Beyond! [Job/Solo] Empty To Earthland... And Beyond! [Job/Solo]

    Post by Shakil 26th May 2016, 12:35 pm


    A thin, gentle summer's breeze of salty air and moist scents, contrasted with the ocean blue skies and fluffy white clouds, all perfectly knitted together with the fine ports and even finer people. Lovely chatter and laughter from men, women and children alike. The tastes of diner's foods would nip her nose and tempt her, as fishermen sat on ledges of boats and bridges with relaxing chairs and buckets filled with water. Oh yes, this was Hargeon Town!

    Frankly, to be blunt, this was her first time here and she already fell in love with it. Growing up in the mountains, she hardly ever got a chance to see so much water! For more than one reason, really. Growing up as royalty, the little princess could not stray far from her Father's careful watch or the kingdom's prying eyes. The most time she got to spend by water was the large stream on the mountaintop, which she used to sneak by with her childhood friend, who was now journeying and probably has seen places and met people twice as interesting as she has.

    The thought made her ponder with awe struck eyes and a smile filled with wonder, but her mind not stray off too far, for she had a duty today. Duty... well, more or less. It was more of an essential must-do than a job. Today, Sakina was to register to get a passport to even more places. She couldn't think that the world was so big! It left her so excited, she was practically trembling. "Oh, this is going to be so exciting!" She would grin widely and curl up her fist to her chest, like a childlike we-did-it! And although between in her early twenties, Sakina did still bear childlike behaviors. Leaning towards the reason because she was spoiled for far longer than she should've, and had to retain these sort of behaviors, for she was never given the appropriate chance to adjust accordingly.

    The thought made her sigh just a bit, reminiscing over the recent past, happy and frustrating times alike. For the moment, she was lost in her own thoughts. Were, in of themselves, silly and cheerful. But much like her child persona, she is a clumsy ditz, but often didn't realize it herself, and when people would call her out for it, she'd pout and get angry. But just then...

    "Oof!" Sakina would squeak as she would bump into a rather brutish, statuesque figure of a man, apparently bumping into his back.

    "Oiiiiii...." The man, over six feet in height, and rather husky, would grumble with a sinister tone and eyes that could kill. While Sakina, in the meantime, comically trembled as if there was an earthquake in her skin.

    " I... I, uh- Well! I...!!" Her words would overlap one another in a disastrous twist of words, obviously not knowing what to do.

    "If er' gonna have the guts to push a guy like me, you best have the guts to- !!!" At that moment, a man with brown hair and scarred flesh contrasted with his olive skin and sharp eyes, blushed and began to smile shyly. "O-Oh... hello there."

    Sakina, who looked just as flustered as him, began to tilt her head in shock and complete density. "Eh? Oh... uhm, hello. What'cha in line for?" She asked kindly, with a rather shallow smile.

    "Oh, to get a passport. What about you?" He responded, seeming to be much more kind and generous than before, blushing ferociously. Oh, how this town was weird. While Sakina, who clapped her hands together and lit up.

    "Me too! Me too! Isn't it exciting?" She began to chatter endlessly, while the man would nod happily, too happily, really.

    "Oh, well yeah. But the line is so long, I think I'll come back later when it's shorter. See you little lady!" The man would hop out of his spot in line and wave his goodbyes, Sakina waving back excitedly.

    And then, she waited, and waited, until it was her turn to register. Successfully doing show, she marched out of the center with a plain, but proud passport! Oh, how strange this town was!

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