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    A Wrath Like No Other [Mission: BlackxRose]


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    A Wrath Like No Other [Mission: BlackxRose] Empty A Wrath Like No Other [Mission: BlackxRose]

    Post by BlackxRose 20th April 2016, 9:20 pm

    The coastal sun beat down on my neck and shoulders as I made my way through the busy marketplace. The Reniro Isle Jewelry Shop was right around the corner, but the crowd was extensive, thick groups still seen all the way down the dock. Even my patience—one usually capable of handling much worse—wore thin as I said, “Excuse me,” to move past every person, and “I’m sorry,” to everyone I happened to brush past. I boiled under the hot sun, and my neck felt burnt and red once I reached the jeweler.
    As I slipped the envelope attached to the job sheet, I adjusted my shirt. I had abandoned the coat at home for because of the heat, and walked down by the glass displays clad in a white button-up and slacks. A few other aristocratic looking couples made up the room, but it was still quite empty. I passed by a few eye-catching gold rings, and peeked at the card enclosed with the quest in my hands. But I hid it away in my breast pocket so that any bright ideas slipped my mind.
    I stood tall as I walked over to the precious gems, and stopped at one particularly beautiful. A gold and silver laced necklace was in the case, and a large, especially pink, err magenta, colored diamond hung on the edge. It was so exquisite, expertly hand-carved into a rose, and gleamed brilliantly in the sunlight.
    My eyes were locked onto it already, but I pried myself away from it to give the other jewelry a look. There was a pure silver bracelet in the next display, patterned up diagonally with sapphires, as well as modern carvings in the metal itself. I walked on, and examined the next piece. A lustrous pearl ring lined with opal designs, but I chalked that one out of the decisions, as it was utterly cheap.


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