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    A Wrath Like No Other!


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    Completed A Wrath Like No Other!

    Post by Cassiopeia 7th July 2019, 10:47 am

    Cassiopeia Gojira reread the job flyer over and over as she sat on the deck of a ship bound for Hargeon Town. It was a perplexing job she'd taken up, but the pay promised to far outstrip the amount of work she needed to do. Her long tail swished in anticipation, and the Kaijin woman read over her instructions for what must have been the hundredth time. She was to travel at the behest of her eponymous employer Mr. Spiff to Hargeon Town and venture to a specific luxury jewelry shop on Reniro Isle and find the most extravagant, most expensive gemstone she possibly could. Cassiopeia quite liked the idea of something that was the most expensive. Though she wasn't one to wear ostentatious amounts of jewelry, she did quite like the idea of having something that was the 'most' of anything. "It's almost a shame..." She mused to herself, tucking away her contractor's message back into its envelope.

    The ship the Kaijin woman had been traveling aboard was a large galleon, heavy with cargo and bound from Minstrel to Fiore. It had stopped at Amber Island for supplies, as most ships rounding the Minstrellian Bay did, and that was when Cassiopeia had sought out passage. The captain and crew were naturally receptive to having a mage aboard, it meant protection if attacked by sea monsters or pirates, and Cassiopeia paid up front for her travel fair. It was a workable arrangement, though she grew tired of the drunken deck hands attempting to flirt with her in the evening after they were deep in their rum. It mattered little, it would all be over soon and she'd be arriving in Fiore. Already the bustling port city of Hargeon Town was clear in the distance, smoke piping from chimneys and the rooftops rising from the horizon line.

    Once her ship made landfall though, sadly Cassiopeia wouldn't be at her destination just yet. Her vessel was only bound for Hargeon Town itself. She'd still have to charter passage to the nearby Reniro Isle... or possibly just swim the distance. She'd decide when she got there which was going to be easier. Swimming was cheaper, but if travel fair was reasonable it was just so much easier to laze about on the deck of a ship sunning herself that it was swimming against the ocean currents in the chilly waters. Regardless, Cassiopeia sat on the deck and watched as the galleon sailed into harbor, the crew getting into positions and tearing down the mainsails as they vessel slowed to arrival speed.

    It took the better part of half an hour for the ship to berth, finding a nice spot on the wharves nestling in alongside a dozen other merchant vessels. Dock workers began to arrive, eager to assist the ship in unloading her precious cargo. Cassiopeia wished the captain a fond farewell and safe travels, and he complimented her once more before she departed. The docks of Hargeon Town were always busy, the populous city was a sprawling center of trade and commerce for Fiore. Cassiopeia couldn't stand the city life, she found it suffocating being around so many people. Like there was never enough room for her to enjoy herself. How the humans tolerated it she'd never know, but she always managed to swallow her discomfort when traveling abroad. Cities were simply an unavoidable part of interacting with mankind, even if they were hardly her favorite place to be.

    Cassiopeia strolled the docks, getting away from the busy merchant ports and making her way towards the boardwalk venues. She was hungry after her voyage, and with the sun high in the sky it was nearing lunch time. She decided she'd look for something quick to eat, then find passage to Reniro Isle. It didn't take long, as the smell of grilled meats quickly filled her nostrils. Cassiopeia's mouth watered, as she glanced around looking for the source of the wondrous scent. She found a street vendor selling turkey drumsticks as big as her thighs. Cassiopeia eagerly pulled out her money, counting out her Jewels as she placed her order. "I'll take two!" She exclaimed, and the merchant cracked a wide smile.

    "A woman with an appetite, that's what I like to see!" He said with a jovial laugh, ringing up her order. "Don't see many Kaijin around here, you're the first I've seen in oh... probably all year." He was rather nonchalant about it, and Cassiopeia raised an eyebrow curiously.

    "You know what I am?" She inquired, taking a seat at the counter top.

    The cook nodded casually with his back turned to her as he worked his grill. "Oh sure, I used to be a sailor, I heard all the stories. 'Monster Island', 'sea serpents', 'whirlpools', 'pirates', I didn't believe any of them." The man talked with an easy tone as he worked.

    "And?" Cassiopeia inquired, leaning forward in her seat, enthrall by the stranger.

    The man turned and rolled up his sleeve, revealing deep scars all along his right arm. Radiation burns, Cassiopeia knew exactly what kind of magic had caused that. "Let's just say Kaijin pirates are every bit as terrifying as the drunken old sailors' stories are. I was lucky I didn't lose my arm. I was luckier I made a better cook than a prisoner. Eventually I managed to escape, rowed my way back to Fiore, and swore off sailing for the rest of my days." The chef grabbed the two drumsticks, wrapping them up and presenting them to Cassiopeia.

    "Smart man." The woman said with a huff. "The pirates give the rest of us a bad name. I can assure you, I've never been a sea scourge. My egg came from the nest of a ruling clan, and I've spent most of my adult life as a wandering mage looking for jobs." Cassiopeia took her food in hand, and held up her large tail to present the tip to the vendor. The Dies Irae cross was tattooed in red against her dark scales. "Finally found a Guild, so I'm wandering less these days..." She said with a smirk. The Kaijin life a sizable tip for the man for his story, and blew him a kiss before turning to depart.

    Cassiopeia greedily ate her meal as she walked the docks, it didn't take long. What would have been a sizable feast for a human woman was merely a reasonable lunch for the seven foot tall Kaijin woman. As she finished she licked her fingers clean, then tossed the bones from the drumsticks to the sea lions that crowded around the buoys like lazy gluttons. They barked and tussled with each other over the treat like a pack of fat slippery hounds. The Kaijin chuckled to herself. Now she had to get to this Reniro Island and find this jewelry store. She could physically see the island from the harbor, and the thought of wandering around looking for a captain heading that way, negotiating a few, then waiting for his ship to leave just didn't sound appealing.

    "Screw it. The exercise is good anyways." Cassiopeia said aloud, arching her back in a stretch before she tensed her body. The Kaijin drew upon her magic, calling forth the Atomic Energy Magic within her. Her dorsal spines began to glow a brilliant blue, crackling with energy as it coursed through her. Cassiopeia began to grow in size, until she towered over most of the buildings on the wharves. Now standing thirty feet tall the woman grinned as she looked down at the frightened or horrified expressions of those around her. Women gasped and some men reached for their weapons. "Relax." She said simply in a now booming voice. "I'm going for a swim is all."

    With that Cassiopeia stepped out into the harbor, kicking up a great splash of water as she did. It was cold on her skin, but it did feel rather good. She left out a soft coo as the cold water grew higher up her body as the harbor grew deeper. Once she was far enough out the woman dived forward, using her powerful tail to propel herself forward. When she swarm her arms were irrelevant, she kept them to her sides to keep herself more streamlined. She'd kick with her legs and let her enormous tail do the bulk of the work. The swim to Reniro Isle took no more than an hour, and Cassiopeia soon found herself climbing out of the waters onto the docks of the equally horrified island community.

    Cassiopeia dispelled her magics, returning to her normal size before drying herself in a quick burst of atomic heat. She smiled, turning to see the expression of a man frozen in a fear besides her. "Hi, you wouldn't happen to know where the Reniro Isle Jewelry Shop is, would you?" The man just nodded and pointed up the road, to which the Kaijin just gave him a teasing wink and sashayed past him. "Thanks darling." Was all she offered up in reply.

    It didn't take Cassiopeia long to find the Reniro Isle Jewelry Shop, it was fairly hard to miss. A large sign and huge glass window displays showed off the high class establishment. Stepping inside, Cassiopeia found herself the only customer. She imagined the store saw few clientele, but each payed a more than hefty sum. The clerk at the counter balked slightly in the sight of her, then cleared his throat. "Welcome miss, what can I do for you?" He asked politely, eager to make a sale.

    "I'm looking for something for a friend." Cassiopeia said simply, perusing the displays, looking at the store's wares. "Something for a twenty fifth anniversary. Something unique, a normal diamond won't do. Something even a connoisseur could appreciate. And I'll need it engraved too once I find it." She was already fast at work looking over the mundane. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, none would do. It's not like she was paying in her money after all.

    "Ah, I have just the thing miss!" The clerk said, rushing into the back. "One moment please." He returned a minute later with a small sealed box. "We just got these in from Midi, very rare, very expensive." Cassiopeia's attention was piqued, and she watched eagerly as the man opened the box. "Alexandrite, one of the rarest gems on earthland." The gem was brilliant, it swirled with a myriad of colors that danced with light. Part of Cassiopeia wanted it for herself.

    "It's beautiful." Cassiopeia said... eyes lost in the gem's beauty. "I mean... I'll take it." She said clearing her throat. "Can you inset it in a necklace, silver and white gold with an engraving on the back? I need it to read 'To my beautiful wife, for our twenty five years.' I'd also like it boxed, it is a gift after all."

    The clerk nodded along eagerly and clapped his hands. "Yes yes, all wonderful suggestions, all well within my ability. Now... the only matter at hand is of course payment. I warn you, you are paying for quality. For this, a hundred thousand jewels on the nose."

    Normally, Cassiopeia would have been blown away by that price, but thankfully she wasn't the one footing the bill. She reached into her pocket and retrieved the card her employer had sent along with his message. She slid it across the table to the clerk. He coughed into his hand at the sight. "I was told to give you this as payment." She said simply.

    The clerk looked over the card carefully, authenticating it before nodding in approval. "Yes, this will do. Alright then, give me a few minutes to prepare your purchase." Cassiopeia took a seat and waited, this was going more smoothly than she expected. Ten minutes later her jewelry was ready, and she eagerly took the small bag in hand. "Do come again miss." The clerk said as she stepped out the door.

    With that task done, Cassiopeia only needed make her way to her employer's home. She headed down to the harbor and booked a ship back to the Fiorian mainland. By the time she arrived the sun was growing low in the sky as she stepped out onto the docks. Mr. Spiff's original message natural contained his address, with more instructions upon her arrival. Cassiopeia headed towards the address, only to find it a towering mansion that dominated the street. She knocked on the door, and an older butler greeted her. "May I help you with something Madam?" He asked politely.

    "The present has landed." Cassiopeia responded as instructed, shaking the small bag in her hand.

    The butler opened the door wide and ushered her inside. "Ah yes, I see it has. Please, follow me Madam. Master is upstairs in his study." Cassiopeia followed the butler inside, as he led her through the mammoth house to an office on the fifth floor. He cleared his throat before knocking. "Sir, that mage you requested is here." With that he pushed open the door and led the Kaijin inside.

    What Cassiopeia saw was hardly the man she expected based on the original job listing. Mr. Spiff as it were was a towering warrior, with a broad chest and powerful arms covered in battle scars. He slapped his knee in excitement. "Ah, finally! I was starting to worry, let me see it let me see it!" He said eagerly as he ushered for Cassiopeia to get closer. Spiff stood upright from his desk as she approached and handed over the small black box that contained his jewel. To her surprise, Spiff was the first man she'd seen in ages that was taller than her. He must have been a hell of a warrior back in his day and age, the grey bearded old swordsman looked almost comical in a wealthy man's clothes.

    "Just as you requested." Cassiopeia said simply. "Their rarest gem set in their finest jewelry, engraved with exactly the words you wrote." She beamed with pride, for once not having to look down at the person she was speaking to.

    Spiff looked over the necklace carefully, scrutinizing his mage's handiwork. After a few moments of silence he let out a deep belly laugh, clasping Cassiopeia firmly on the shoulder. "IT'S PERFECT!" He bellowed loudly. "Oh my wife will just love it! Excellent work miss..."

    "Cassiopeia, Sir." She replied simply.

    "Miss Cassiopeia, a lovely name for a lovely... and few tall might I add, woman!" The man was elated, his raucous laughter was infectious, as even his butler surprised a smile. "Here, as promised your payment." He said as he rifled through a desk drawer for a stack of Jewels. On top of the money he placed a small black ring with a rainbow heart shaped jewel. "And... a little something extra. A gift my wife gave me back in our adventuring days. I haven't needed it in years, you'd make better use of it."

    Cassiopeia pocked the gifts eagerly. "Thank you Sir, Dies Irae is always happy to help." She said politely, silently eager to have the ring appraised by Dies Irae jewelers to see what magic it held.

    Spiff nodded and slapped her on the shoulder again. "I'll keep you in mind if I ever need a favor." His tone softened, and he glanced to his butler. "Now.. Reginald, if you could escort Miss Cassiopeia quietly off the property before my wife notices. I have a dinner date with the my wife to get to, and she'll kill me if I'm late." Both the Kaijin and the butler smirked, and with little left to say Reginald showed Cassiopeia the door.

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