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    Sin(Job/Mossino) Empty Sin(Job/Mossino)

    Post by Mossino 11th April 2016, 10:42 pm

    The job was simple. How simple? Kill one old lady and be done with it. This was a near cake walk for someone like Nothel. All he had to do was slip into her house and slit her neck. It would be over in minutes and no one could trace it back to him. Yet…he had much more dastardly plans for this woman.

    From the information he was given, he knew that this lady, Misses Andrea Cooper was quite respected in Oak Town. On top of that, she won an award recently. For celebration, she was holding a party the night that Nothel was going to strike. This was a perfect occasion to extinguish his blood lust for a while. And the plan was already formed in his head.
    Instead of spoiling all the parts for himself, he tried to go on a slight whim. He knew the first thing to do was to trail Cooper to the party, he had everything else on him. Finding the woman wasn’t quite hard. He was going alleyway to alleyway trying to find the lady, and it was quite simple. She and a group of friends were chattering away, and after a few minutes he already had gotten a good mental image of the lady. Above average height…flaming orange hair for some reason. An ugly patterned dress, and tan skin. After that, Nothel trailed the lady for the rest of the day until nightfall, when she went to a party.

    Oh and the turnout was better than Nothel could have ever expected. It was a large part, at least two hundred guests were there. Though, this did complete things ever so slightly. It meant he had to be sneaky around all the tuxedos and dress clothes. His leather and cloak would stick out like a dark mage against light mages.

    Well, after the party started, Nothel would case the place. No guards…it was just a friendly gathering. Well…it won’t be so friendly after Nothel gets done with it. His first task, poison the food. This meant he had to find the backdoor to the facility. Using the darkness as a cover, he quickly found a backdoor, sweet smells of wine and food would permeate the area behind it. Jackpot. Approaching the door, he peers through a crack in the old wooden door. Two cooks, and one person about to take the food out. It seems they were about to take dishes out to the party. This wasn’t really the best thing…since Nothel needed to poison it with his own blood.
    Peering around the room, he notices all the doors are locked…simple then. Nothel pulls his hood up and draws his sword. Cutting his left wrist, he lets the blood drain out, forming three small spikes with it. The music in the main room drowned out the sound Nothel makes as he swiftly kicked the door in, sending three spikes out. One goes to each of the men’s head, instantly killing them. Quickly, Nothel gets to work, removing the bodies, and taking the clothes from the waiter. Putting the waiter clothes on, he assumes his role.

    Next came the fun part, poisoning the food. There were a few dishes, such as a roast turkey, some bread, and pre poured glasses of wine. His job couldn’t be easier. Holding his wrist over the glasses, he drips his poisonous blood into them, contaminating all of them with his deadly poisonous blood. That is all he had to do. Everyone was going to drink. Those that didn’t would die after the third part of his plan was enacted. Playing his part as the waiter, he brings the drinks and food out to the party. No one really pays attention to him since he was part of the staff. A few minutes pass, and everything had been brought out…people had even started to get drinks. Everything was playing into his hands. The next part of his plan was to block the exits. The glass was too thick to break through normally, so he had just to seal the doors. He started with the front door...which was easy. He went to the front of building and easy bound the door together with some blood magic. It wouldn’t take much MP and he wasn’t going to be here long.
    Just two more parts to go. Going back to the kitchen, he peers back into the main room, watching the guests. It wouldn’t be long before their organs start to rot…

    A mere ten minutes later some of the guests started to complain about feeling sick. Some of them said they were tired and others were really sluggish and slow. The poison was rotting them from the inside out, it was beautiful. It would only take a bit longer before a mass panic started, but everyone was so slow…too weak to run. That’s when the final part of the plan came to play. Taking a torch from the wall, Nothel looks at the fire it is creating, and throws it into the crowd from the back.

    The loudest sound he had ever heard before this were animals being butchered…but no…humans that have their organs rotting and being burned alive make the most glorious of sounds. People were yelling. People were screaming bloody murder as fire overtook the crowds, impeding them from ever escaping the pain of death.

    Looking over the blazing inferno, he sees Misses Andrea Cooper. Well…what is left of her at least. Her corpse is rotting and burning in the fire. The fat on her body was already boiling and coming off her bones. On the inside her organs were turning to slush as the poison in her veins rotted her from the inside out. Blood was leaking out and boiling in the inferno as most of the bodies started to turn into mush as the poison and flame decomposed and broke the molecular bonds, removing the rigidity of the flesh. Smiling lightly, he turns, and walks out before the fire gets to the kitchen. Sliding his hands in his pockets, he grabs his clothes from outside of the building, walking away as people surround the building, trying to put it out. But it’s already too late. The roof was collapsing in on itself, burying the bodies under ashy rubble.

    Nothel just silently walked out into the woods, never to be heard from or had the crime traced back to him. He wasn’t going to get found, not today at least. All he had to do was collect his payment now, but he will get to that later. It can wait until emotions die down. You know…the person who gave him this job is a loose end and could cause problems. Perhaps he shall kill them to make sure nothing gets out. Something to think about at least before he gets back to home. Such a simple job to attempt. Grinning savagely he continues through the dark forest towards his homestead. Murder. Bloodshed. Everything this insane man loved, and will do anything just for the rush. Every sin he commits make him go further and further away from the norm. He is going to lose himself in the sin.


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