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    Tea time with not granny.


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    Tea time with not granny. Empty Tea time with not granny.

    Post by Mossino 8th March 2016, 9:25 pm

    Nothel stands outside the door of an older, well taken care of house. It would be the house of Kakuma’s grandmother, or his guild masters grandmother. Why was he doing this again, like, out of all the jobs he has done this seems the most completely stupid. Then, he realizes why. If he can pull this off, off floor duty for a week plus five-hundred jewels. That would be amazing for such a simple request. Just listen to an old granny talk her talk and get out of there? And it is only for like three hours, so not long at all. He can just make her some tea, put some uh, substances in it, and make her fall asleep. Put her in bed and wait for the rest of the time. 100% easy and totally illegal. This is perfect.

    Grinning to himself, he knocks on the door, waiting for the grandma to respond. Odd, even after a minute no one responded or came to the door. This is odd; the woman should be expecting him. Oh well, he thinks and knocks again on the door, louder this time. Again, no one would come to the door. What could the woman be doing? He steps to the right of the door and peers inside the home, looking to see if anyone is inside. After looking for a second, he sees something that startles him immensely. There is a leg, he can see, lying around a corner. And it is on the ground. The wrinkles on it confirm it would be Kakuma’s grandma. “Shit!” he yells, moving back to the door and swiftly kicking it in, entering inside the house.

    He takes a step inside the house, and quickly moves to where he sees the leg laying on the ground. To his horror he sees the grandma on the ground, barely breathing. This would translate to, ‘Shit, Kakuma is going to think I killed her grandmother.’ He shakes his head quickly, looking for wounds like a stab or a cut. To his relief, none of that seems to have taken place. Leaning down over her, there would be faint breathing to be heard, meaning that she isn’t dead…yet. A stroke maybe or a heart attack. Smiling to himself, he can fix both of those easily. He would kneel beside the woman, and reach out, holding her neck. Using an ability he has to control the blood of others, he would try and figure out what was going wrong in her body. After a minute, he would figure out what was going on. A blood vessel going to a large part of the brain got clogged, causing a stroke of the body. Grinning to himself, he can fix this easy peasy. Using his power, he would ram blood against the tiny blockage, making it break quite quickly. Soon after, Nothel would release control of her, and move his hands away from her.

    Hmph, she will be passed out for a little bit…maybe he should put her in a bed? Thinking about this for a second he nods, maybe he can play It off as nothing happened and he came in, saw she was asleep, and made tea for her. Bending down, he would pick up the elderly lady and carrying her up some stairs into an obvious bedroom. From there, he lays her in a bed and tucks her in, full clothes and all. Smiling at his work, he walks downstairs and realizes he broke the front door. Groaning to himself, he realizes he has to fix that or the woman will know he did something. Though, luck would be in his favor today.

    From his last job, where he burned the house down infested with flies, he had brought tools with him. He didn’t put those tools away before coming her the next day. Therefore, he is carrying a small amount of wood and tools on his back, in a pack. Smiling to himself, he bends down over at the door, taking out his tools. Nodding as he overlooks his supplies, he realizes he can’t fix this. He can only hammer in the dented area and try to patch it up. He has to do exactly this before the woman wakes up, so, he would start. Holding the door in one area, he would pick up his hammer and dent the door back into the proper shape. This would work somewhat, while the door is now in proper shape, it is still slightly dented and the pain job is ruined. The door is stained dark brown, and this gives Nothel an idea.

    Walking back into the house, he looks for the kitchen. If he can melt some chocolate, he could probably melt it and cover the broken part of the door in it, making it look semi-ok so the grandma doesn’t beat him up for something. Opening the fridge, he finds exactly what he is looking for. A dark chocolate bar, probably for some dish she was going to make or something. Taking the bar, he walks over to the oven, and turns on the stovetop. As it heats it, he tries to find a small bowl and a brush. He would find both of these items since they are quite common in a kitchen. Placing the chocolate bar in the bowl, he places it on the stovetop, waiting for it to melt the chocolate. Tapping his foot impatiently, it wouldn’t take long for the chocolate to melt. After it melts, he turns the stovetop off and takes the bowl and brush over to the door. Using the brush, he dips it in the chocolate, and brushes it lightly onto the door. The stain job isn’t perfect, and the color is off a bit. But, it will have to do.

    Stepping back, he would inspect his work. It isn’t the best, but it will have to do. Taking the bowl and brush back over to the kitchen, he would quickly wash them and put them in the sink. Nodding in approval, he then finally tries to make some tea. Finding tea leaves and a pot, he has the ingredients he needs. Filling the pot with water, he puts it on the stovetop and lets it start to boil. Standing there for a few minutes, he waits for it to start boiling. After a bit, steam would be coming off the pot, and he then pours the water into a cup, putting the leaves inside. He wasn’t sure if this was the way to make tea, but he really didn’t care. He was gonna drink it either way. Taking the pot off the stovetop, he takes his cup of boiling water with tea leaves and steps into the living room. Sitting down on the couch, he takes a sip of the tea. “Ahhh…it takes like shit…” he groans, he didn’t prepare it properly at all, and it tastes horrible for it. Shaking his head he groans. “I broke into a woman’s house, saved her life, broke her door, stole her stuff, and made bad tea. Today has been a great day.” He grins slightly, reflecting on what he just did. Realizing it just now, he saved a woman’s life. He has never really saved anyone before, nor killed anyone. And you know? It felt great to help someone like that, even if they won’t remember it. He nods to himself, waiting for the woman to come down.

    He wouldn’t have to wait long as the woman walks down a few minutes later. As she gets down the stairs she walks into the living room and shrieks seeing Nothel, “W-Who are you!?! How’d you get into my house?!” Nothel blinks, looking up, “I’m Nothel, Kakuma said I’d be coming over.”
    The woman blinks and yells again, “I don’t know who that is and who you are, get out!” Nothel, not really worried by this takes out his job scroll looking at it. His eyes widen as he realizes he was at the wrong house the entire time. Muttering to himself, he groans and stands up. “Well…I made a mistake….er…I will be leaving now.”

    “Like hell you will! You are going to go to jail for breaking into my house!” Nothel blinks. He doesn’t want to kill the person he just saved. Grinning to himself, he just walks over to the woman, and puts his head on her neck. Instantly, he makes her brain receive a bit less blood than needed, and it knocks her out cold. “That takes care of that….well damn I thought I was the right house, embarrassing…” Rolling his eyes he walks to the door, and kicks it down again, smiling with satisfaction from it. “I won’t be getting paid but, at least I have the satisfaction of breaking that door down…” Sighing to himself he would walk off the property, shaking his head as he walks off into the night. “What a random day this was…I really hope Kakuma isn’t mad.”


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