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    After the Date [ Alyia & Heero | Private | Social ] Empty After the Date [ Alyia & Heero | Private | Social ]

    Post by Aliannah 4th March 2016, 7:55 am

    Her breaths were heavy and rapid as her chest fell up and down. She hadn't known that dancing took up so much energy, yet as the young woman came to a spot in front of Heero her hands were placed on his chest as his forehead pressed against hers. The moment was calm in their lives of chaos and though it was nice it did not last long. With a sting and two solid hands on her rear the moment quickly intensified. Her legs wrapped around his waist as she looked into the sky blue orbs of the man in front of her causing the feeling of addiction to spread through her veins, a feeling that she remembered distinctly from the Festival of the Fairies a couple months ago. The blue haired man then carried her over to the bar where he placed her on a stool and called for several more drinks only after talking to the bartender.

    The rest of their night went on like this at the bat, drinking and pictures until it was time to find a hotel to spend the night in.

    Alyia and Heero walked out of the bat, the blonde knowing that she had broken several hearts of the drunk males that found themselves at the bar that night. The two of them walked down the street in search of a hotel and as they entered one the blinding lights of the room had Alyia covering her eyes. She could sense the stares on the two and the girl didn't really mind with her alcohol tainted mind. Her warms wrapped around Heero's pressing her body close to his as they walked up to the woman at the desk who was undisguised as she looked at Heero.

    Alyia couldn't help but glare at the woman and cross her arms over her chest as Heero book their rooms for the night, however there seemed to be only one room for the two of them. With a scoff the angel snatched the key that the woman was holding out to Heero and spun on her heel before walking off back down the hallway towards their room. Her strides her long and her hair swung behind her as she walked, keeping in time with each step.

    Finally she made it to their room as she could feel the presence of Heero right behind her leering over her causing for her to shiver and smile. Her delicate fingers played with the key before pushing it into the lock and turning it to open the door. However she didn't get that chance as she was spun around, her body picking up temperature, and pick her up, pushing her back against the door. His lips met hers and the angel closed her eyes as she kissed back eagerly. She could feel his hands running through her hair causing for her back to arc off the door and press her chest against his. Her hands reached for his hair as the addicting feeling once again spread through her body, warming it from her core. Her lips moved against his in a feverous dance of licking and biting before the blue haired mage pulled away.

    Her chest rose and fell as Heero pulled away and she followed a little after before looking up at him as he spoke. Memories of similar words passed through the blonde's mind and she frowned at the man. Sure she was not as strong as him but that didn't mean that she couldn't be by his side. Her frown turned into a smirk and she looked at him tilting her head. "As if the rest of the guild doesn't know already. Besides do you honestly expect me to sit by like a lady and her knight and let you do all of the work. I'm already dead remember. I can't die again."

    After her response Heero opened the door and moved both of them inside before closing it behind them and the moment that the door was behind them closed the angel smirked and leaned forwards nipping at the blue haired man's ear and ghosting her lips back to his, teasing him. However she didn't know what to expect of his reaction as he put her down and went back to the door, unknowingly to the angel that he had placed the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door.



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    After the Date [ Alyia & Heero | Private | Social ] Empty Re: After the Date [ Alyia & Heero | Private | Social ]

    Post by Haru-senpai 10th March 2016, 9:21 am

    As Heero closed the door, he'd step up to her smiling as a shot of them face to face face shown from the side. Heero would only look to the side and smell her hair a bit as she nibbled on his ear, her body pressed against his and lips moving close by him.

    "I'm not sure you understand, the best way to get to me would be through you....." he held her close, by her backside but softly pulling her against him as he talked. "But that might not be such a bad thing, you can be pretty scary when you're pissed off...." as Heero watched her closely, he could only recall all they'd been through. It seemed like forever, but their journey together had only just begun he had a feeling. There would be good times, bad, arguements, fights, laughter, lots of jokes, and even more laughter. He smiled at her as he was off in his own world, deciding they could use some relaxation he took her by the hand.

    Stepping into a quiet bathroom, he clicked on the lights, revealing a Magic Hottub and Shower, that bubbles to life with the lights the second Heero hit the switch. A large mirror was also in the bathroom, and of all things a chandelier.

    "All this just to use the bathroom?" he joked, smiling as he would start unbuttoning his vest, finally able to get out of these clothes; Heero had a look of relief and also a sigh to go with it as he undid his white tuxedo. Eventually, he would throw his clothes on the sink as he stepped into the hot tub wearing only boxers. Standing up in the bubbles, he would hold his hand out to Alyia.

    As she undressed, he would try his best not to get visibly excited and failed horribly as finally he would take her hand and sit down into the hot tub, his face turning steaming red as the water was better than he thought it would be.

    Lowering his face into the bubbles, he would play around and groan and complain about how he didn't have one of these but the hotel did. He would playfully do a swim through the hot tub toward Alyia and then dive underwater. Rising just in front of her, his now wet blue hair fell all around his face, as the dark gold Fairy Tail crest on his left shoulder, opposite of Natsu's was shown just above the water.

    Standing up and stretching, as steam would cover him comically for the moment; Heero hadn't realized he'd lost his boxers and now was standing up in front of Alyia naked. Stretching, he continued to converse as if everything were normal as steam filled the bathroom.

    "Damn usually I'm not the biggest fan of water but this Hot Tub is amazing.....what do you say?" he didn't mind that he had his rather impressive package in her face, and turned around butt naked walking through steam that covered him again as he looked down at the moment he went to sit back down, realizing he was ass naked.

    Turning steam red, Heero would sparkle as he was frozen to the spot. Sitting back down in the hot tub, Heero would refuse to turn around and acknowledge Alyia from this point on, deciding too just face the other direction with a sweatdrop appearing comically over his head as he sat with his back to her in the bubbling Jacuzzi.


    5 Minutes Later


    Heero still sat with his back to her, to ashamed to move. If only the world knew, the Guildmaster of the ancient guild of wizards, Fairy Tail, was currently sitting in a hot tub with a woman too paralyzed with shame to move. Usually, Heero had no shame, however Alyia was different. For some reason he felt it around her.


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