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    A Grave of Shallows Filled with Her Bones [Marcel Anicetus]


    Completed A Grave of Shallows Filled with Her Bones [Marcel Anicetus]

    Post by Guest 1st March 2016, 11:48 am

    the destroyer of worlds
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    His work was never done; no, not ever, for Death was always knocking at his door and asking for favors to be done. Thus, when he had left Neutrals Grounds, it was now his time to head out to Oak Town for the second of his missions. Marcel's body disintegrated into the ash it had once been as he exited the magic-less lands, and let the wind carry him away. The gusts and gullies of wind blew the specks of ash toward their destination, until they were floating carelessly over the large town. They would drop and twirl, swirl around, as they headed to the home of Mrs. Cooper and her loving husband. By what petty means had he been brought to this lovely town? To slaughter the beautiful Mrs. Cooper for Ms. Coldflower. Death was not at work here, at least not yet, but Time called for the ending of a life at such an early age. Maybe, he would have fun this time.

    The ash trickled down to a pretty, white-siding home, with a magnificent garden in the backyard of it. Clumping closer together, the ash turned into a spiraling, small-scale tornado, and dispersed once again in a puff outward. Combat boots walked heavily up the steps of the porch, and the crimson-cloaked male paused at the screen door. Fiery oculars stared into the depths of the quiet home, and he knocked gingerly on the side of the door to grab Mrs. Coopers attention. A flurry of steps came rushing down the stairs, just beyond the door; a beautiful, middle-aged woman, appeared before him. She confusedly looked on at him, but did not hesitate to open the door and give him the sweetest of smiles. Marcel did not return the smile, but instead looked her in the eye, then took a step into the home without a word between the two.

    "Take me to your bedroom," the man ordered, brushing past her, but not before pausing at her side and whispering into her ear his next sentence.
    "I have things planned for you, my love; things that will lead you into a world of inescapable pleasure..." Silence followed after, with the woman standing rigid in her place as Marcel walked toward the stairs in the back. No protest came from her, but she was not following him, and this angered the man, so he whipped around and grabbed her by the hair. He roughly yanked her with him, pulling her up the steps by her hair while she let out a cry of pain and fear. Dragging her to the top, he began his descent through the hallway, slamming doors open until he ran across a bedroom. Marcel threw the woman into the room and stepped inside, shutting and locking the door behind him before facing Mrs. Cooper.

    Huddled against the end of the bed, knees to her chest, Mrs. Cooper was warily watching the Savage Skull man. "Where's your husband?" he ordered, causing the middle-aged female to wince at the sharpness of his words. She did not answer him, and when he did not get a direct answer, he walked up to her and slapped her across the face. The skin where he had touched turned first white, then to black as it died and peeled from the woman's face. "Answer me!" he shouted at her, a hand balling into a fist, preparing himself for another hit if she decided not to answer.

    "H-he's out in the town getting food for the party later tonight!" Mrs. Cooper whimpered out in a low voice. "I-I don't know when he'll be back... p-probably not for another hour or two depending o-on if he can find the ingredients."

    "Good... that's the perfect amount of time to deal with you," Marcel smiled from underneath the collar of his cloak. The mage grabbed her by the back of her hair again and pulled her up to her feet, tossing her onto the bed. His red eyes looked her over, studied the fear on her face before trailing down to her large bust and the rest of her body. He ran his tongue over his lips and first gripped her shirt in his hands, tearing it from its place into shreds of fabric. With the help of his decaying curse, the man was able to entirely strip the woman of her clothes in a matter of minutes. Being careful with his little plaything in the beginning, the mage had his way with her for the next hour or so. When he was finished with her, her body lay still on the bed, flesh rotting to leave meat, innards, and bone only visible.

    It was a pity he hadn't gotten her for longer before her body succumbed to the effects of his magic, like always. At least he had been able to have a bit of fun while it lasted, and on top of that, she had a pleasurable way of leaving the world... Marcel adjusted the clothing on his body, belted his pants, tugged at his collar on his cloak, then left the bedroom. Mrs. Cooper's husband hadn't yet come home, so there was still time to destroy the beautiful garden of his wife's. So, the man descended the stairs and searched for the entrance to the backyard, exiting the home once he found it. As he stepped out onto the back porch, the life around him began to drain from the wood, seeping up into his body. The place he stood on was now a pitch black and crumbling beneath his feet, enough that he had gotten down from the porch.

    The grass turned from green to an ugly, lifeless brown as he made his way toward the little garden Mrs. Cooper had grown. Marcel trailed his fingers over the plants as he neared them, killing them off and sucking the life from them. Flowers wilted and petals fell, until nothing of the garden was left over, but the crumpling forms of once-pretty plants. His work here was done, for the house was dying, the woman was dead, and the plants had been incinerated. All that was left was to see the troubled form of Mr. Cooper as he walked into his rotting home to see his murdered and violated wife. A smile crept across the Savage Skull's face, and his body crumbled into ash, leaving the place in silence. From above, as the wind whirled him around in circles, the man watched as another walked up the blackened steps.

    A horrible, terrible scream from the man echoed in the home as he ran across the decayed body of his former wife. That poor, pitiful man, finding his wife lifeless on their bed, with no evidence of how it had been done... If not for in his form of ash, the smile on his face would have grown into an impossibly large one at the sound. However, a sound similar to a laugh came from the specks of ash. The master of decay, satisfied with his work, let himself be blown away from the home of the Coopers, to next of his missions. After all, the work of Death was never done...
    credit goes to Lunar of GS & THQ

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