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    The Fear of Death Follows from the Fear of Life [Marcel Anicetus]


    Completed The Fear of Death Follows from the Fear of Life [Marcel Anicetus]

    Post by Guest on 12th March 2016, 8:12 am

    the destroyer of worlds
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    What was Love when Death could touch the thing someone enjoyed the most and take it from them at a finger's snap? Ashes fluttered along the breeze, spinning and twirling among the currents in the sky, downward to Cedar. It's a terrible thing to be able to love something that one knows can die, and Death is cruel to start its touch there. They swirled through the streets of the beautiful town, passing by those who walked hand-in-hand and those who walked alone. Inching ever closer, they marked their target as a white-walled home, with beauty that surrounded its entirety. Oh, but Love cannot die by natural means... it always dies by the hands of those who once loved each other. Only Love and Death change things in people's lives, and here Death was, courteously making a subtle difference.

    The ashes settled at the gates of the home, twisting together until they floated to the ground and Marcel stood in their place. A single touch of his hand on the fenced gate and the metal began to corrode, falling to dark specks on the ground. He pushed the gate open and walked along the stone pathway, up to the slender steps of the dainty Cedar home. In the surrounding forty-nine feet around the Savage Skull mage, the grass turned brown, the petals fell from flowers, and the leaves died from the tree. Birds collapsed from the branches and hit the ground with a sickening thud, and the steps creaked as he placed his right foot on it, then his left. Soon, he stood at the door of the house and raised a fist, pounding on the door as it began to rot away with the rest of the porch. Long after Death had started to take its toll, a beautiful woman opened the door to the house, staring at it for a moment as she noticed how it was rotted.

    Marcel dropped his hand to his side, but lifted it again to dig around in his coat for the letters he had been given. He quickly handed them to the surprised woman in silence, though remained where he was as she took them. She opened the first letter and glanced over it for a second, words catching her eye that made her read it more thoroughly. Her significantly dark brown eyes glossed with tears as she folded the first of the letters and went on to the next. Death only watched in the quietness as its workings began, feeling the life of Love being torn away from the woman. A smile laced Marcel's lips from underneath the tall collar of his cloak, a flitting sense of emotion before it was gone. The woman dumped away the letter she was holding and opened the final of the three, reading it over until her eyes had become red and puffy.

    "Don't cry now..." the mage murmured to her, reaching out to place a gentle hand upon her shoulder, but then pulled back. It was not long after his consoling means that the woman hugged him and nuzzled her face into his left shoulder. The man stiffened at the show of affection, but slowly wrapped his arms around her, careful not to touch her with his hands. His eyebrows scrunched together and after a moment of silence passed by, the man dispersed into a cloud of ash. This left the woman stumbling to catch her balance as the mage darted away from her, not enjoying the loving touch. Another time and place he would have enjoyed such affection, but this was a job where someone else would get her. Without saying another word, the ashes flew away from the rotted home, back the way they had come to find someone else.

    Pitted at a yellowed home, the ashes swished together, back into Marcel, and he made his way to the door of the house. Once again, Death took what life was needed to sustain the immortal life that was what Marcel happened to be. The grass turned from a luscious green to that of a taste of Death, with brown at the core to symbolize life's end. This time around, the man did not knock, but kicked down the door that startled the one who lived inside of it. Death reached out to every living thing within, touching whatever it could and rotting, eroding, corroding, and killing it all. Marcel's dotted eyes darted around, until they landed upon the one who he had been looking for, who was standing at the entryway of the living room. How ironic that was... a living room when Death was there to take the man's life standing before him.

    From the core of where the mage stood, a circular wave of energy blasted outward, creating a small atomic bomb effect. The terrified man was caught in the epicenter of the blast, being dealt a full rank's worth of Marcel's magic damage. He let out a horrible, banshee-like scream as the death energy ate away at what little life was within the man. Energy pulsated around them and little orbs of white life were pulled from the chest of his target, and into his own chest. Breathing in deeply, Marcel closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being refreshed by the life stolen from the man. Once his eyes were opened again, the targeted person was lying on the ground, in a heap of himself, not breathing. Yes... his work here was done and now he could move on to more important matters, while his contractor became busy with wooing the woman.

    Staring down at the lifeless body of the woman's was-going-to-be fiance, the mage peeled away into ashes. The specks danced out of the crushed doorway of the home and up into the sky, where they were caught by a gentle breeze. That breeze carried the ashes away, off to a new destination, where Marcel would be meant to take more life.
    credit goes to Lunar of GS & THQ

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