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    To Eathland...And Beyond! Nothel Edition


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    To Eathland...And Beyond! Nothel Edition Empty To Eathland...And Beyond! Nothel Edition

    Post by Mossino 29th February 2016, 7:14 am

    (618 words out of required 500)

    Nothel would be overlooking the docks from the streets above, shaking his head, “So many people,” he groans. He has always hated huge crowd of people, and this was no exception. Though, even if he hates people, he has to obtain his passport, which means he has to wait in this line. “Speaking of line how big is it---“ His eyes glance over at least a five hundred person line, stretching out of the docks. He face palms, ruffling his cloaks hood as he does so, “Great, this is going to take forever…I mean I could cut the line but too many people, easy to be spotted…guess I’ll just wait..”

    Against what he wants to do, Nothel would get in the back of the line, being the five-hundred-sixty-seventh person in that line currently. The waiting process would begin, and it would take hours. The line slowly progresses, only doing about one-hundred people an hour. After the first hour Nothel starts to frown. “How long can it possibly take to get this passport…” he frowns, pulling up his hoodie to block the sun from his eyes. It just reached noon and on the docks the sun is bearing down, blinding people without protection.

    A shocking four hours later Nothel has made it up to the stand where passports are being handed out at. It is small, and wooden, there are slots for two people to hand out passports at once. It is being flanked by two guards, which makes Nothel smile. “I knew I couldn’t have cut…” trying to have forced his way up with guards probably would have caused an uproar and probably an arrest. Twenty minutes later Nothel finally makes it up to the counter, and looks down at a four foot eleven woman, who is dwarfed in comparison to Nothel. She smiles up at him, “H-Hello sir, you are here to get your passport right?”

    Nothel sighs out slightly at the asking, finally nearly done with all of this, “Yes, yes I am, what do I need to give you?” He says this quite bluntly, he already isn’t happy with this entire situation, and it be stalled longer here will just build unneeded rage. “W…What is your name and what guild are you affiliated with sir?” squeaks out the lady at the desk, catching onto Nothel rudeness quite quickly, making sure he gets out of here quickly.

    “The name is Nothel Garde’ and I am a part of Black Rose, new recruit but still, is that enough lady?” Nothel smiles somewhat viciously at the lady as she starts to fill in his passport, then stops when she gets to the guild part, “C..Can you prove that you are a part of that guild?” He frowns at this gesture, “You mean my guild mark? Yeah, yeah I guess lady.” He would turn around, grip his shirt and pull it up a bit, showing his guild mark. It exists on his right shoulder, clear as day to her, “Happy now lady?” scoffs Nothel as he turns around, looking down at her again. The lady nods quickly and finishes writing the passport. She finally pulls out a stamping device and stamps the passport, making it one-hundred percent official. She hands it up to him with a neutral expression on her face now, “Here you go sir!” she says.

    Nothel snatches the passport from her, “Thank you..” he says with a hint of acidity in his voice. He would turn and walk off from the crowd, towards the dusks light as by now it is getting dark. “Literally took me six hours to get this….gah…” he groans as he starts to walk down a street to continue his journey.

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