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    Baby Steps...Nothel Edition


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    Baby Steps...Nothel Edition Empty Baby Steps...Nothel Edition

    Post by Mossino 1st March 2016, 11:03 pm

    (Words 1429, required was 500)

    Nothel would be walking down the streets of the residential area of Hargeon Town around 7 A.M. grumbling to himself, “Why am I doing this again?” Recollection would flash through his eyes as he remembers what he is going to do. In this small flashback, we would be talked to a taller woman, wearing a simple dress. Most of the talking he couldn’t remember, but the key points were easily identifiable. “L-Look, sir, we need you to try and teach our young son to walk, we have tried everything, yet nothing has worked, so we think a wizard can do this.”

    Nothel would have frowned at this during the present, “Why do they need a wizard to teach a baby to walk? I mean honestly that is just kind of stupid...” He sighs slightly; remember now why he accepted this job, “We will pay you five-hundred jewels.” This sentence echoes in his mind as he approaches a wooden house at the end of a street. “Money…yeah…that’s why I am doing this.” He groans again, knowing the parents will already be out of the house, knowing it is around eight o’clock now, he has about four some hours to teach this baby. How hard could it be right? Nothel’s frown turns into a slight grimace right before he opens the door. “I can barely keep a conversation going with people, and I hate people, how will I even attempt to help a baby.” Shaking his head, Nothel turns the doorknob and opens the house’s door, walking side.

    The door would open up to a hallway, from the mothers description he would remember the living room is the first left, kitchen on the first right, bedrooms in the back, right one being the baby’s room. Nothel nods and would go to the baby’s room, expecting to see the child there. Of course, the baby is crawling around a little pen, playing with large baby toys. Nothel rubs his chin, surveying the baby, wondering what the best course of action is here. Nodding, he would walk over to the pen, and pick up the baby, holding it away from him. The baby instantly starts to cry and Nothel would frown, disliking the noise, “Shut up child…” The crying would continue for a few more minutes, until Nothel would shake the child a bit, “Just shut up, damnit!” The baby would sniffle a bit and stop crying, blinking at Nothel, “Thank god…okay here.” He’d sit the baby down, and holds it arms, trying to get it to stand up. The baby would wobble for a second then fall to the ground, and roll around a bit. Sighing, Nothel shakes his head, and would try again.

    This and other various methods would go on for about an hour until Nothel has had enough. His face darkens after the one-hundredth attempt. “God damnit!” he shouts loudly, turning to a wall and punching it. This would prove to be a mistake as he punches a hole RIGHT through the wall. Nothel retracts his hand, it barely damaged, but the wall has a fist sized hole in it. Nothel blinks a few times and groans, loudly, “God…I have to fix this wall now..” At this point he has forgotten all about the baby, “No no no! God…where do I find the stuff to fix this…wooden wall…I need some board…nails…paint…will they even have those supplies?!” Nothel starts to pace back and forth, holding his chin. Suddenly, he realizes the parents will be back in three hours, and he is under a serious time constraint. He nods, and would go explore the house for the resources he needs. To his outstanding luck, the father seems to be a carpenter, and would have some planks and nails in a private room off of the master bedroom. Sighing in relief, Nothel would take these items.

    Though, he does lack paint to redo the wall fully, which could be a big problem, but the hole has to be gone before painting can even start. He would go back to the baby’s room, the child literally nowhere to be found. Sadly, Nothel wouldn’t recognize this, and would get to work, trying to find the best way to put this board up with the least amount of effort. After figuring out a good spot to place the board, Nothel would nail it into the wall. One problem though, Nothel has never hammered something in before. The work is quite shoddy and it is very obvious the wall isn’t even anymore. It comes up about an inch for a 5inx5in square around the hole. Of course, the hole is covered up but, it is quite obvious something happened. Nothel, sighing to himself, hopes this will be enough. He would go to find light blue paint.

    Again, luckily Nothel would find a small amount, just enough to recover the wall. Grabbing a paintbrush in the process, he moves on. Nothel frowns, “This has been a complete waste of time...ugh…let’s just get this over with.” Nothel walks back to the baby’s room, but realizes two things on the way. Its 11:00 A.M now and the parents will be home in an hour. And the baby is missing. “Shit!” Nothel cusses as he steps inside the baby’s room. “I have to paint this and then find the baby…” He gets down on one knee and dips the paintbrush into the paint. He would lightly apply the paint, thick enough to change the color, but not too much to make it runny. Taking about ten minutes he would apply the paint thoroughly, making it match the rooms color close enough. Nothel nods, and would take the tools back to where he found them, repeating a sentence to himself as he walks, “Put the tools back, find the baby, play it off as I couldn’t finish the job…Put the tools back, find the baby, play it off as I couldn’t finish the job.”

    After putting the tools back, Nothel would search the entire house, but couldn’t find the baby anywhere. This takes 45 minutes. Sighing to himself, he prepares himself mentally for what is about to happen. Because, well, this could get really dark. The parents could say he murdered their child and have him killed or arrested. But, if it came to that Nothel has his magic, he could just kill them both and move on. Nothel shakes his head really quick, “That’s really dar---“ He would be cut off by the sound of the door opening, “Tommy? Nothel? We are home!” ‘Shit’ Nothel mutters under his breath, the parents are back and the baby is missing. Nothel would quickly approach them,”H..Hey Mr. and Mrs. Delacro h…how are you?” For once, there would be apprehension in his voice, scared of what is about to happen.

    “Fine fine, but how is Tommy, can he walk now?” Nothel groans internally, “W..Well you see Tommy is uh mis—“again, he would be cut off, but this time by a squeal of excitement, coming from the mother, “Oh my! Nothel you pulled it off, he is walking!” Nothel would start blankly at her, “W..What?” He would turn around, and see the baby walking around, slowly and clumsily, but walking. “How did he…” Nothel frowns at the baby, thinking to himself, ‘Little punk knew how to walk the entire time…’

    The next few minutes would be Nothel standing awkwardly as the mother and father play around happily with the baby, watching it walk around and such. A few minutes later the mother would leave the room, and come back with a small sack of jewels, five-hudnred of them to be exact, “Here you go, as we promised, your pay.” Nothel nods, and takes the money, “Thank you and goodbye.” The mother smiles and waves Nothel off as he leaves. Smiling to himself, Nothel would walk away, “See, that wasn’t so bad…I guess…baby was annoying, mother was annoying, house was annoying, but I made a couple hundred jewels ri—“ For another time, Nothel would be caught off guard by a loud shout, “HEY! WHAT IN GODS NAME HAPPENED TO MY WALL!?” It would be the mother screaming from inside the house. Nothel grins to himself, which honestly is an asshole thing to do. He speeds up his walking, and leaves the house behind him.

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