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    Deliver My Letter, Nothel Edition.


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    Deliver My Letter, Nothel Edition. Empty Deliver My Letter, Nothel Edition.

    Post by Mossino 28th February 2016, 10:48 pm

    (869 words, required was 500)

    “You want me to do what again,” asks Nothel, looking down at a short man in disbelief. The man is wearing a green robe, it is tattered, and old looking, giving the impression the man can barely afford to cloth himself. But in odd contrast his face is one of more beauty, with a sculpted chin, high cheekbones, and a general heir of time spent keeping it nice. Nothel finds this quite weird, if the man can have such a well kept body but rubbish clothes. Though, he just throws this away, he is here for a job, not to ramble on about the man’s life style.

    “I want you to deliver this letter to the famous Rogia de Celeste, the music star, she is coming to Magnolia tonight actually.” The man says this hopfully, like his entire life has led up to this point. Nothel notices his hopefulness and frowns, “How much am I getting paid for this….” He didn’t want to mess around, just get some money to feed himself and be done.

    “I…this is really important to me, six hundred jewels, if you complete it.” The man smiles after saying this, knowing that everyone has a price, and this is a relatively simple job. And the man is right, Nothel immediately smiles and nods, “Alright…and of course, I’ll meet you back here at nine P.M. sharp to collect my reward, got it?” Nothel talks quickly and harshly, making sure this man knows exactly who he is dealing with.

    The man quickly nods, a bit scared at this point, “Give me the letter, now, and I’ll do it, under the veil of dusk.” The man reaches into his pocket with a slightly shaky hand, pulling out a letter, “H-Here, take it, I’ll meet you here at n-nine, I got it.” Nothel roughly takes the letter and nods, “Good-bye.” Nothel turns on his heels, and pulls the hood up on his robe, covering his face in shadows.

    Some time would pass as Nothel makes his way to a stadium that was constructed for idols like this Rogia person to perform at. Nothel doesn’t really care about that kind of stuff though, he just wants the money. As he approaches the building he realizes this isn’t one-hundred percent simple. There are guards, and fans, and people that can’t see him sneaking into her dressing room. Being caught could result in being thrown out or put in jail. “No way” Nothel mutters to himself, knowing that he should be able to sneak into the room and put the letter in it. Sighing lightly, he approaches the stadium, looking for obvious routes into the building, ventilation shafts or something like it. Then, he spots a back entrance labeled, ‘Stars only.’ “Bingo” Nothel whispers, looking around for guards. To his luck, there is only one guard at the door, making this an easy task. Covered by the dusk, Nothel would make it near the door, and pick up a small rock. Using a trick right out of the books he would toss it away from the door, trying to distract the guard. Hook. Line. And Sinker. The guard would walk away from the door, a confused expression on his face, trying to find out what caused the noise, “Hey! If that is a crazy fan come out! This door is guarded and for stars only!” Nothel would have taken this opportunity to slip into the doorway, gaining access to the back of the stadium.

    “Simple” Nothel chuckles to himself, now the only part was to find the dressing rooms, specifically the one labeled Rogia. Walking the halls for only a short amount of time, he would come across a shiny wooden door with a nameplate on it, ‘Rogia.’ “Heh, that was easy.” Nothel scoffs, he would knock on the door to see if anyone was inside. After waiting for a bit no one answers so he puts his hand on the knob, twisting it and entering the room.
    The room is adorned with shiny wooden furniture, a dresser, and a very large mirror above a desk. Nothel smiles, “The last part now…” he mutters to himself, pulling the letter out of his pocket. He would set it on the dresser, knowing the idol will come back to her dressing room right before the show starts. Nothel scans the room, noticing a side exit towards a bathroom, though this doesn’t concern him. He would shrug and proceed to leave the room, walking back down the hallway. He makes it to the side exit where the guard is standing. He would slip around the guard and back into the cover of dusk.

    At nine P.M. Nothel would arrive at the same place he met the man, staring him down as he approaches, “My money, now, the letter has been delivered.” The man smiles widely, and quickly pulls out a small container, “H-Here, 600 jewels in notes, take them, they are yours.”
    Nothel smiles viciously, “Thank you..” Nothel would take the container and walk off into the night, 600 jewels richer. He reflects on what he just did, morally that is, then realizes he can eat for the next two days and doesn’t really care.

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