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    Girl Time [Kanix Laspor]


    Girl Time [Kanix Laspor] Empty Girl Time [Kanix Laspor]

    Post by Guest on 21st February 2016, 10:01 am

    Girl Time [Kanix Laspor] Tumblr12
    Several long missions later, and here Kanix was, standing at the gates of Fairy Hills: a place she had never been to.

    She had gotten directions from one of the girls at Fairy Tail on how to get here, but later had to be brought by one. It was embarrassing for her to not know where her own guild's female dormitory was, but at the same time, it wasn't. After all, she was still a new member to the guild, by only a few weeks at that, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise for her to not know where Fairy Hills was.

    Its exterior was mildly imposing, consisting of a long middle section, with two wings protruding outwards on the sides. The right wing acted like the main entrance; a double door with a pyramid-shaped top and overhanging roof, of the same pyramid shape, held up by two wooden beams resting at its front. Enforcing the walls was a multitude of bricks on the edges, and also marking rectangular sections on them, with lighter bricks, in vertical rows, accentuating the exterior. Even lighter brick beams create horizontal rows, almost as if the building was showing off how many rooms it had. Where the middle section was, of the front of the building, a porch rested, shadowed over by a steep-tiled roof, cut in sections over its entirety, paired with wooden beams and arches. Each of the wings' walls are decorated with large, arch-shaped windows, and the central section's being the same, but smaller and more in number. Lastly, the building's roof was pitched, the windows on each wings below being rounded, and sitting at the front was an arch that had Fairy Tail's emblem adorning it on each pillar, and read "Fairy Hills" in somber, dark characters.

    Kanix thanked the woman for bringing her there, but moments later, she asked if she could walk her into the building. The Fairy Tail mage obliged to her request and led her into the main lobby of the dormitory, which was just as quaint as its outside.

    It was an elongated room, possessing wooden floorboards and ceiling, and its walls were enforced by wooden beams, bricks composing their lower part. To the right of the entrance was a desk, topped with a pot of flowers, a lamp, stationery, and a young, blonde-haired lady sitting behind it. Behind that desk, a door was visible, leading back into an office, likely containing everything for the desk lady. A small picture rests just beyond it, strapped to the wall, and another door that most likely leads to storage room or a dorm. Before that door is the entryway to the center section, no shutters or doors blockade the entrance to it. In front of the desk is a rug, a brown, leather chair and couch, and a coffee table; behind the chair is a bookshelf, topped with a lamp, a flower pot, and a small pot shrub. At the back of the large room is a set of stairs, leading up to the second floor of the right wing, where dorms are likely located.

    "How may I help you, ladies?" the blonde woman asked from her seat behind the desk, hands clasped on its top.

    Kanix turned her sightless gaze in the woman's general direction, who only gave her a cheerful smile, despite her inability to see it. The woman, who had led her into the building, let go of her arm and took her leave, rudely never saying anything to the desk girl. "I'm here for a bit of rest and relaxation if you don't mind, but this is my first time being here at Fairy Hills. Do you mind showing me the bathroom?"

    "Not at all," the lady piped her response, standing to her feet and walking toward the center section's entryway, "follow me!"

    The shamaness stood there, unmoving, as the girl made her way toward the entrance, then quietly followed the sound of her footsteps. They walked, for what seemed like ages, before the woman stopped at a glass doorway and opened it for her. Kanix weaved around the lady and stood at the opening, breathing in the fresh scent of nature's air and the steam from the hot springs. She turned her head slightly toward the blonde, gave her a half smile, then stepped into the warm air of the springs. Her bare feet touched the harsh cobblestone below, rubbing against their hardness to get a better feel of the ground. After a few moments, the blind woman walked toward the noise of bubbling water and steam rising up. However, she nearly tripped into one of the springs because of a loose cobblestone, but quickly caught her balance.

    Face flushing red, the woman stopped where she was and bent down, setting her staff on the smooth stone, next to the spring she was at. She then discarded the bone necklace she was wearing, the headdress after, and soon the cloth that covered her groin. The woman clasped her arms around her large bust, covering them up, as she lightly stepped forward and placed a foot into the waters of the spring she chose. It was warm, flooded her with a sense of laziness, and she took the last step in, walking deeper until the water was just over her breasts when she sat down. Nothing felt better than being surrounded by the comforting warmth, and getting cleaned in the process. Kanix let out a sigh and leaned her head back, closing her eyes, and enjoying the peaceful tranquility of the place.

    Her life had become hell in a short matter of months, not even... a month singularly, tops if she really thought about it.

    She kept saying to herself, over and over again, that she just needed a break from it all, but even the breaks turned into hell. One day, she joined Basilisk Fang; one day, she was given a home by a handsome man she had met in her guild... The next day, she failed her appreciation toward her guildmaster, and the next day, she went out to fix what she messed up. That day, she was caught, her throat nearly slit by her master, then saved by Fairies, as if they pitied her, despite attacking their own. The day after, she left, gained a bounty over her head, and came to her new home, with new people, who all loved her. It was that day after that she knew that was where she belonged, and there was no going back from where she came.

    But that wasn't it... she left for Enca only a week or so after having been there, annoyed with the rowdiness of Fairy Tail. She left in search of peace.

    At Enca, she merely went there for its serenity, for it's loveliness, and was later greeted by a wonderful Sleeping Forest mage. Sweetest man she met, the most gentlemen of those she knew, and a follower of the man she ran across not long before. That little encounter, she had thought of as nothing, as it had started out peaceful and joyous over building sandcastle. Then just like that, the instinct of man took over, and one thing led to another; she was running out his door in the middle of the night. Mistakes were made and now a price was being paid for what she had thought was nothing, but innocent human nature.

    Her hand slid down to her stomach. The camera panned downward as well, following the motion of her hand. It would reveal the once flat surface of her skin to be a bulge now, though only a small bump to her curves.

    This child growing inside of her... was the price she was paying for her wild nature...

    A splash of water sounded and Kanix opened her eyes, listening as someone else entered her little spring. The camera panned back upward to focus on a blue-haired, teenage girl.

    "Hi!" another girl's voice chirruped, and she felt the waves of the water lapping toward her as the girl moved closer.

    "Hello," the shamaness responded to the Fairy Tail mage with her succulent-sweet voice rumbling up from her throat.

    "Fine day to be here, isn't it? I always liked coming here to relax for a little while and get away from those crazy boys. It can always be so busy there! I don't know how some of them can handle it; something's always being busted up there." The girl giggled and lazed backward; Kanix sat there, stiff as a board, and even scooted away a little bit.

    She wasn't entirely comfortable around people of Fairy Tail yet, and even the select few she knew, she didn't completely trust.

    A sigh from the woman made her look over at her, discerning any real threat that the girl may have posed to her."Do you like it here? How often do you come?" Kanix asked, adjusting her seated position, so she faced the girl.

    "Not often... I'm far too busy doing jobs to pay rent in order to come here a lot of the times," she answered the shamaness. "I mean... if I wasn't so busy trying to upkeep my life, you'd sure as hell find me resting in here more often than not." A smile graced the girl's features and Kanix could tell that she was in a happy mood now that she was here. "What about you?"

    "Uh... this is actually my first time being at Fairy Hills... you see, I'm still quite new to the guild," Kanix replied in a low tone.

    "I see... Well, welcome to the guild then; I'm Chartreuse," the girl, now clearly named a color, introduced herself.

    The woman lightly scoffed at the girl's words and smiled as well before speaking, "I'm Kanix Laspor..."

    This time, Kanix scooted a little closer to the other girl, resting against the side of the hot spring once she deemed she was close enough. It was all right being accompanied by another person, not as bad as she had imagined it was going to be. Sure, she really wanted to be alone, especially to deal with the current situation she had placed herself in. However, women were different to men, and she trusted that not a whole lot of talking and prying would happened. Nor would anything lead to things that she didn't want, but that was a long shot in saying she didn't want that. Kanix closed her eyes again and rested her head against the back of the hot spring, breathing in deeply. The silence at the time was nice, but she had a feeling that that silence wasn't going to last for long.

    "So, what did you come here to get away from?" Chartreuse asked her, and she could feel the prying eyes on her.

    She was silent for a really long time, several minutes tops, wondering if she should spill everything to the woman. Finally, she opened her opalescent eyes and turned her head again to look at the Fairy Tail mage in silence. "I came here because I needed to get away from what was destroying my mind, and a lot has been doing that. It was three months ago that I had gone to Enca, and I met the most wonderful man there..." She sat up as she spoke. "He was so alluring... so enticing... and I hadn't gone to Enca to find the love of my life, but I think I have." A bright, beaming smile spilled over her lips and she turned her body, that caused ripples in the water, toward her new friend. "It was only one time we met, but he was such a gentleman to me... so caring and I felt attracted toward that."

    The girl, who was likely a total gossiper and this would get out and around the guild faster than she had thought, focused solely on her. She scooted closer to Kanix and even grabbed her hands, smiling back at the blind woman as she told her her tale. "Why don't we go to the massage parlor and you can tell me more there? You look like you could really use a massage." Chartreuse stood to her feet then, pulling Kanix up along with her and grabbing both of their clothing items in the process. With one hand in hers, the teenager pulled her along, in the nude, to where the massage parlor was located. Both standing in the parlor now, a burly and a slender, nearly loli woman came walking toward the two of them.

    "Here for a massage, ladies?" the burly one spoke, crossing her arms and acting very much like a bear.

    "We sure are!" the teen piped up, and the two were swiftly led to a small room with two tables resting in the center.

    They were told to go rest on those and did so, towels being thrown over their bare bodies and placing their heads on cushioned rings. The burly woman took her new friend, while the loli started rubbing Kanix's now very sore shoulder muscles. "Right, so where was I?" Kanix began again, feeling the relief of being able to expel all her issues at once.

    "You were telling me about your time in Enca and how you met this wonderful man... tell me more about him," Chartreuse answered her.

    "Ah... him... Sweetest man around... he offered to teach me how to build sandcastles, you know? I've never built one before. So, I took that chance and from there, things started getting a little weird; he started pointing out my clothes, my body... how pretty was. I guess, one thing led to another and..." Her voice cut off and she nuzzled her face farther into pillow, feeling her cheeks flush red.

    "Oh? What happened then?" Chartreuse pushed for the answer, turning her head a bit to look at Kanix curiously.

    "Something wonderful, but with something great comes a price that I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for," Kanix mused in a more quiet tone. "To be honest, I don't think that he's going to be ready for the price either... he doesn't seem like the family type..." She heard a little noise come from the younger girl, and she fell silent, trying to figure out what was going on.

    "No way... no way! No way!" Chartreuse squeaked out, kicking her legs a little bit and being yelled at by the masseuse. "You're pregnant?! That's so wonderful! You're going to be adding a little you to the guild and it'll make the guild so much happier!"

    "Please, please don't tell anyone... not until Jaeger at least knows," Kanix stated-- no, begged -- Chartreuse not to.

    "Okay! Okay! I promise not to tell anyone!" the girl responded quickly, though Kanix could hear the deceit in her voice.

    She let it go though and the room became unbearably silent; their day of relaxation hadn't really been much of that. Maybe she was just cursed in not being able to get what she wanted, and that's just how things were supposed to be. Kanix couldn't relax, and her masseuse was trying her hardest to smooth out her muscles and make her feel more refreshed. None of that was working though, for she still felt the stress building up in her as she thought about the coming child. Just how exactly would her life be different once the baby was born? Would she even have time to focus on herself? Most likely not... children take all the time in the world, they were such needy things... she wasn't sure how she'd handle this. A sigh escaped her lips and she finally felt her muscles beginning to relax as the woman dug her elbow into her back.

    "I'm sorry I'm being so harsh over this... I suppose it's the hormones that are kicking in with the pregnancy," Kanix pointed out.

    "Oh, heaven forbid! Don't apologize. I know you want what's best for you and you completely deserve that," Chartreuse replied. "I swear on my life that I won't tell anyone about what you've said, not until you give me the okay to."

    "Thank you," she murmured, closing her eyes and beginning to enjoy the relaxing motions of the masseuse.

    For the rest of the time, the room would be silent, beside the light buzz of the lights above them and the sound of skin being massaged. She yawned and closed her eyes, letting out a sigh that was slightly roughed up by the pounding on her back. In all her years, Kanix had never felt more relaxed than she was now, and even a little at peace with her mind. One day... one day she would find Jaeger and tell him about her pregnancy, but today would not be that day. Today would just be a day where she could be at peace with herself and accept the fact that she was going to be a mother. Life wouldn't be bad, it would just be a lot harder for her when she to make sure her child wasn't getting into things. But she also trusted that Fairy Tail would take care of them, and that no harm would come to her child if she was ever gone.

    Fairy Tail was a good place, a wonderful place... a place that someone could entrust the life of a child to. Once the masseuses were done, Kanix sat up and wrapped the towel around her, getting to her feet and feeling around for her clothes. Her fingers skimmed over the brittle bones of her necklaces on a chair, and she picked it up, pulling it over her head. Then her fingers touched the animal skin loin cloth and she dropped the towel, pulling the skirt back up to her waist. After that came her moccasins, and then she made her way out the door with her staff in hand and guiding her. It was worthwhile having come here, and she made a new friend that she wouldn't so much as mind hanging out with more. A final smile was on her lips this time as she headed out the door of Fairy Hills, and back to the rowdy hall of Fairy Tail.

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