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    To Earthland...And Beyond! [Kanix Laspor]


    To Earthland...And Beyond! [Kanix Laspor] Empty To Earthland...And Beyond! [Kanix Laspor]

    Post by Guest 26th January 2016, 4:55 pm

    To Earthland...And Beyond! [Kanix Laspor] Tumblr12
    The travel to Hargeon Town had been longer than Kanix expected, and maybe that was due to her blindness and slow walking. She entered the port city, her footsteps, and the tapping of her staff, the only sound being made as she trekked down the stone path. People bustled by her, chattering with friends or throwing out greetings to shopkeepers and people they knew, who were outside their homes. Their voices annoyed her, but she continued walking as if she was both blind and deaf; well, she tried her best to ignore them. It was only a few minutes later that Kanix found herself impaling a person through the chest because their voice was a nuisance to her head. Ripping the end of her staff from the citizen, blood spilled to the ground and the body dropped, splashing blood into the air, getting all over her coat. Kanix frowned at the misfortune, smeared the blood on her white coat trying to wipe it off, then proceeded to walk down to the docks.

    People sidestepped out of her way, and the hustle and bustle of the city had died down nearly to nonexistent after the little "incident". Her sightless eyes fluttered from side to side, focusing on the presences of the people surrounding her, listening to the tragic beat of their hearts. As they parted like the Red Sea, they closed behind her, people surrounding the dead person and screaming at each other about what to do and who they were supposed to call. Kanix turned around in her tracks and stared at Hargeon Town's people with anger; as she did so, several people froze in their place. She smiled kindly at them before turning on her way, rapping her staff on the walkway, and the frozen people dropped to the ground in agony. Their screams of pain shocked Kanix, like she had been expecting them to die in silence, but she never looked back at the occupied people. After all, she had far better things to do than stand around and kill people simply because they annoyed her.

    She could hear the chatter of excited people as she neared the extended line, which would lead down to the port, where she could get her passport. However, as she was heading down to the line, a man's voice broke over the crowd's incessant chitchatting, calling out to the beautiful lady.

    "Hey, Pretty Kitty!" the man catcalled her, causing her to whirl on her toes to faces him, smiling as if she had known him.

    "Is there something that I can help you with, sir?" Kanix inquired, tilting her head as she spoke in a lilted child's voice of innocence.

    "I think you can help all three of us," he rumbled, walking up to and around her, trailing his fingers across bare parts of her body. He paused behind her, lifted a bit of her hair in his hand and sniffed it, then grabbed a fistful and yanked her head back. "Boys..."

    Something in her mind told her not to fight back, to let them have what they wanted, so she remained unmoving, quiet as the trio snagged and dragged her away. Down into a dark alley like before, and not a peep left her mouth, though she did squirm and writhe in their hauntingly familiar, crushing grasps. A fearful expression melted over her face, that's when she let out a terrified scream and started fighting back.

    "Please, don't do this! I did what you asked!" Kanix cried out, "I told you how to kill them! I told you! What more do you want?" She scrunched herself up and threw out her weight, slamming her feet into the stomach of the beastly man holding them, forcing the breath out of him.

    The man toppled backward, letting her feet go, which allowed for her to brace herself and tear her hands free as the two men scrambled to get a hold of her. Sturdily, Kanix stood to her feet and pointed an accusing finger toward them both, blind eyes glaring at them with hatred. One man lunged at her, but she knocked him away with a hand, gripping his throat and throwing him to the side. A snarl curled across her lips as she looked back to the other man, who charged her and grabbed the hand pointing a finger at him. Kanix let out a yelp of pain as the man twisted her hand behind her back and pinned her up against the grimy wall of an old building. He gripped her other hand and pinned it over the other, then grasped her butt with his one free hand. She gritted her teeth against his touch and stepped backward, slamming her foot onto the man's foot.

    He howled out in pain and gripped his foot, hopping backward, which released her from her trap and let her turn to face him.

    "Hear my voice! I call upon the guardians to protect me in radiant white light. By the powers of the elements, I shall be safe here," she called out. "Greed! I ask for your hunger! Vengeance! I ask for your reprisal! Hatred! I ask for your revulsion! Malice! I ask for your spite! I take of this energy, and ask that it is blessed to protect me on my journey into the Unseen Realm. I call down the power of my soul and of the gods, that are loving and protective of me, to protect my ritual ground because evil will be summoned here. By the will of the gods and my personal guardians, I ask that I be safe for all times..." The dark mage took a step toward the gathered trio, her hair floating upward in the sky and her eyes lighting up with a ghostly glow. "Greed, Element of the North Wall, be sealed. Vengeance, Element of the East Wall, be sealed. Hatred, Element of the South Wall, be sealed. Malice, Element of the West Wall, be sealed. Malevolence, the binding force of evil, watch the seals placed here."

    Her hands curled into claws, and the wind had picked up around them, whipping her hair and clothing through a myriad dance. "I call to the Angel in the White Heavens, and to the Dark Angel in Kurane. Bring upon the Mortal Earth my wrath and vengeance. The city, that which my feet stand, be held accountable, for the sins of the world shall be torn asunder. I give my flesh to Kurane and from which, the wrath of Seuwrhan shall be brought forth. I cast my soul through the Gates of Eternity, and to break the chains that hold Balithira from the Mortal Earth. Stand as a pillar of fire against the whole of humankind and drown that which is the light of Yahweh into the fires of Kurane..." Kanix raised her hands to the sky, thunder cracking overhead, as if she was cursing them to be struck down by lightning.

    "Seuwrhan, it is time to set forth your wrath upon us; the human race has gone too far, and only the stars can rest that which can never rest. Bring unto me the fallen stars, send forth the fire that rains from the sky, send the Legions of Kurane in mortal flesh, and give unto their cursed souls, the power over the sun. Send them upon the cities of the human world, crush that which does not bow to me, the God of Kurane. I shall send demons into the mortal world to eat the flesh of my enemy..." A sickening grin spread across the shaman's face and she looked down at the trio of men who now cowered before her. "By the power of my authority, I open this circle and release the guardians from my command." Her hand shot off to the side and up from the ground rose a door, chains rattling and shaking, and dust crumbling to the ground. "Malice! I release your power from my circle! Hatred! I release your power from my circle! Vengeance! I release your power from my circle! Greed! I release your power from my circle!"

    The gates swung open and a demon charged from the fiery depths that billowed out from the door's opening. "Hail unto Seuwrhan, the God of Corruption, this curse shall be sent," Kanix finished as the demon started attacking the men. She smirked and turned on her way, dusting herself off as if she had been disgusted by the presence of them. Exiting the dark alley, the mage felt around and grabbed her staff again, using it to guide her toward the building, where she could get her passport.

    The line was very long, but because she didn't have the patience for waiting, the woman sauntered forward, passing by everyone. There were unpleasant shouts at her, though Kanix merely ignored the words and approached the booth. "Give me my passport or so God help me, I will slaughter you like the ones I slaughtered getting here." A woman was standing at the booth and her eyes grew wide at the threat, and with shaking hands, grabbed a passport and filled the required information out. Questions were thrown at her that Kanix quickly answered, and before long, she was handed the little pamphlet. The one thing she lied about though, was of being from Fairy Tail or why else would they have given her her passport so easily? She smiled at the lady, then left to start her trek back to Basilisk Fang, gripping the object tightly in her hand.

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