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    It's barking again! [Kanix Laspor]


    It's barking again! [Kanix Laspor] Empty It's barking again! [Kanix Laspor]

    Post by Guest 16th January 2016, 11:28 am

    It's barking again! [Kanix Laspor] Tumblr12

    "I want that goddamn dog dead!" the job requester shouted as Kanix started walking up the steps to their home.

    She flinched at the person's voice, but didn't hesitate in knocking on the door, which resulted in quietness within. Maybe they didn't want her to come anymore, but by the sounds of it, they really did want that dog dead. Kanix stepped back, so as not to be hit by the door when the owner opened and greeted her from it. Within the confines of the stronghold, the mage could hear stomping getting ever closer to the entrance to the home. Swallowing a lump down her throat, the blind mage would await the wrath that would be exploded on her by the sender. Perhaps, another time would be better for her to return, as this person didn't sound all too sane to her.

    Too late. The door slammed open and a fuming woman was standing before her, face bright red from anger. "And who the hell are you? Are you that damned dark mage I ordered to come kill this damned dog for me?" she snapped.

    Kanix momentarily kept her mouth shut as the woman shouted at her, but then motioned her hands to say to calm down. "Yes, that would be me, but could you please keep your voice toned down? I doubt you want the neighbor to know of your request," she responded. The dark mage eyed the woman with her glazed over eyes, cocking an eyebrow expectantly at the lady.

    "Yes, yes. You're right. I should watch my anger when it comes to that stupid beast, but I just hate it so much!" the woman stated. She stepped aside and allowed for Kanix to enter her home, ushering her to the living room, where they sat down together. "That dog has been tearing up my hydrangeas since I started growing them just a few years back; it's quite upsetting. I've even asked the neighbor if he could keep his dog in his yard, but he uses the excuse that animals are meant to be wild. I don't even know what that's supposed to mean! A tamed animal is meant to be kept inside your home or yard! You shouldn't be letting it roam around in others yards unless they give the okay and it's nondestructive!" The woman heaved in a breath and let it out heavily, entirely frustrated with her neighbor, the dog included.

    "That's understandable, ma'am, and I'll be more than willing to discard of the creature as long as you keep this to yourself," Kanix explained. "We don't need this kind of stuff getting around unless you're prepared for the onslaught of hatred you'll get."

    The lady nodded and kept her mouth shut as Kanix explained to her why she shouldn't be yelling such obscurities. "Right. I truly do thank you for this. . ." She paused, not knowing what her client's name was that had accepted the job.

    "Kanix. Kanix Laspor," the shaman answered the woman shamelessly, smiling kindly at the lady before standing up.

    "Yes, thank you, Kanix," the woman stated before continuing, "when you're done, please come back here and I'll pay you." She shook hands briefly with the mage, then turned on her way to begin cleaning her house once more.

    Kanix took her leave and walked over to the neighbor's house that contained the dog, walking to the front door. Her first step would be to try and get the neighbor to do something about that dog, himself, but she doubted that would happen. She knocked on the door anyway and waited for someone to answer it, hearing the beast barking within its bowels. No one came though after several minutes of waiting, and instead of leaving, she grabbed the doorknob and twisted. The door popped open, revealing that it had been unlocked all along, and Kanix stepped inside of the house, closing the door behind her. Claws skidded on wooden floor, signaling that the dog was rushing toward her, in which she would roughly smack its head with her staff. Unfortunately, the dog yelped in pain, which made the woman grimace at hearing the pitiful sound it made.

    She growled at the dog and raised her weapon again, swinging it toward the beast, who narrowly escaped it. The dog, now fearful of the dark mage, darted away from her and ran somewhere else in the house. Kanix didn't know where, but all she had to do was listen to the crazed footsteps of the now terrified dog. Trudging after the beast, she would follow its footsteps, listening intently for a place that it would be cornered in. She hated doing this, but the lady next door really wanted this dog dead, and she wouldn't be paid if it wasn't. As she neared the beast, she swung at it again, only this time, it lightly tapped the dog on the leg, sending it running again. Growling, the Basilisk Fang mage turned on her heels and chased after the dog into another room, angry.

    A third time, she swung, knocking the beast a good one in the head, where it yelped in pain once again. It ducked under her staff, but she swung backward, smashing the knot of her staff into the hindleg of the beast. She heard the bone crack from the impact and the dog let out another yelp, collapsing the ground in pain. Kanix frowned and stepped over the dog, looking it over with her blind eyes and listening quietly to its breath. She could hear it was terrified, but she tried blocking out that sound as she aimed another blow at its head. The beast yipped and the scent of blood entered her nose, telling Kanix that she had hit the dog hard enough to make it bleed. Not one bit was she liking this, so instead of doing the dirty work herself, she tapped her staff on the ground.

    Her eyes lit aglow with a white light and the gem on her staff lit up as well, a door soon appear in the center of the room. An imp like demon exited from the door, its skin dark black and wrinkled, and it charged the fallen creature. Its teeth were bared at dog and it bit into the skin, tearing it from body of the dog as it screamed in pain. The demons claws dug into the skin as well and tore bits off from the dog, blood splattering everywhere on the ground. Kanix had to take a step back, she didn't like feeling the sticky, red liquid coating her beautiful white coat. However, she moved off to the side, but was still close enough to deal a few hits to the god if she really wanted.

    As the demon was busy tearing the dog apart, the woman lifted her staff and smashed the knot into the dog's head. She hit it two more times until a large dent was created in the dogs skull and blood was coating the ground. With dog unconscious, but still wriggling, the mage broke the remaining limbs of the dog, so it could no longer move. And as a final blow, she aimed the knot at the dogs head again, bashing its skull until bits of its brain spilled out. Kanix wanted to gag at the smell, and quickly spun on her heel and ran out the door, so she didn't have to smell the stench. It was a dirty job indeed, and the demon had done most of it for her, but she still felt extremely bad about it. At this point, she didn't quite understand her own emotions, and wished that she didn't feel bad for doing something requested of her.

    The woman plopped onto the side of the porch and placed her face in her hands, questioning why she had killed an animal. It was stupid of her to question it though, the answer was right in her face: she was dark guild mage. She was bred to be a killer, but she didn't know her breeding. She didn't know if she was meant to be a killer at all. Was I really meant to be a hardhearted killer? Kanix questioned herself, looking back to the home. Kanix swallowed her fear and stood back to her feet, dusting her coat off and smearing bits of blood on her coat. She would just have to purchase a new coat anyway, so it didn't much matter to her, despite how much she loved it.

    Kanix left the neighbor's home and walked back to the job requester's house, knocking on the door as she arrived. The woman opened it as expected, and greeted the dark mage with a warm welcome, allowing her inside.

    "I did as you requested," Kanix responded in a solemn tone, her sightless eyes rested on the woman as she spoke. "The dog is dead and will no longer be tearing up your hydrangeas, though I expect the neighbor to be upset." She clasped her hands behind her back and waited for acknowledgement from the lady after explaining her deed.

    "Thank you so much for doing this!" the woman stated before running off to find her purse and give the jewels to Kanix. She returned shortly with the amount that she said she would pay and handed them to the blind lady. "Please, have a wonderful rest of your day, and again, thank you so much for taking care of that nuisance. The woman hugged the shaman, in which she stood rigid, but the moment she let go, Kanix went on her way back to her guild.

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