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    Of Mice and Mages Quest;; private

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Of Mice and Mages Quest;; private Empty Of Mice and Mages Quest;; private

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 19th February 2016, 2:13 pm

    312 words

    The Early Stages Of Any Marriage? Were often the best time of many peoples life, they did not yet know the troubles that would come from the wedlock they had just agreed to, until death or divorce did them part. Of course? Jiyu had never really seen the inner workings of any married partners, her own parents never got the chance to legally wed, her mother had died first; Despite the fact she did not have experience, Jiyu still for some reason believed relationships more likely to fail than accomplish anything at all. Her stance on relationships? Was funny considering how much she flirted and played around with people to get what she wanted. If any relationship she was in failed? In all likelihood it would be because of something she did!

    Luckily the reason relationships attacked her frail brain was not because of any interests she had in other people. Instead? Her sudden consideration had come when she picked up her most recent job paper's, and noticed the task was assigned by a lovely, young, and likely annoying couple! Yet Kazehime would not take back her promise to fulfill the task, especially it was a group mission putting her into work with Kim and Kaisto, she noticed with some humor they all had a K somewhere in their name, for Jiyu it was in her surname Kazehime, which had come from her deceased mother.

    "Remember we can't damage this place, so I'll just be using clue traps or something, since my magic is fairly destructive. Thought if we get lucky I might be able to track the mice." At the current moment thought? Her nose was not working in such a way as to allow her to scent the mice they would be pursing. Right now, as much as she hated it, Jiyu was mostly reliant on her team mates.
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    Of Mice and Mages Quest;; private Empty Re: Of Mice and Mages Quest;; private

    Post by Caelum Pendragon 20th February 2016, 8:39 pm

    Kaisto was walking with the two girls on the way to their job in Oak Town, when Jiyu said that they cant use magics he sighed "Well honestly i couldn't kill a mouse anyways, but with the traps to relocate them and put them in a better place, that seems better the most alternatives...in fact that's the only best thing for them in a manner of speaking." Kaisto then looked up on the bright day they had above them and said "honestly myself, i'm about to use magic to cover my head from this heat good god did a fire dragon breath fire on the day today? But anyways Jiyu and Kim, what ideas for traps did you guys have for today i mean we cant destroy the house so i doubt Kim you can use your vines and whatever you magic Jiyu you might not be able to use, we gotta use the old noggin...which could mean i am SOL on this one for the mission" Kiasto chuckled as he made the joke about himself, he wasn't calling himself dumb just to lighten the mood.

    (Word count: 187)


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    Of Mice and Mages Quest;; private CZseiRq
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    Of Mice and Mages Quest;; private Empty Re: Of Mice and Mages Quest;; private

    Post by Guest 22nd February 2016, 10:26 am

    Not able to break anything? Well she couldn't exactly promise that. Kim had a tendency of ruining whatever was in her way. Like the guild's door. It was that sometimes she could forget her own strength, but other than that she just really didn't care. Anything could be fixed, she didn't see what was so bad about it. Put a little glue on it and bam, good as new.
    But she was going to at least try not to break or damage anything... Just this once. She didn't want to hurt their promise of jewels now. They were the only reasons why she did jobs in the first place.
    The witch walked along with the two, keeping a slight distance away from either of them, her arms folded behind her head as she looked straight on. Her expression was slightly annoyed, her pink eyebrows creased and her lips pursed.
    "I'm not using any of those damn traps. Mice have feelings too you know." Kim would click her tongue in disapproval, a grumble in her words. "Why do humans have to just kill them off without even giving them a chance? Typical... What's so wrong with just asking them to leave or somethin'? They're not all pesky. Some just want to live."
    Animals had feelings just like humans did. How would humans like it if they were killed in such a inhumane way?
    Sure, Kim herself had killed a few mice in her time in the tribe, but that was just to survive and she didn't do it often. But it was nature. Predator and prey. The circle of life. However, killing them with traps? It didn't sit right with her. It was cruel.

    "I'll try talking to them, see if they'll leave with some grace. However, if they're going to be rude about it lets see what they have to say to my teeth." At the end of her words Kim would clamp her teeth together, making a chomping sound as a laugh rumbled in her throat.
    Even if animals were her friends, she wasn't afraid to kill them if it meant her getting paid.

    [350 words, two posts]

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