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    To Earthland and Beyond [Job | Solo | Evia]

    Rowan Miles
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    To Earthland and Beyond [Job | Solo | Evia] Empty To Earthland and Beyond [Job | Solo | Evia]

    Post by Rowan Miles 9th February 2016, 1:34 pm

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    The pinkette stood at the end of the line. She had been standing here for forever and a day. Or so it seemed. Evia had just moved to Hargeon and joined the guild. But the moment that she joined she realized that she needed to get a passport to be able to take jobs that resided outside of the country. Hence, here she was at the break of day in line to get her passport.

    Evia had thought about going to the front of the line claiming that she was a mage of the local guild and that she was to have priority to go to the front of the line and get her passport. But the girl quickly shook her head that wasn't fair to those who had been in the line all day and were just as patient as she was. The sun was not rising above the horizon of the port reminding her of the recent excitement that had just happened only days ago. A giant sea monster and several other people had come trying to destroy the town and her home, her guild. But the Magic Council had accounted for that and had called for mages all across Fiore to come and assist Lamia Scale in order to save the town and her guild. Which had happened. Everything as safe and going back to normal. A soft smile graced the lips of the girl. and she continued to looked at the colours that painted the sky.

    The line was not moving as fast as she had hoped it was. The papers for her passport were in her hands ready to give them to the person at the desk and get her picture taken so that she could just get this over with and leave. Make it quicker for everyone else, but that was not what other people in line had planned. She could faintly see people at the front of the line bickering about paper work and then having to get new ones and fill them out. But they didn't move out of the way for the next person and instead stood in front of the counter taking up space. This was what was pissing of the heavenly mage. people were just not going out of the way to make the process better and easier for other people.

    Finally, FINALLY! She had reached the front of the line. Looking at the people in front of her she glared. It was now about mid day and the people that were in front of her were complaining about how they didn't know that they needed paperwork to get their passport. Were they stupid? Probably. With a roll of her eyes as they complained again the pinkette stepped forwards and placed a firm kick on their rear. "Would you stop complaining. You are all the way here. Just take the flippin' paper work and stand off to the side so that other people can go while you waste your time." A glared penetrated the person and they simply took the paperwork and stepped off to the side to fill it out Evia stepped up to the counter and smiled as she handed in her paper work, had her picture taken and left without any problems. She shook her head at the person as she passed. Idiots.

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